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Kids Sea Camp Dive Vacation tips

Tips for a better dive vacation!

It’s time — you have been waiting all year for the summer dive vacation. Your so excited, so pump up to head to your tropical vacation that you forget the sunscreen or worst the passport. We have had families forget: Dive computers, cameras, passport and yes even the dates they are traveling.But you may be a bit rusty here are some vacation tips for diving this summer.

So take your time and prepare for your dive vacation. Plan a day to pack and make a list of all the important items you need to bring to make your holiday easy and fun. Over the years, Margo and I have noticed that there are items to remember for a better dive vacation. Some of the items are easy to remember — some are less obvious.

Get ready for the adventure of the Kids Sea Camp summer!

  • Check your equipment! Make sure you have it all! We’ve never had anyone forget all their equipment, but a mask, their fins, a dive computer or even their BC. It happens.
  •  Make your equipment yours: Mark your equipment with your name or symbol before your on the boat. It all sort of looks the same once you’re on the boat and it helps the dive shop to organize your equipment.
  • Don’t forget toothpaste, for your mask.
  • Bring a spare dive computer: All the resorts have dive computers, but they may not match equipment.  So if you have an extra computer — bring it. It is the number one issue we find with our equipment — most of the time it’s a failing battery. But the dive show may not service your brand equipment.
  • Defog: And just in case get your defog before heading to the island. All the dive boats have some — but we always make sure have the defog with us. A clear mask is a good dive mask.
  • Pack your Certification Card and log book.
  • Bring the Binky! Meeting new kids or new adults can be stressful for Pete’s sake Bring the Binky!
  • Bring your boat items, like sunglasses, rain gear, and comfortable boat shoes.
  • Dive insurance: Margo and I carry Dan dive insurance all year round. Diving is a very safe recreational sport — but sometimes you just never know. And when it comes to our kids in a foreign country we want the DAN protection.
  • Bring your medical items
  • Passports (Duh — right?) Well, Margo and I once got in such a hurry that we forgot our passports.
  • Check your flights the day before. We have a couple families that have forgotten the dates of their flights. The story to get them to the airport is worth a beer or two.
  • Credit cards: Call before you leave and tell the company that you will be in a foreign country.
  • Ziploc bags
  • Baggage limits: Most airlines have a 50-pound weight limit for coach and one bag per person. First class is normally 70 pounds and two bags per person. We’re divers so bringing our equipment is important just double check the weight the surcharge can run into the hundreds of dollars.
  • Passports (in case you have forgotten already)
  • Pack your patience: Expect delays —traveling to any island really is a delay waiting to happen. So have fun, be patient and enjoy your Kids Sea Camp summer.
  • Buy travel insurance: Kids Sea Camp buys DAN travel insurance on every one of our trips. Margo and I both know we have been lucky with great weather over the years —but we also know we don’t control it. Things happen, it’s just that simple. Be prepare. Please note: There are some credit cards that have some very good travel insurance that comes with the card membership.
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