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Travel Agents

Let us help you increase revenue,
provide better service and create fun family travel!

I’m Margo Peyton, and I’m reaching out to you today because I want to work with you. You should consider Kids Sea Camp and Family Dive Adventure as dive shops and travel agent resources for new revenue. I have been an airline reservationist, dive instructor, travel consultant, and dive travel tour operator and have run the world’s largest family dive event for approximately 30 years.

Our areas of expertise are dive travel with families and kids, excellence in service, and attention to detail. Kids Sea Camp and Family Dive Adventures inspire families to dive and grow our industry. Kids Sea Camp hosts family scuba diving group trips annually over 20 weeks to 13 destinations.

We cater to over 500 families annually and invite you to join our adventure. We will comp your space to join us on a Kids Sea Camp family adventure with as few as seven paying guests. We want your clients to experience the magical family dive vacations we have created firsthand. You will make more revenue and grow your clientele, and Kids Sea Camp will do most of the work for you! Call us 1.803.419.2556

Creating successful dive travel isn’t a secret! We will generate trip flyers for you, promote your shop and promote your trip on our site. You don’t get stuck with unsold space penalties, and we will never take away your comp space just because you didn’t meet the minimum number of divers for any Kids Sea Camp trip.


  • 10% will be paid to you for every referral that turns into a booking.
  • 10% will be delivered to you for every individual booking.
  • 20% paid to you for Kids Sea Camp
  • Group bookings (with comps).
  • 15% paid to you for custom group booking.
  • Free comp with Kids Sea Camp group booking.
  • Free group comp with custom group trips.
  • KSC Loyalty plan sends you royalty checks for families that book with us directly.

We do all the work, including vouchers, reservations, waivers, rooming lists, organization, transfers, and consulting. Contact Kids Sea Camp at 803-419-2556

Ten Reasons To Call Us Today!

  1. Travel agents and dive shops: We know your clients depend on you to run your dive shop trips, and we guarantee to help you make that happen.
  2. Travel agents and dive shops: We will give you time on deposits so you can get the money in before you have to pay it out.
  3. Travel agents and dive shops: We can help with sales and reservations.
  4. We can do it all or teach you how.
  5. Trust & Partnership
  6. You earn more commissions with us than other businesses because we understand how valuable your business is, and we know the costs and overhead.
  7. We don’t hide anything from you. If we make 20% on individual bookings, you earn 10%. With custom group trips, if we make 20%, you make 15%.
  8. With Kids Sea Camp weeks, we pay our dive shops 20% with groups of 10 or more participants, and we will never take away your comp space if you can’t fill the minimum.
  9. Unlike dive operators, we will help you promote and fill your custom trips.
  10. Travel agents and dive shops: Do you want to create and grow your own kids or family travel programs? We are happy to provide our experience.

Need some advice or want to work together on a new event or program? We’re here to help and will gladly share our knowledge and experience with you. Let’s brainstorm together to make dive travel easy and fun for all of us.

Family-friendly and approved! We have a list of family-friendly dive operators that we have personally vetted and felt are the safest, most family-friendly dive resorts. That does not mean there are no new resorts in the world. We have grown each year.  We constantly search for family-owned, family-run, high-quality, and kid-friendly operators. Check out calendars. See for yourself the fun we have in our gallery.

Partnering with us. If you’re already running trips, why not offer Kids Sea Camp family weeks too? We will pay you 20%, and we do all the work.  All you have to do is show up and enjoy your clientele. We serve you and take care of every detail.

We can work with you or talk with your customers directly. We will never steal a client, and we keep you in the loop every step of the way. You can deduct your commissions upfront, or we can write you a check once your trip is paid in full. With Kids Sea Camp, there is no waiting until the trip is over to get your commission check.

If your client calls us to re-book, we will let you know immediately, and you will get a loyalty commission check no matter what!

We will remain loyal to you and appreciate and respect your loyalty to us. Together we can create an excellent future for divers for years to come. Call us at 1.803.419.255


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