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Wakatobi poems 2017

Poems from the Kids Sea Camp at Wakatobi

Here are poems from the 2017 Kids Sea Camp week from the week at Wakatobi resort. 

(Sung to “My Favorite Things”)

Unknown author

Black-banded sea kraits and large tiger cowries.

Leaf fish and stonefish that scoot cross the floor seas.

Whip coral.
Gobis and yellow jawfish smiles for all,
These creatures dive traveled the miles,
Schooling black snapper and Chromis wearing jammies,
Bubble coral shrimp and anemone fish families,
Hawksbills and spotted rays that fly if, on wings, these are a few of my favorite things,
When the dive ends,
when its surface time,
when we need a break,
I can’t wait to go back to the restaurant resort to eat what the staff has baked,
Pancit and dragon fruit and fresh tuna poke,
Josh Comay’s photo tips,
our, kids singing karaoke,
sarong tying lessons and a village tour stop,
Kids Sea Camp, Wakatobi really does rock.
So if you’re thinking about a family trip and really want to dive,

Ask Margo and Tom about Wakatobi resort for an adventure to come alive.

By Joe Abad Santos
When you go diving in Wakatobi many feet below.
Did you check your dive tank and your buoyancy?
Get your dive mask so you can see?
We’ve got the best dive crew and made some new friends,
what else would I need?
Did you see the cool cuttlefish,
that ever elusive cuttlefish,
Diving in Wakatobi
We went exploring the reefs every day, 
3 boats dive per day,
Tiger flatworms nudibranchs, spotted rays,
nemo clownfish and a shark that swam away
So many creatures so weird and so cool,
what else did you see?
Did you see that seahorse, 
that tiny pygmy seahorse diving in Wakatobi?
Here at Kids Sea Camp, 
kids learn how to dive with friends from near and far.
Adventures and great food are guaranteed.
Margo and Tom in-charge of all that you’ll need.
You won’t have any worries,
you will have a blast,
Oh, when can I come back?
To the best diving for trip adventures of a lifetime.
Diving at Kids Sea Camp!
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