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Maldives – Family Dive Adventures

The Arenui luxury liveaboard is our #1 choice for an Indonesia dive vacation. She provides the best way to experience the best Indonesia has to offer for any scuba diver. Indonesia diving is perfect for families. The stunning coral reefs, macro, and big animal diving along with the top side adventure are the best in the world. The resorts and liveaboard we have chosen to travel with are experienced, safe, and friendly for families with older and younger divers.  Our land-based resorts Lembah and Banka are more for older kids that are Jr. advanced divers or adult divers. Buoyancy is key in this area as fragile corals and muck diving require divers to have excellent buoyancy in order to protect marine environments from destructive diver fins. Indonesia is without a doubt for those ready to share a bigger adventure. You will experience truly healthy coral ecosystems and pristine reefs like you have not ever seen prior unless you have been to the Philippines. Kids Sea Camp is offering you a choice of 6 fully chartered cruises for the best Indonesia Dive vacation ever.

Hotel Information:


2021 MALDIVES ON THE EMPEROR EXPLORER: 13 cabins on a luxurious yacht, with Margo and Tom Peyton, October 24th – 31st.  7-night trip. We can provide trips to the Maldives with Explorer Ventures at any time of year.  Let us help you with your family or adult dive get-aways. Just give us a call today. 803-4190-2556. Itinerary: Best of the Maldives! Rasdhoo Atoll, North & South Ari Atolls, Vaavu Atoll, North and South Male Atolls.

Pricing for a private charter group trip: Pricing will vary depending on the cabin. Cabins 1-8 $2,695 (3 cabins available) have one queen bed + 1 twin bed, lower deck, private bathroom, audio, and visual.  Cabins 9 & 10- $2,995 (soldout) have 1 king bed + 1 twin. Main deck private bathroom, audio, and visual. Cabin 11 & 12 – $2,995 (sold-out)have 1 king bed on the upper deck, with audio and visual. Cabin 13 & 14- $2795 (1 single available) two single twin beds, audio, and visual upper deck

The Emperor Explorer first set sail in 2019.

Liveaboard scuba diving adventures here are remote, exotic, and exciting. The Republic of the Maldives consists of 1192 exquisite coral islands in the Indian Ocean, naturally divided by the equator into 26 small chains of islands, or atolls. It is an Asian country southwest of Sri Lanka and India, disconnected from the world and not easily found on most world maps. Each island has its own unique characteristics and all are protected from the deep waters of the Indian ocean with a surrounding healthy barrier reef. Quickly becoming one of the world’s best diving destinations, the Maldives is known for its abundant coral reefs, crystal waters, white sand beaches, endless dive sites, and famous big animal encounters.

On the Emperor Explorer, you’ll have the opportunity not only to dive on the abundant coral reefs but also to experience the world’s largest known population of reef manta rays. Whale sharks are seen year-round, and special itineraries allow you the chance to see elusive thresher sharks! During your Maldivian holiday, your experience will vary depending on which of the four itineraries is chosen; 7 & 10-night trips are available for individual & full charter bookings.

As you head north you’ll increase the chances of big animal encounters by dives at manta feeding stations. As you head further South, the more channel diving with stronger currents you’ll encounter, along with even more species of sharks! Top this off with the possibility of a wreck dive or two and you really can’t ask for more in a diving destination. The Maldives should be on every diver’s ‘bucket list!’

What’s included:

  • Packages Include:
    • 7 nights/8 days or 10 nights/11 days aboard the vessel
    • 3 meals daily, plus snacks
    • Up to 4 dives daily (weather and itinerary permitting)
    • Air fills, weights and belts
    • Nitrox fills for certified divers
    • Scheduled airport transfers on the days of embarkation/disembarkation
    • Water, tea, drip coffee, and 1 glass of beer or wine with dinner is complimentary
    • Optional land visit
    • Beach barbecue (weather permitting)
    • Maldivian GST (General Service Tax)
    • Government Green Tax

    Packages Do Not Include:

    • Rental, instruction, and retail charges
    • Soft drinks, fresh juices, and alcohol (cocktails, liquors, wine, and beer)
    • Crew gratuities
    • Dive accident insurance (required)
    • Trip insurance (recommended)
    • Hanifaru Snorkeling Permit (if applicable)
    • Itinerary surcharges (if applicable)
      • Onboard charges not included:
      • Crew gratuities, dive instruction, dive gear rental (other than standard tanks, weights, and weight belts), and retail sales & services, soft drinks, juices, alcoholic beverages (1 glass of wine is included at dinner), Spa treatments. Wifi ($22 per week, when in service range), Hanifaru Bay snorkeling permit (if applicable).
      • Fuel Surcharge, if applicable

 Open to US travelers in Aug. 2020

Maldives Tourism information 

Additional Tourism information

Please note: Airport/hotel transfer included if on embarkation and disembarkation day. The crew will collect original application/liability release forms from all guests at the time of boarding.  In addition, dive accident insurance that includes transport to the chamber is required in the Maldives.  Travel insurance is strongly recommended.   Please take a moment to check your passport expiration dates so there won’t be an unpleasant last-minute surprise.  

Airport transfers, getting there

Please note that on all regular itineraries there are 3 transfers from the airport to the boat on boat departure day; 11:00 am, 1:00 pm, and 4:00 pm.

For those on the 11:00 am transferring, the boat may not be completely ready and they may not move into their cabins until 1:00 pm. Guests arriving on boat departure day will be met by a boat representative wearing an EMPEROR MALDIVES T-shirt and holding an EMPEROR MALDIVES sign. The meeting point is outside the airport, beside the information desk.   

Guests arriving prior to boat departure day, with the trip starting in Male, should plan on meeting outside the airport, beside the information desk for the 4:00 pm transfer.

2019, Explorer Ventures, in partnership with Emperor Maldives, launched the state-of-the-art liveaboard MV Emperor Explorer in the Maldives. Offering contemporary and spacious accommodation, she wows with the excellent service for which both Fleets are known. At 42m (138 feet), she has four decks with three levels easily accommodating 26 guests in 13 well-appointed en-suite cabins, all with air-conditioning. The upper deck has two suites with a king bed and two cabins with 2 twin beds. The main deck carries two suites with king & twin beds. The lower deck contains five cabins with queen & twin beds and two cabins with a queen bed.

In addition, MV Emperor Explorer provides a spacious dive deck, many relaxation areas, on-deck massage services, and a complimentary glass of wine with dinner – she’s the model of lavish liveaboards.

The MV Emperor Explorer will offer up to 22 dives a week (maximum 4 dives a day) from a large dhoni (tender). Four experienced dive guides will provide premium and intimate service, and all certified divers will receive FREE Nitrox!

We book liveaboard adventures to the Maldives all year round with the Explorer Ventures Fleet.

There are two distinct diving seasons in the Maldives. Choosing which season is right for you can be a very important decision. Within each season, there are factors that should affect your decision.

About the two seasons: Maldives diving is year-round. Each season brings the opportunity to see the same creatures, BIG and small. What makes the seasons different are the conditions. Did you know? The Maldives waters support the world’s largest known population of reef manta rays all year round. Whale sharks can be seen all year round as well. Manta rays and whale sharks – on every scuba diver’s bucket list!

May-October: During the Southwest season from May-October diving on the west side of the atolls can be very active – good visibility typically attracts large schools of pelagic creatures including different species of sharks, tuna, wrasse, rays, and turtles. Diving on the east side of the atolls can make this season very special. Though the visibility will be decreased due to the increased plankton, it is the best time and place in the Maldives to see manta rays and whale sharks, making up for the reduced viz. This is manta feeding season so there are usually more mantas during these months. Because the Maldives is in the equatorial belt, severe storms and cyclones are extremely rare events.

Currents: The currents are not typically as strong this time of year or on these itineraries. These itineraries are recommended for those who may not be advanced divers or very comfortable in strong currents.

Visibility: Will be reduced, especially on the east side of the atolls, but, remember, reduced visibility means more plankton which means more mantas!

Sealife: As mentioned above, the same creatures year-round but there are definitely more mantas hanging out and feeding around Baa Atoll this time of year. And, don’t forget about the macro photography opportunities – this is not only a big animal destination…the little guys are here, too!

November-April: The Northeast season from November-April is the Maldivian summer though there is little difference in temperatures from season to season. Conditions are drier, visibility is generally very good and the reef life is usually colorful. Current can be very strongly dependent upon itinerary. Due to currents flowing from the northeast, there can be a lot of shark action on the east side of the atolls. During this season, the manta and whale sharks will mostly be found on the west side of the atolls.

Itinerary: Several to choose from – Central Island itineraries (consisting of North Male, Ari, Rasdhoo, and South Male) are ‘typical’ of the Maldives. Because of their reputation, these itineraries are very popular with liveaboards and resorts alike. You will find itineraries that go north, some that go south, and some that go deep south. Most itineraries that go north will be more like the ones described above in the Southwest Season. Those that go a little south will likely include Vaavu and/or Meemu where channel diving will be the norm. Here the currents are definitely stronger and you should be comfortable diving in variable up-and down-currents if you select one of these itineraries. For the deep south trips that start or end in Addu, even more, experience is required. –These trips feature up to 3 dives a day, all-channel diving, and lots of transit time. These are exhilarating trips but should be reserved for divers experienced in diving in strong currents and who love diving with sharks!

Currents: On average, the currents begin to flow in November and get stronger through January. As we move into February they begin to subside a bit and April has more slack currents. But, it depends a great deal on what itinerary you are on – the further south you go, the stronger the current due to the amount of channel diving. In addition, April and November are months where the currents start changing, therefore, making them more difficult for the dive guides to predict.

Visibility: Should be very good on the east side of the atolls; can be a little reduced on the west side but that’s where you’re more likely to find the mantas and whale sharks.

Sealife: As mentioned above, the same creatures year-round but there will be more species of sharks the further south you go. The mantas will be found mostly on cleaning stations rather than feeding in lagoons. The reef life can be beautiful. Good photo opportunities but it can be very challenging on itineraries with strong currents, especially with a large housing with strobes.

Types of itineraries

  • 10/11 nights (year-round)
  • 7-nights (year-round
  • 7 nights (one-way)
  • 10/11 nights (Speciality) 

Trip Information:


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