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Utila, Kids Sea Camp poems

Poems from Kids Sea Camp weeks in Utila

Here are the poems from the Kids Sea Camp weeks in Utila. Kids Sea Camp has a poetry presentation every Friday night at the closing celebration.

Perfect 10

By The Ward family

Oh, beautiful Utila, what an adventure you’ve been,

Laguna Beach resort has earned a “perfect 10.”

The whole staff was so kind, the crew second to none,

Underwater or on land we couldn’t have had more fun.

Critters and creatures everywhere, with no rhyme or reason,

They even found us Whale sharks and it’s not even the season.

The mosquitoes and no-see-ums tried to spoil our dives,

Bu the Zombie Apocalypse had them running for their lives.

Every dive was amazing, there’s no way we couldn’t win,

Kids Sea Camp Utila, we can’t wait to do it again!

Whale Shark

By Annie Myron

Whale shark, Whale shark

What do you see?

I see a human snorkeling by me.

Whale shark, Whale shark spots to and fro,

Whale shark where did you go?

Utilean Waters

By the Schaffer family

Up from the depths of the Utilean waters,

A majestic spotted beast glides past.

Up on deck of the boat, we sought her,

Mask, fins, and snorkel put them on fast.

Jump into the water and follow her down,

Hold our breaths with cameras steady.

Aim, point, and shoot for the best picture in town

But if you blink your eyes, she will be gone already.

Passport in pocket

By The Myron family

Come, divers, come snorkels,

All family and friends.

It’s off to Kids Sea Camp,

Where the fun never ends.

Passport in pocket,

Dove bag in hand.

The adventure begins,

When our feet touch the sand.

A sweetheart named Margo,

Is there from the start.

A smile so big,

And a magnificent heart.

A bold guy named Woody,

Takes our kids for a dive.

We all think ourselves,

Please bring’em back alive.

A Whale shark, a seahorse,

Our week comes to an end.

We leave Laguna Beach resort

Having made a new friend.

She walks on four legs,

And Coco’s her name.

She surely belongs,

In the Dog Hall of Fame.


By the Tappero family

U: Unlimited fun diving, fishing, kayaking, horseback riding and four-wheeling.

T: Terrific times seeing whale sharks, rays, turtles, eels and many exotic fish. Special Thanks to all who work for Laguna Beach resort for all the hard work and great service this week.

I: Intense pressure, learning the Zombie Dive and Water signs. Thanks to Woody and Kevin for all the hard work.

L: Landing and having fun with all the interesting families from all over the world. Hope we see you all again at another Kids Sea Camp.

A: Awesome time on a great vacation thanks to Margo for all the hard work to make this such a wonderful vacation for all of us. 

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