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Arenui Family Dive Adventures

  • The Best Liveaboard in the world
  • Raja Ampat
  • Komodo
  • The Forgotten Islands
  • Alor

Live your dreams. These magical live-aboard journeys will create memories that last forever. Kids Sea Camp is ready to enjoy decadent diving in Indonesia and the island of Komodo, Forgotten Islands, and Raja Ampat. The trips are perfect for certified divers and adult non-divers. In our opinion, the Arenui is the world’s first 5-diamond liveaboard.

Hotel Information:

2023 DATES

  • August 3rd – 10th, ALOR: On the Arenui: 7 nights from $5,150, (+$350 per person for master cabin) Deposit required $2,000 per cabin. Pre trip Lembah Resort 5 nights July 28- Aug 2.
  • November 15th – 24th, (9 nights): GREATER RAJA AMPAT  Thanksgiving charter: From $6,490pp (+$450 per person for master cabin) Deposit required $2000 per cabin.

2024 DATES

  • KOMODO/SUMBAWA: June 24th -July 2nd  On the Arenui: 8 nights ($5,890) (+$400 per person for master cabinDeposit required $2,000 per cabin. Departs from Bali
  • KOMODO/ ALOR: July 3rd- July 11th On the Arenui: 8 nights ($5,890) (+$400 per person for master cabinDeposit required $2,000 per cabin. Departs from Labuanbajo

2025 DATES

  • February 1st – 11th, (9 nights): GREATER RAJA AMPAT: (Pricing $7,370) (+$500 per person for master cabin) Deposit required $2000 per cabin.
  • April 9th-17th: The Forgotten Islands On the Arenui: Tom and Margo Peyton have scheduled the first available trip to the Forgotten Islands,  8 nights, This trip will not be available again until 2030, with the Arenui! Price from $6,000 pp. (+$400 per person for master cabin) Deposit required $2,000 per cabin.

2026 DATES

Winter Dive Trips to Indonesia

  • ARENUI: GREATER RAJA AMPATFeb. 2nd – 13th, (11 nights) $8,180 (+$550 per person for master cabin) Deposit required $2,000 per cabin.
  • ARENUI: GREATER RAJA AMPATFebruary 15th – 26th, (11 nights) $8,180 (+$550 per person for master cabin) Deposit required $2,000 per cabin.

Summer Dive Trips to Indonesia

  • ARENUI: Best of Borneo & West Sulawesi: July 19th – 27th (8nights) & July 28th – Aug. 5th (8 nights) $6,120: (+$400 per person for master cabin) Deposit required $2,000 per cabin.

Winter Dive Trips to Indonesia

Dec, 22nd, 2026 – Jan 3rd, 2027: (12 nights) Private Christmas and New Years’ charter: GREATER RAJA AMPAT and SORONG: $8,880 (+$600 per person for master cabin) Deposit required $2,000 per cabin.

Building a longer trip to Indonesia: Pre or post-stays at Lembah or Bangka resorts can be arranged for you. We provide diving with Murex Divers, pre and post-stay available. Let us know the length of time you would like to spend in Indonesia and we will happily add to your dream dive vacation. 803-419-2556


Indonesia Tourism information

Arenui website

The world-famous Arenui

You will be diving into the stunning Indonesian archipelago, a true remote paradise, packed with 5-star dive sites to match our 5-diamond liveaboard and crew. Indonesia offers everything from healthy coral reefs to sandy critter hide-outs, with so much to see that one trip is never enough. Dive Komodo for incredible diversity from frogfish and nudibranchs to schooling jacks and mola-mola (oceanic sunfish), then travel to the untouched reefs of Alor and Flores, before heading into the Banda Sea to dive the wonders of Maluku (and visit the famous Spice Islands) but don’t forget to make time for Raja Ampat and its world-famous gorgonian sea fans, enigmatic wobbegong sharks and manta rays.

We have combined our impeccable service and care with Arenui ‘s luxury to bring you a world-class diving trip, with a truly relaxing and luxurious liveaboard experience. Onboard, you can have it all from gourmet food, and personalized service by its 22-member staff to amazing colorful critter-packed, large schooling fishes, and large pelagic encounters.  Photo classes and free cameras to use all week. Give Margo or Tom a call to answer all your questions.

The Arenui Liveaboard yacht is designed with spacious boutique-style cabins that once again invite guests to enjoy the country they’re visiting (local handicrafts and inspirations). There is a luxury restaurant serving international and local cuisine on board (evenings are waiter-served a-la-carte) and an added both an outdoor sky restaurant and a top-deck sky lounge for massages, sunbathing, relaxing, and enjoying the island views. Serving you aboard this luxury yacht, a well-trained and enthusiastic local crew, including 2 highly sought-after chefs and 3 eagle-eyed dive guides, to join the 2 western cruise directors, adding up to 22 members of the Arenui onboard team providing you with truly personalized service for up to 16 guests.

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Where are you going: Komodo is one of Indonesia’s most famous diving destinations. Manta rays, sharks, immense schools of fish, and colorful reefs are just a few of the stars of Komodo. 

See Why diving with kids on Liveaboards to amazing

Komodo is relatively remote but if you want an adventure and incredible diving it should be at the top of your bucket list. Expect to find an array of dive sites perfectly suited for drift diving. Water temperature can be chilly, sometimes dipping below 77°F (25°C), so bring extra layers of neoprene or a hood on top of a basic 3mm suit to stay warm. It is possible to dive year-round due to the dry weather. Visibility is usually quite good at 66-100ft.

One of the most interesting dive sites is Makassar Reef. This is a 1.2mile (2km) channel with a unique seascape featuring craters and dunes of small rocks which have been shaped by currents. It is often said that it looks like the surface of the moon. For macro lovers, Komodo National Park has plenty to offer as well. Sheltered dive sites boast myriad critters hiding amongst slopes and walls of healthy hard and soft corals.

 Komodo is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and one of the New 7 Wonders of Nature.

Raja Ampat

Click here for the Komodo Arenui video 

Who can go: This trip is for certified divers and adult non-divers.

What’s included

  • Private guides, private chefs, land tours
  • T-shirt/ hats
  • Free underwater camera use while diving
  • Slide presentations and photo slideshow of your trip
  • Professional photos to take home
  • Professional representation from Family Dive Adventures
  • The shore activities/excursions according to the program
  • Soft drinks and all meals onboard
  • Diving activities (generally 4 dives per day)
  • Tanks, weights, and weight belt
  • Transfer from/to embarkation/disembarkation airport


  • International and domestic air transportation
  • Hotels and meals before and after the cruise
  • Alcoholic drinks
  • Nitrox  ($190 per trip per diver)
  • Dive equipment rental (other than tanks, weights, and weight belt) $40 per day(reg, BC, FMS, Computer)
  • Massages and Spa treatments
  • Travel Insurance (CFAR is recommended for this trip)
  • Onboard purchases
  • Private tours
  • Laundry
  • On-board telecommunications
  • Crew gratuities 
  • VAT
  • Master cabin supplement
    ($750pp per person)
  • Administration/port clearance fee
  • National Parks Entrance Fee
  • Fuel Surcharge

How to get there

For Komodo trips, we advise flying into Bali (DPS). There are many airlines flying to Bali. Some options are Cathay Pacific (via Hong Kong), Eva Airways (via Taipei), Korean Air (via Seoul), Japan Airlines, and All Nippon Airways (via Tokyo). Singapore Airlines is another excellent option.

You should arrive in Bali by the day before embarkation and leave on the day after disembarkation unless you would like to spend more time in Indonesia before and/or after our cruise. We can help you with domestic flights and hotels in Bali.  The cruise will start and end in Labuanbajo (LBJ).

You should fly to Labuanbajo (from Bali) on the morning of embarkation day. After disembarkation, you can fly back to Bali (usually the guests take one of the morning flights). We recommend flying from Bali to Labuanbajo with Garuda Indonesia  because, It’s the best Indonesian airline


This cruise starts or ends in either Labuanbajo (LBJ). For reaching/leaving Labuanbajo, we recommend using Bali as the hub as there are regular direct flights between Bali and Labuanbajo, using the airline Garuda (1 hour 35 minutes flight time). You can also use Bali as the connection city if you need to come from or go to other domestic cities such as Jakarta or Manado, or even for regional and international flights.

Terms and conditions

  • 9-day trips
  • Booking deposit: $2,000 per cabin
  • Deposit required within 7 days of booking (non-refundable) 
  • 100 % is 90 days prior to departure (non-refundable)
  • Individual booking made less than 90 days before the departure is payable in full at the time of booking.
  • Cancellation at any stage involves the forfeit of monies already paid.

Group charter

  • Booking deposit for 13 days trip $2,000 per guest – within 7 days of booking it is non-refundable

Trip Information:


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