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Zombie Diver sweatshirt

Protective clothing against the Zombie Apocalypse

We all know the zombies are coming. We know the end is near. We need to be prepared and, of course, look really good when we are invaded.

So start preparing for the invasion — today. This high-quality, warm and soft hoodie offers complete cushy protection against the coming Zombie invasion. And not only are they super comfortable but they protect you from being eaten by the Zombies — no really!

“By far the best sweatshirt, I’ve ever designed.” Woody Tinsley the creator of the Zombie Apocalypse certification. “Really the only sweatshirt I’ve ever designed.”

A portion of the proceeds goes to Family Divers, non-profit, Ocean wishes. Ocean Wishes, a non-profit worldwide organization making undersea dreams come true for children throughout the world. Ocean wishes strive to promote education and foster the protection and preservation of the Earth’s marine environments. Ocean Wishes is the arm Kids Sea Camp that reaches out to cultures and communities around the globe to promote healthy choices for the ocean. 

Z.A. Sweatshirts: $80.00 (All sizes available)  Please allow two weeks for shipping. Also, note shipping costs are not included.

Z.A. T-shirts: 35.00 (All sizes available) Please allow two weeks for shipping. Also, note shipping costs are not included.


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