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Buddy Dive Bonaire

Tour Type
Trip Dates:2023 Summer Trips: June 10th to 17th and or June 17th to 24th (10% discount for two weeks).
2024 Spring Trips: March 30th to April 8th
2024 Summer Trips:July 6th to 13th and or July 13th to 20th (10% discount for two weeks).
  • 7 nights at Buddy Dive Resort
  • 1, 2, or 3 bedroom condos
  • 3 meals daily and healthy snacks
  • Educational presentations
  • Adult dive package choices of 11 or 6 Boat dive packages with unlimited shore diving and free Nitrox
  • Free rental truck with 6 boat dives and unlimited shore diving packages

If you really want to fall in love with diving, if you really want to become a better diver, if you want to dive safe and easy as a family, welcome to Buddy Dive Bonaire. Here you can just jump off the dock to enjoy large schools of fish, shallow wrecks and relaxed diving with newly-certified kids. The water is warm, and the view is amazing. The dive team here is the best in the Caribbean! Most are parents themselves, so kids safety is the priority. Buddy Dive is a PADI five-star Career Development center.

Trip Information:

Just a giant stride away from beautiful coral reefs and marine life.

It’s simplicity at its finest by Margo Peyton, founder of Kids Sea Camp 

If I don’t feel like getting on a boat with other divers first thing in the morning, I can hang back and enjoy a late breakfast and coffee by the sea. Then, at my leisure, I can jump off the dock with another parent or even my own kids and have a dive that’s just as good as those on the boat. I can go at my own pace every day at Buddy Dive. No hustle, no deadlines, and no worries. Buddy Dive is a perfect place for adults that have always wanted to start diving or to try diving to awaken the dream. We will arrange a discover scuba dive or provide full certification for adults who want to learn. Just give us a call and let’s get you diving at 803-419-2556.

I love Bonaire because it’s easy diving for all family divers. There are wrecks, protected coral reefs, and a mini wall just a jump off the dock. And tanks are available 24/7 with a full-service dive store. The entire staff is family-focused, ready, and willing to please. The foods consist of a variety of freshly baked bread and full dinner buffets that include salads, meat, fresh fish, and fruits daily. As well as, fresh-baked goodies for the sweet tooth. Frozen cappuccinos are delightful drinks, no one leaves hungry or thirsty. I have yet to experience oceanfront dining as pleasurable, as dining in front of a sunset view at Buddy Dive Resort.

I love the home-away-from-home feeling I have with the one, two, and three-bedroom villas. My husband and I have our own privacy and the kids enjoy their own space too.

Kids Sea Camp, at Buddy Dive, has something for all ages, Adults go diving in the morning, and kids have a host of activities to choose from, including tubing, diving, snorkeling, photography, painting, kayaking, slackline, and a treasure hunt. The non-divers can relax and read a book, kayak, bird watch, shop, or take an island tour to see the history and culture of Bonaire.

The weather in Bonaire is 99% sunny and beautiful above and below the surface. Jump off the dock or a boat and it’s mostly calm, clear, and beautiful. With Kids Sea Camp, we have pizza and movie night under the big thatched roof pool bar, live music on Friday nights, and a host of slide presentations by SeaLife.

Afternoons are at your leisure and allow you time to enjoy some amazing shore diving with your kids. Evenings are full of new friends, laughter, and family time. The Kids Sea Camp group enjoys private dive boats, instructors, and guides.

Kids Sea Camp chooses  Buddy Dive resort because it’s family-owned, family-operated, and family-focused! Buddy Dive Resort is a PADI Career Development Center. The staff is kid-friendly and both trained and experienced in teaching and diving with kids.

Michelle and Paul Coolen make up the GM team, and also have two beautiful little girls, Nordja and Pleun, who will hopefully join us soon in our SASY program.

The Bonaire Buddy Dive Kids Sea Camp package:
Kids Sea Camp family dive weeks have a Saturday arrival. Diving and activities for kids start on Sunday and continue for 6 days. Saturday is the departure day. If you would like to add extra nights we arrange that for your family. It’s important to let us know as soon as possible about extra nights as the resort is often sold out the week before or after! Book your air earlier to get the best rates.

Kids Sea Camp family dive week package at Buddy Dive includes some of the following:

  • Adult Package 1: 6 boat dives with unlimited shore dives (free rental truck) Tanks, Weights, Belts
  • Adult Package 2: 11 boat dives with unlimited shore dives( Most popular and best deal)Tanks, Weights, Belts
  • Adult Package 3: Unlimited shore diving (free rental truck for the week included)Tanks, Weights, Belts
  • Jr. Advanced Open Water**: For kids age 12 and up that are certified to dive. Includes Deep, Nav, Night, Photo, and PPB dives. E: learning is required, but not included in this package price.
  • Kids: Adventure Diver Cert (This course is for kids 10-11 year-olds that are already certified to dive. )This PADI course is for kids under the age of 12. Kids must be 12 to participate in a deep or Night dive as part of the PADI Advanced Open Water course also offered at Kids Sea Camp Buddy Dive. With the Adventure certification, once kids turn 12 they will only need to complete their deep dive and e: learning to upgrade to the Advanced Open Water certification.)
  • Coral Restoration (For kids who are already certified to dive but want to learn about coral reefs. This is a full-week course)
  • SASY: For kids aged 4-7
  • Seal Team: For kids aged 8 & 9
  • Jr. Open Water: (For kids 10-14) Open Water: (For kids age 15 and up) Kids who wish to become PADI certified divers. (E: learning is included and a code will be sent to you)
  • Jr. Rescue Diver**: For kids that are 12 and up and are currently certified as Jr. Advanced or Advanced Open Water certified. Must have current EFR (first aid and CPR cert or similar Red Cross. must be current) E: learning is required, but not included in this package price.
  • 7 nights accommodations
  • FREE NITROX: For Nitrox certified divers. Start your Nitrox course today, no dive required. Just complete your PADI e: learning today
  • Blow Karting for kids
  • 1 dinner at Ingridients fine dining
  • Tubing and kayaking
  • Slackline
  • Family day dive
  • Underwater scavenger hunt for certified kids
  • Donkey sanctuary for kids and non-divers
  • 3 meals daily with water, juice, and tea
  • Round-trip airport transfers
  • Dive rental gear for all kid divers
  • SeaLife Cameras for guided photo dives for AOW students, Seal students, and adults to try
  • Kids Sea Camp Tote bags, T-shirts, Flap straps, and other giveaways (giveaways vary from sponsors)
  • Treasure hunt for SASY and Seal Team
  • Pizza movie night
  • Slideshow, marine presentations, poetry
  • Closing presentation

Not Included:

  • Round-trip airfare
  • Sodas and alcoholic drinks
  • eLearning for adult courses
  • eLearning for rescue and AOW kids courses
  • Truck rentals are not included in the 11-boat dive package
  • Truck rental add-on: $416.50
  • Bonaire Marine Park fee not included $45 per person
  • Dive rental gear for adult divers is not included
  • Bonaire Tourism Entry Tax: https://tourismtax.bonairegov.com/
  • Questions and answers: https://tourismtax.bonairegov.com/section/3
Here are rates for the 2023 KSC weeks at Buddy Dive in Bonaire. The 11-boat dive and 6-boat dive packages include unlimited shore diving. Please note: All non-divers rates are $300 less than the diver rates. Rates may change.
Room TypePackage2023 Summer, Diver rate
1 adult/ 2 bedroom/2 bath condo11 boat dives
6 boat dives
Shore only w/truck
1 adult/ 1 bedroom/1 bath condo11 boat dives
6 boat dives
Shore only w/truck
2 adults/ 3 bedroom/3 bath condo11 boat dives
6 boat dives
Shore only w/truck
2 adults/ 2 bedroom/2 bath condo11 boat dives
6 boat dives
Shore only w/truck
2 adult/ 1 bedroom/1 bath condo (2 adults plus 1 child max)11 boat dives
6 boat dives
Shore only w/truck
3 adults/ 3 bedroom/3 bath condo11 boat dives
6 boat dives
Shore only w/truck
3 adults/ 2 bedroom/ 2 bath condo11 boat dives
6 boat dives
Shore only w/truck
4 adults/ 3 bedroom/3 bath condo11 boat dives
6 boat dives
Shore only w/truck
4 adults/ 2 bedroom/2 bath condo11 boat dives
6 boat dives
Shore only w/truck
5 adults/ 3 bedroom/3 bath condo11 boat dives
6 boat dives
Shore only w/truck
SASYSASY ages (Ages 5-7)
includes rental dive gear
Seal Team Seal Team (Age 8-9) Includes rental dive gear.$1,610
Jr. Open WaterJOW (Age 10-17) includes rental dive gear and PADI e:learning$2,335
Certified diver kids, Ages 17 and younger. Choose a course: AOW, Adventure, Rescue, or Coral Restoration. Kids must be certified to dive (Age 10-17) Choose a course when you book.$2,085
E:learning is required (but not include) for AOW and Rescue Kids courses.
PADI courses available to add-on to adult certified diver rate. Rescue & adult Open Water course add-on to adult diver package, Includes eLearning: $500 per course. Nitrox Course, E:Learning included, must be completed prior to arrival. $300

Once you arrive on the island

This is a general sample schedule that will change depending on the weather, courses offered, and location. Other activities and courses and detail will be provided on a final schedule included with your trip documents.  This schedule is also subject to changes on the island.

You will be met with at Buddy Dive Resort with a welcome drink for adults and smoothie for kids. Check-in, get comfortable, and we will meet at the pool bar for orientation.

  • Saturday: Arrival day and 6 pm Kids Sea Camp guest orientation- Upon arrival, you will be met with a private meet and greet at the airport
  • You will check-in at the front desk and then head to the Buddy beach bar for your welcome drink and to meet camp staff and be given program information. We will have a wonderful welcome meal and opening Guests will enjoy a good night’s sleep and be ready for diving and fun for all in the morning.
  • Sunday: 1 or 2 dives depending on certified diver package and SASY, Seal, PADI JOW, Coral Restoration, Adventure & AOW, and Rescue diver training
  • Monday:  1 or 2 dives depending on dive package and SASY, Seal, PADI JOW, Coral Restoration, Adventure & AOW training
  • Tuesday:  1 or 2 dives depending on dive package and SASY, Seal, PADI JOW, Coral Restoration, Adventure & AOW training
  • Wednesday: 2 boat dives and SASY, Seal, PADI JOW, Coral Restoration, Adventure & AOW diving, and Pizza Movie night
  • Thursday: 2 boat dives and SASY, Seal, PADI JOW, Coral Restoration, Adventure & AOW diving
  • Friday: Family dive day and closing feast and celebration, and slide presentation.
  • Saturday: Travel day — back to reality!

General Schedule information

  • Three meals daily are included in your package.
  • Breakfast is served buffet style each morning from 7-9 AM with eggs made to order, ham, potatoes, pancakes, fruits, cereal, along with local juices.
  • Lunch is served off the menu with a wide variety of foods from burgers to salads, pasta, or fish. A special kids menu is also available from 1-2 PM.
  • Dinner is available from 6:30-10 PM daily and also served off the menu with fresh daily seafood.
  • Friday is the Buddy Dive beach BBQ and includes live entertainment. A special farewell dinner is scheduled for Friday night.


Please note: The kid’s programs end at 2:30 PM, so if you chose a shore dive or an additional afternoon dive at 2:15 you will be responsible for making sure your kids are attended to. It should not be a problem as we are always available but it will need to be arranged with prior notice

To view a sample schedule of a Kids Sea Camp Bonaire week, click on the link- Bonaire, Buddy Dive 2019 summer schedule

This is a tentative schedule and will change, please contact us for up-to-date information. Currently, we are going to offer the PADI Rescue Course for Kids and adults.  Coral Restoration will be offered for all kids as well as Adventure diver and Advanced Open Water. Nitrox is Free for certified Nitrox divers. 

Buddy Dive Resort

At Buddy Dive, apartments are available with either 1, 2, or 3 bedrooms. All rooms at Buddy Dive Resort, Bonaire are air-conditioned with bedrooms containing twin or king beds. Rooms all come with fully equipped kitchens including microwaves, stoves, dishwashers, and refrigerators as well as a comfortably furnished living area with cable TV and phones. Everyone in the family will be comfortable!

There are free safe deposit boxes in every apartment and all include large private balconies or patios.  There is a daily housekeeping service for you and free use of beach towels. Should you require a babysitter, the front office will be glad to make all the arrangements for you.

Buddy Dive even has a laundry facility should you wish to do some extra washing. From each of our apartments, you’ll enjoy the view of either the ocean or lush tropical gardens from your own private balcony or patio. And for relaxing outside, nothing can beat a nap in one of the hammocks in our shaded and flower-covered gazebo. For a stunning location with the ultimate view, there’s no place better than on our raised sand beach areas overlooking the clear, turquoise waters of the Caribbean. A short stairway provides easy access to the tranquil ocean below which is excellent for snorkeling and swimming.

The best diving in the Caribbean!

The diving: If you want to fall in love with diving, become a better diver, or dive safe and relaxed as a family, welcome to Buddy Dive Bonaire. Here you can just jump off the dock to enjoy large schools of fish, shallow wrecks, and easy diving with newly certified kids. The water is warm, the view is fantastic and the marine life is abundant. The dive team here is among the very best in the Caribbean! Most are parents themselves, so kids’ safety is the priority. Buddy Dive is a PADI 5-star CDC center.

With as many as 60 officially listed dive sites on Bonaire and another 20 dive sites on Klein Bonaire, the dive operation at Buddy Dive Resort is geared up for you to make the most out of your dive vacation.

With a fleet of custom dive boats and a well-stocked ‘Drive Thru’ offering air and Nitrox tanks, every diver need can be satisfied. To help us keep our reef environment healthy for many years to come, we do encourage all divers traveling to Bonaire to familiarize themselves with the Marine Park Regulations before their visit.

Bonaire’s sea abounds with beautiful marine life and a fascinating variety of multi-colored tropical fish. The sea is remarkably calm, and conditions are superb for both scuba diving and snorkeling.

Let’s go diving: You can start diving once you have checked in and completed your orientation dive. Bonaire Marine Park regulations require you to participate in an orientation program before you enter the water for your first dive. At Buddy Dive, this orientation is held each day.

If your flight arrives in time for you to participate in the dive orientation, you can begin diving the day you arrive, and this would count as the first diving day of your diving package. Divers arriving on afternoon flights will attend orientation the following morning.

The diving schedule will include boat departures at 8:30 AM and 10:30 AM each morning from Sunday through Thursday (Friday will be a Family Day dive). We have also scheduled a night boat dive on Tuesday while your kids will be enjoying pizza and a movie.

Easy diving: On average, Bonaire’s visibility exceeds 100 feet (30 meters), and our average water temperature is 80 degrees Fahrenheit (29c). The fringing reef begins close to the shore; usually, a short 30-foot (10 meters) swim or less, making Bonaire world-renowned for its ease of shore diving.

All levels of divers can enjoy the freedom of our unlimited shore diving package, making as many dives as they want each day, according to their safe profiles. There are plenty of 80 and 63 cubic foot air and Nitrox tanks available at either the ‘Drive Thru’ or on the dock where there are convenient benches for gear set-up and two sturdy ladders that provide easy access to the water. Rinse tanks are located at the ‘Drive Thru’ as well as on the docks where there is a large gear storage room. This makes diving at Buddy’s easy and enjoyable.

One can join our experienced, friendly dive staff on our morning and afternoon boat dives. Every day of the year, our custom dive boats go out to explore the many dive sites on the nearby island of Klein Bonaire, a short 10-minute boat ride away, or to other spectacular dive sites not accessible from shore. Guided day and night dives are also arranged to great sites such as the Salt Pier or Town Pier, which have become a mecca for photographers. Even Klein Bonaire is visited at night on a regular boat night dive. And remember Bonaire is the shore diving capital of the Caribbean, so grab a tank or two and make some bubbles.

Dive excellence: Buddy Dive is a DAN Member, as well as a PADI 5-Star Gold Palm Resort and Universal Referral Center. The Universal Referral designation enables Buddy Dive instructors to offer Open Water Completion courses to students from SSI and NAUI as well as a host of other training organizations. In fact, Buddy’s provides every level of instruction imaginable, conducted in several languages. In addition to all the standard PADI specialties, we also offer you the chance to become an Enriched Air Certified diver, or even try out a Rebreather!

As a full-service dive center, we also have a complete inventory of rental gear available. Buddy Dive guests who prefer to purchase instead of rent will enjoy shopping at the well-stocked retail shop. The on-property shop carries a wide range of dive and snorkel gear and accessories, as well as t-shirts, sandals, caps, dive lights, film, and souvenirs galore!

Fees (for the good of the Coral reef): It is necessary for all who use the waters of the Bonaire National Marine Park to pay a Nature Fee of $25 per year ($10 for snorkelers). At the time of payment, you will receive a specially designed tag indicating your support for nature preservation and a receipt. Keep both, as they will also provide you with complimentary admission to Washington-Slagbaai National Park throughout the year your tag is valid. Tags are available for purchase at all dive operations, hotels, resorts, windsurfing operations, sport-fishing charter boats, sail/snorkel/water taxi operations, marinas, and other water sports operations on Bonaire.

Dive Training

  • PADI SASY program: 6 mornings of activities from 8 am -1 pm daily. SASY kids keep fins, masks, and snorkel.
  • PADI SEAL TEAM: 6 mornings of activities from 8 am-1 pm daily including all 5 aqua missions. SEAL kids keep fins, masks, and snorkel.
  • PADI Open WaterAll dives needed for certification (eLearning is not included.  For eLearning, you will have to pay PADI directly.  The link will be sent to you 4 weeks before departure to be completed prior to arrival.)
  • PADI Dive Master course: RSVP 14 DAYS REQUIRED $750 add-on to package price. Contact Margo at 803.419.2556 for more information. PADI C Card, E: learning, and Crew Pack included
  • PADI Dive Rescue Diver: RSVP $400 add-on to package price. Contact Margo at 803.419.2556 for more information. PADI C Card, E: learning, and Crew Pack included.

See more about Kids Sea Camp dive training

Over 60 remarkable dive sites! (And yes, we have listed them)

1. Boca Bartol: This shore dive is the northernmost site in Marine Park. Advanced divers may encounter strong currents. The recommended depth is from 20-80 feet, with interesting coral reef formations in the shallows. Many of the larger fish species abound, and there is a chance to see rays and garden eels on the sandy bottom.

2. Playa Bengi: Located along the northwest coast of Washington Slagbaai Park, Playa Benge is known for its heavy currents. Recommended only for the advanced diver, the depth ranges from 15-100 feet. Ashore dive only, the experienced diver will be rewarded with some of the most pristine coral on Bonaire.

3. Playa Funchi: Located in Washington Slagbaai National Park, Playa Funchi is for the advanced diver and has moderate to heavy currents. There is no mooring here, so access is from the shore only. In depths of 15-100 feet, horse-eye jacks can be seen out in blue water. The shallows teem with spotted trunkfish that approach you looking for a hand-out.

4. Bise Morto: Another Washington Park dive, this boat dive site can have moderate to strong currents and is recommended for the intermediate to advanced diver. Depths of 20-100 feet offer shallows loaded with elkhorn and staghorn coral, hence the name, which means “dead deer.” The deeper waters provide an opportunity to see larger species, including whale sharks and manta rays.

5. Boca Slagbaai: Located in Washington Slagbaai National Park, this site is known for its moderate to strong currents and is recommended for intermediate to experienced divers. With depths of 20-100 feet, you may have a chance to see mantas or other smaller rays. At the southern end of the cove, there is a cannon in just 10 feet of water. Slagbaai is also accessible by boat diving.

6. Nukove: A bit hard to find, this site is a shore dive only. It ranges from 20-100 feet and has mild to strong currents. Intermediate-level divers will find huge elkhorn coral in the shallows, with schools of algae-eating reef fish present. Also seen are large midnight blue parrots. The drop-off has large coral heads that sometimes shelter nurse sharks.

7. Karpata: One of Bonaire’s most popular shore dives, Karpata can also be reached by boat. With depths ranging from 20-100 feet and light to moderate currents, novice and intermediate divers can pose for pictures alongside one of the many huge ship anchors embedded in the coral. Known for great visibility, wide-angle photographers can enjoy panoramic vistas to frame their subjects.

8. La Dania’s Leap: Known for the practice of “leaping” off the shore and then doing a drift dive to Karpata, this site has been recommended for intermediate divers by boat only. With light currents and depths of 15-100 feet, La Dania’s is one of Bonaire‘s few vertical walls, with numerous canyons and sand shoots.

9. Rappel: The most often asked for the dive site, Rappel is reached only by boat. Due to the proximity to the rocky ledge, an intermediate skill level is required. With a depth of 30-100 feet and moderate currents, Rappel has huge sea fans in the shallows and an abundance of nudibranchs and other marine life.

10. Bloodlet: Too difficult for shore diving, Bloodlet has moderate currents and is for the intermediate boat diver. Averaging 20-80 feet, there is a dense reef structure that is home to schools of algae-eating blue tangs. Yellow and green tube sponges are also evident. Bloodlet is one of the places where sea turtles are often sighted and an abundance of marine life.

11. Ol’ Blue: This shore or boat dive site lies just off a long coral beach, east of 1000 Steps. Light to moderate currents and depths of 20-100 feet offer the novice and intermediate divers the chance to see numerous friendly French angelfish and schools of horse-eye jacks.

12. Country Garden: A boat dive with moderate currents for the beginner to an intermediate skilled diver. The average depth is 20-80 feet, and the shallows are covered with large boulders that have fallen from the cliffs and provide shelter for schoolmasters, grunts, and goatfish.

13. Bon Bini Na Cas: “Welcome Home” in the native language, this site lies just next to 1000 Steps and is a boat dive only. With light to moderate currents, beginner and intermediate divers will enjoy schools of Creole wrasse and blue tangs in depths ranging from 20-100 feet.

14. 1000 Steps: Situated in front of the Radio Netherlands towers, 1000 Steps is a shore or boat dive (actually, for the shore divers, 64 steps down to the site from the road and it seems like 1000 steps coming back up with scuba gear!). Currents are light, and the novice diver will have a chance to observe hawksbill turtles or a passing whale shark or manta.

15. Weber’s Joy/Witches Hut: This easy shore or boat dive, with light currents and a depth of 20-100 feet, offers novice divers a chance to see mountainous star coral with abundant fish life. Angelfish, rock beauties, and butterflyfish make their homes in the rocky reefs. This site is a favorite of underwater photographers.

16. Jeff Davis Memorial: Accessible from boat or shore, this site is great for beginners, with light to moderate currents and a depth of 20-100 feet. The shallows are covered with soft coral reefs and are a good place for sea turtles or maybe a seahorse. There are several large coral accumulations, forming chutes that lead to a sandy bottom.

17. Oil Slick Leap: Recommended as a boat dive, the hearty shore diver will find a steel ladder leading to the water. Named Oil Slick Leap because this was the original proposed site for the oil storage terminal, this dive is for the novice boat diver and has mild currents and a depth of 20-80 feet. There are generally large numbers of barracuda seen here.

18. Barcadera: This boat dive is located directly opposite the Bonaire Marine Park Headquarters. Moderate currents and depths of 30-100 feet are great for novice to intermediate divers. The shallows are covered with elkhorn coral and host schools of algae-eating blue tangs.

19. Andrea II: Located just past the desalination plant, Andrea I and II can be reached by boat or shore. Currents are mostly light, so they are ideal sites for beginner divers. With an average depth of 20-100 feet, there are many anemones and soft coral offering shelter to hungry trumpet fish. Both these sites offer a good chance of seeing seahorses.

20. Andrea I: See Andrea II.

21. Petrie’s Pillar: This is a shore dive only for the beginner, with moderate currents and an average depth of 30-100 feet. The terrain is much like Andrea I and II. Large stands of pillar coral are found in the shallows along with schools of blue tangs. Named by Capt. Don as a wedding present for a friend.

22. Small Wall: Located in front of the Black Dungeon Inn, this site offers the novice diver a chance to do a shallow wall dive. Accessed from boat or shore (you need permission to cross private property to shore dive), the currents are light to moderate, with the wall beginning at 20 feet. A cave can be found at 60 feet, with the possibility of seeing a sleeping nurse shark.

23. Cliff: Accessed either from shore or boat, Cliff is located in front of the Hamlet Villas, north of Habitat. With light to moderate currents in 20-70 feet of water, the novice diver will have a chance to see Capt. Don’s underwater Stone Memorial to the “divers who have gone before us,” which is marked with a plaque and dive flag.

24. La Machaca: Situated off Capt. Don’s Habitat, this site with mild to moderate currents allows the novice diver a chance to do a “wreck dive” in relatively shallow water. The 45-foot locally built boat lies in 40-50 feet of water, 30 yards from shore. Sometimes a large green eel will find refuge here so you should approach him with caution.

25. Reef Scientifico: South of La Machaca, in 40 feet of water, a grid system has been constructed to monitor algae growth on the reef. While the conditions are much the same as La Machaca, night diving here will reward you with a view of sleeping parrotfish and free-swimming spotted morays.

26. Buddy’s Reef: Located in front of Buddy Dive Resort, this shore dive has mild currents and is perfect for beginners. With depths of 30-100 feet, expect to see black chironomids perched on coral heads in the shallows. A resident school of tarpon almost always greets night divers. For a house coral reef

27. Bari Reef: Located at the Sand Dollar Beach Resort in 20-100 feet of water, it has light to moderate currents and is an ideal site for the novice or non-diver to learn scuba diving. Access is from the shore at the dive shop pier. A popular night dive, with friendly tarpons darting back and forth in front of your light beam!

28. Front Porch: Truly an easy dive, with light to moderate currents, Front Porch is located at the Sunset Beach Resort. Access is always from shore. The prolific fish life begins at 15 feet, right under the pier, and continues down to 80 feet, where a small wreck of a tugboat lies upside down.

29. Something Special: Located just south of the marina entrance, this is a shore or boat dive for the beginner. Currents are mild and the depth is from 20-80 feet. There is very little coral growth since this is one area where sailboats are allowed to anchor. However, the fish life is abundant, with a sandy bottom where rays are often seen. Great for night diving.

30. Town Pier: The most well-known dive site on Bonaire. All levels of divers will experience little current and depths from 20-40 feet. As a shore dive, you must have permission from the harbormaster and be accompanied by a local dive guide. It is a photographer’s dream location, with literally hundreds of photo opportunities.

31. Calabas Reef: Located in front of Dive Bonaire at the Divi Flamingo Resort, this reef is well suited for all levels of divers, with mild currents and a depth of 20-100 feet. All species of reef fish abound, with the occasional turtle or ray passing by.

32. Eighteen Palms: This shore or boat dive lies directly in front of the Lt. Governor’s house, which, coincidentally, has at least 18 palm trees planted in the front yard. Accessed from shore at the Plaza Resort, it has mild currents and ranges from 20-80 feet for the novice and intermediate divers. Southern and eagle rays are often seen in the sandy bottom.

33. Windsock: A shore or boat dive, Windsock offers the novice diver the chance to cruise the area located at the end of the runway off Flamingo Airport. With the depth ranging from 30-100 feet, divers often see turtles and rays. Named for the windsock that flies from a pole on the runway, this dive site also is excellent for snorkeling.

34. North Belnem: Also sometimes called Dick’s Place, this is an easy shore or boat dive for all skill levels. With moderate currents and a depth of 20-100 feet, the shallows have stands of elkhorn coral and schools of blue tang.

35. Bachelor’s Beach: A great boat dive, the novice diver will find Bachelor’s Beach also easy to do from shore. Located just past the airport, the 30-100 foot site has lots of soft coral in the shallows and mild currents. Also, the chances of seeing sea turtles are good here.

36. Chez Hines: Sometimes called South Belnem, Chez Hines is accessible from both shore and boat. With moderate currents, the beginning diver can expect a depth of 30-100 feet. This is another site where turtles are often seen.

37. Lighthouse Point: Located in the southern part of the island, this shore or boat dive has moderate currents for the intermediate diver. With a depth range of 30-100 feet, Lighthouse Point has a sandy bottom, with plenty of soft coral.

38. Punt Vierkant: Dutch for square point, this site marks the beginning of the double reef system. Either a boat or shore dive, the current can be moderate to strong and the depth ranges from 30-100 feet for the intermediate diver. Lots of soft coral can be found in the shallows.

39. The Lake: The second of the double reef dives. Lake is 30-100 feet and has moderate currents. Accessed from either boat or shore, the beginner diver will find soft coral in the shallows and schools of colorful reef fish.

40. Hilma Hooker: This internationally known shipwreck lies at the beginning of the double reef system. With light to moderate currents and an average depth of 60-100 feet, it is recommended for advanced divers. Can be a shore or boat dive. For penetration, some wreck and deep-dive training should be taken.

41. Angel City: Shore or boat dive, with moderate currents and suitable for all skill levels. This double reef dive was named for the friendly angelfish in the area which accompany divers. The depth is from 30-100 feet and there is a “swim-through” coral arch near the mooring, which provides a good frame for photographs.

42. Alice In Wonderland: Located along the double reef system, average depth is 30-100 feet with easy access by shore or boat. For intermediate skill levels, the current is light most times. The two distinct reef systems are separated by a sand channel. Lots of friendly French angels and parrotfish are generally present. Sand channels are host to garden eels and stingrays.

43. Aquarius: Shore or boat dive, with mild to moderate currents. All levels of divers will find this an easy site with depths of 30-100 feet. Sandy bottom shallows offer an opportunity to see rays and turtles.

44. Larry’s Lair: This intermediate-level shore or boat dive has mild to moderate currents, with a depth ranging from 30-100 feet. Expect to see rays and large groupers at cleaning stations. The entry for shore divers tends to be a bit rocky, so booties are advised

45. Jeannie’s Glory: Another easy shore or boat dive for all skill levels with mild to moderate currents and depths ranging from 30-100 feet. Lots of soft coral in the shallows and sandy bottom for rays to hide in. Turtles are often seen along these southern dive sites.

46. Salt Pier: At the end of the salt conveyor system, it should not be attempted when a ship is in the process of loading. Depth is 15-50 feet, with very little current. As a shore dive, you must have permission from the harbormaster and be accompanied by a local dive guide. Great for photography. Pillars are fully encrusted with sponges and soft coral.

47. Salt City: Still part of the double reef system, Salt City is a shore or boat dive with depths of 30-100 feet. Mild currents offer the beginner to intermediate diver the chance to see eagle rays and sea turtles.

48. Invisibles: With depths ranging from 20-100 feet, this is one of the few places divers have a chance to see garden eels in shallow water. One of the last of the double reef dives, beginner to intermediate divers will have a chance to see “islands” of coral separated by sand chutes. The currents are generally mild to moderate.

49. Tori’s Reef: A shore or boat dive, Tori’s Reef runs from 20-100 feet. All levels of divers can enjoy shallows that have large stands of elkhorn coral and a sandy bottom for Rays to camouflage themselves. Located directly opposite the outflow from the salt works, the shore entry is fairly easy.

50. Pink Beach: A shore dive, just off one of Bonaire’s most famous beaches. Depth is 25-90 feet, with easy entry for shore divers. Intermediate skill is required. The current can be strong. There are lots of coral in the shallows and stingrays are often seen along the sandy bottom.

51. White Slave: A shore or boat dive, the currents can be moderate to strong. The intermediate diver will enjoy this dive since turtles are almost always spotted. The depth ranges from 20-100 feet. The site is named for the white pinnacle and slave huts that are on the shore opposite the mooring.

52. Margate Bay: A shore or boat dive that has mild to moderate currents and a depth of 30-100 feet, all levels of diver will enjoy this dive. There are schools of black margate generally swimming at the top of the reef and pristine corals abound. This is another site at which turtles are almost always seen.

53. Red Beryl: This shore or boat dive has moderate currents and a depth of 30-100 feet. Intermediate dive skills are required for this site. Turtles, rays, and large schools of fish feeding near the surface are generally encountered.

54. Atlantis: This is a shore or boat dive with moderate to strong currents. Intermediate skill levels are required, with depths ranging from 30-100 feet. Turtles and larger species of fish are generally seen in this area.

55. Vista Blue: A shore or boat dive with moderate to strong currents. Intermediate to experienced skill levels are required, with depths of 30-100 feet. Turtles and rays are sometimes seen in this area.

56. Sweet Dreams: Accessed from shore or boat, this site can have strong currents. Advanced skill levels are recommended, with depths of 30-100 feet found. The corals on this dive are generally lush in the shallows, with larger formations of stone species in the depths.

57. Red Slave: Lying adjacent to the second set of slave huts, this shore or boat dive has depths of 20-80 feet and moderate to strong currents. Advanced divers recommended. Horse-eye jacks and turtles are often seen.

58. Willemstoren Lighthouse: Located at the island’s southern tip, there is shore diving only, with depth ranges of 20-80 feet. This site is recommended for advanced divers only because its moderate to strong currents can cause a rough entry. Lots of schooling fish and, at times, tarpons and sea turtles.

59. Blue Hole: More often called White Hole, this is a shore dive that is for advanced divers only. It lies off Lac Bay and requires a long walk in shallow water to the drop-off. The dive begins in 15 feet and slopes down to 100 feet. Numerous tarpon are found here, as are rays and a chance of sharks.

60. Cai: Definitely a shore dive for advanced divers. Currents can be strong and unpredictable. Entry is made at the mouth of Lac Bay and depth ranges from 30-100 feet. Large species are often seen. This is truly a dive for strong swimmers with lots of experience.

On Klein Bonaire: All of Klein Bonaire’s sites are boat dives.

1. No Name: This dive lies directly in front of No Name Beach at 30-100 feet. Currents are mild. However, the coral is sparse. The advantage is that the sandy bottom is often home to rays and large schoolmasters. All levels of divers will enjoy this site.

2. Ebo’s Reef: This 40-100 foot site has light to moderate currents, suitable for the intermediate diver. What makes it so unique are the giant orange elephant ear sponges that are topped off with numerous black feather crinoids.

3. Jerry’s Reef: Good boat dive for beginners, the currents are moderate with a depth of 30-100 feet. Crinoids abound at this site, and large elephant ear sponges are evident. Lots of black coral is also seen in the depths. This site is also called Ebo’s Reef.

4. Just A Nice Dive: Closed.

5. Nearest Point: A dive with moderate currents and depths ranging from 20-100 feet. All levels of diver can enjoy stony mountain corals in the drop-off area. At lower depths, black coral can be found, as well as significant orange and purple tube sponges.

6. Keepsake: Closed.

7. Bonaventure: A dive with moderate currents and a 20-100 foot depth. Suitable for the beginner as well as the intermediate diver. A significant amount of soft coral in the shallows. Angelfish often accompany divers up and down the reef.

8. Monte’s Divi: The currents are mild, and beginner divers stand a good chance of seeing a seahorse here. The depth ranges from 15-100 feet, with large stands of elkhorn coral in the shallows. Alone divi-divi tree stands guard on shore, directly opposite the mooring site.

9. Rock Pile: The shallow (15-100 feet) water and mild to moderate currents make this site suitable for all levels of diving skill. A giant green moray eel is often seen hiding among the boulder coral. The mooring lies directly offshore from a pile of rocks on the shore

10. Joanne’s Sunchi: A dive site with 20-100 foot depths and moderate currents. For all levels of diver, Joanne’s Sunchi has lots of sand chutes and large tube sponges. Sunchi is the Papiamentu word for “kiss.”

11. Capt. Don’s Reef: Ranging from 20-100 feet with mild currents, Capt. Don’s Reef is a must dive for all levels. Located at the mooring is a plaque dedicated to Bonaire‘s pioneer diver, Don Stewart, which thanks to him for his dedication to the preservation of Bonaire‘s reefs.

12. South Bay: This dive has mild to moderate currents and depths ranging from 30-100 feet. All levels of diver can enjoy seeing different species of groupers and schools of horse-eye jacks.

13. Hands Off: A novice-level dive with mild currents and an average depth of 30-100 feet, Hands Off was established initially to gauge diver impact on the reef. No photographers or clumsy diving practices were allowed.

14. Forest: From 25-100 feet, the intermediately skilled diver will encounter mild to moderate currents here. Forest was named for the abundance of soft coral found in the shallows, especially black coral.

15. Southwest Corner: Ranging in depth from 15-100 feet, intermediate divers will encounter mild to moderate currents. Black Dungeons and, of course, an abundance of yellowtail snappers.

16. Munk’s Haven: A dive with mild to moderate currents, this site ranges from 20-100 feet. All levels of diver can enjoy lush, soft coral in the shallows, with sizeable sculptured coral heads in the drop-off area. Large groupers are often seen at cleaning stations.

17. Twixt: Closed.

18. Sharon’s Serenity: Located on the southwest corner of Klein Bonaire, Sharon’s Serenity has moderate currents suitable for intermediate levels of diving. A good site also for snorkelers, since the mooring located quite close to shore. With an average depth of 20-100 feet, there are numerous elkhorn and staghorn coral, as well as many varieties of soft coral. Large groupers have been sighted and many basket starfish make this a famous night dive.

19. Valerie’s Hill: A boat dive for all levels of diving skill, the range of depth is 30-100 feet. Usually, a mild current is present. Named after Capt. Don’s wife by local dive guides, has numerous sponges and abundant black coral. Scrawled filefish and gray parrotfish are often seen.

20. Mi Dushi: This dive averages 25-100 feet. All skill levels will find mild to moderate currents. Mi Dushi means “my sweetheart” in the local language. The shallows are filled with staghorn and yellow pencil coral. Many smaller reef fish also inhabit this site.

21. Carl’s Hill: This site is named after underwater photographer Carl Roessler and lies on the northwest tip of Klein Bonaire. This 20-100 foot photographer’s dream has light to moderate currents for the intermediate diver. The main feature of the dive is the sheer wall that begins 20 yards offshore and drops to a sandy bottom at 70 feet. The face of the wall is covered with sponges and soft coral, making for dramatic scenery. Barracudas and bar jacks are often seen here, as well as schools of blue tangs.

22. Carl’s Hill Annex: Also known as Yellow Man, this dive has mild currents, depths of 20-100 feet, and an abundance of soft coral in the shallows. Seahorses can be found close to the mooring barrels, and there are plenty of groupers and jacks in the deeper areas.

23. Ebo’s Special: Also known as Jerry’s Jam, it is named for Bonaire’s first certified diver, Ibo Domacasse. All levels of diver will enjoy mild currents on this site. One interesting feature is a cave that is in shallow waters and is the home of large groupers. A nurse shark has been spotted, at times, sleeping among the coral heads.

24. Leonora’s Reef: Just one site east of Carl’s Hill, this is an ideal site for the beginning diver. The currents are almost always moderate, and an average depth of 20-80 feet will take you to colossal plate coral and mountainous star coral. There is a small tunnel through the coral that makes an ideal frame for a picture. Tiger groupers are seen in the deeper water, while parrotfish, yellowtail snappers, and four-eyed butterflyfish prevail in the shallows.

25. Knife: This dive, with mild currents and depth ranges of 20-100 feet, is at all levels. Lots of schooling fish reside at the top of the reef and solitary species, such as ocean triggerfish, are often seen.

26. Sampler: On the north coast of Klein Bonaire, this 20-100 foot site boasts a light to moderate currents for the novice to an intermediate diver. Friendly angelfish willingly approach divers looking for a hand-out, as do many of the reef residents at this site. It is one of Bonaire’s most popular dive sites.

Family Dining

Blennies: Lunch is served from 11 AM through 5 PM at Blennies Restaurant Bonaire, with a selection of salads, sandwiches, burgers, and delicious fruit shakes. It’s the perfect time to observe the activity happening on the dive dock below you.

At the end of the day come and join Happy Hour, daily from 5-6 PM, with a 50% discount on all soft drinks, juices, beers, wine by the glass, cocktails of the day, and house or call drinks. Visit with friends at Blennies Restaurant Bonaire and recapture the day’s events while enjoying refreshing tropical drinks. If you’re among the lucky, you might even see the famous green flash as you watch a beautiful island sunset.

Ingridients: The Van der Valk family on Bonaire has been in the tourism industry for decades; in that time they’ve had the chance of visiting hundreds of restaurants, but only a handful of them did earn a place in their minds and hearts. Ingridients food is based on Mediterranean cuisine and uses the fundamental principles of French, Spanish, and Italian cuisine.

Next, to that, they use local produce and serve all this next to the magical blue waters of the Caribbean Sea. Buddy Dive wanted to create a space of comfort and luxury, of fresh elegance; a place for you to dine differently.

The Van der Valk family put their personal experience into everything, from the food, the decoration, and yes, the name. Hopefully, they’ll earn a place in your good memories.

Friday is a special night

Every Friday you’re invited to join Kids Sea Camp at Bennies Managers Rum Punch Party, a lively event with snacks and free rum and fruit punch from 5:30-6:30 PM. Dance to the live music of the fun and fabulous Moogie until it’s time for a dinner break at 7:00 PM.

The evening is completed the evening with Buddy’s famous “All You Can Eat Barbecue”, featuring steak, fish, chicken, and ribs accompanied by a variety of stews, salads, rice dishes, soup, and of course, dessert! It is a feast you will not want to miss and will deserve after your dancing!

When you’re not diving there are a plethora of activities available to guests:

  • Mangrove Kayak and Snorkel Tour: A guide will lead you in your kayak & teach you about the protected Red Mangroves, a real must-see! (Price upon request)
  • Boat Snorkel: Explore 2 different snorkel sites by boat with a guide.
  • Island Tour: Buddy Dive has tours to every part of the island, so please do ask for more detours on the tours available. (Price upon request)
  • Boat Fishing Charter: Go fishing with people who know how to help you catch the fish you have always dreamed of! (Price upon request)
  • Cave Exploration and Snorkel:  Guided through 2 caves, 1 dry & 1 freshwater, you will see the majestic stalactites & stalagmites. Note: some physical fitness is required. (Price upon request)
  • BLOW KARTING: Discover Bonaire differently. Enjoy some world-class land sailing around one of the world’s largest salt tracks. Karts come in single or two-seaters for $65per hr. Contact us for more information. This activity is included for the kids in the Kids Sea Camp family scuba diving vacation trips.
  • Rentals at Buddy Dive (Full Day Rental)
    Kayak Single: $32
    Kayak Double: $48
    Mountain bike: $16

Additional activities offered on Island

  • Windsurfing: Learn to windsurf with the pros in the perfect on-shore winds & shallow waters of Lac Bay! (Pricing available upon request)
  • Kite Boarding Package: Learn the skills of kiteboarding with steady trade winds, in the crystal clear blue waters of Bonaire. As a student, you will be accompanied by your instructor by boat. (Pricing available upon request)


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