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Our Team

Family Friendly Professionalism

Our team leads by example as we practice professionalism on every level, Kids Sea Camp staffers honoring the PADI code of conduct, showing compassion, a priority on safety first, and being family-focused with attention to detail. It is what our KSC dive team and tour guides represent.

 Kids Sea Camp instructors are PADI pros, active, and up-to-date with skills, training, and rescue. Our team is regularly evaluated by parents, students, and other PADI Pros.

Kids Sea Camp Inc. takes great pride in our staff members being; knowledgeable, considerate, fun and having unique and specialized expertise. Our tour guide and instructor team speak a total of 7 languages, (English, German, Dutch, Spanish, Russian, French, and American sign language.) We have a pool of instructors around the world that specialize in assisting with select special needs diving; such as high functioning Autism, Deaf divers, handicap divers, severe arthritis, blind divers, diabetic divers, and those that just need a little extra attention or TLC.

Special Attention

The dive team travels on Kids Sea Camp family group trips each year. If you have a special need or language request, give us a call, and request the accommodations at the time of your reservation. We will do our best to make sure we can have in place what you need for the trip you are requesting. In some cases, there may be an additional cost for private instruction.

Margo Peyton: Interview with owner Margo Peyton 

Sea Hero: Margo Peyton

My PADI video

Thomas Peyton (The World)

Vice President / Owner

Jennifer Peyton (The U.S.)

PADI Dive Instructor

Robert Peyton (The World)

PADI Dive Intructor and TECH Diver

Woodie Tinsley (The U.S.)

Director of Training

Olivia Rapisand (The World)

PADI Dive Instructor/ KSC Operations Manager

Sven Blanc (Germany)

PADI Dive Instructor

Brad Holland (The World)

PADI Dive Master / Photographer

Holly Kyle (U.S.)

Advanced and Rescue Diver

Fraser and Sophie Purdon (U.S. / UK)

PADI Instructor / Photographer

Jesse Alpert (U.S. / Palau)

PADI Dive Instructor

Robert White (U.S.)

KSC Specialty Instructor

Fraser and Sophie Purdon (US/UK)

PADI Dive Instructor / Photographer


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