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St. Vincent on our mind

St. Vincent daydreams of sun, fun, and diving

Days away from St. Vincent and Buccament Bay resort and you can feel the excitement building for your vacation. You can count the number of daydreams of the sand, the sun, the warmth and the sea breezes in the middle of those long meetings.

It’s normal. It happens to us all, even Margo and I before a Kids Sea Camp. As we are processing the endless forms and double checking the flights and diver information, we drift. We drift to the sound of the ocean lapping upon the St. Vincent shores. Margo lingers in the feeling of warmth from the Caribbean sun. While I prepare for some football, diving, and singing.

 The St. Vincent Thanksgiving week is one of the best weeks of the year for Kids Sea Camp, the diving is excellent and Margo and I believe a bit underrated. The resort offers so many other things to enjoy; from learning cricket to playing soccer with professionals to learning new technical skills from west end theater professionals and don’t forget the 2nd annual KSC Turkey bowl.

There is also tennis courts and a basketball court on the resort. Although there is no basketball professional on island, maybe my 30 years on the playgrounds in the Midwest could be of assistance. The Pat Cash tennis facilities are top notch for an island resort.  There is always a tennis pro on island who is ready to improve your serve.

So this message is to prompt you to start preparing for your well-earned vacation with Kids Sea Camp to the wonderful 5-star Buccament Bay Resort in St. Lucia.

Here’s a list of important things to bring:

  1. Passports
  2. E-tickets or airline tickets
  3. C-cards
  4. The forms have you completed all the forms and returned them to Nanette?
  5. Sunscreen
  6. Double check your dive gear. Make sure you have it all!
  7. Tennis, basketball or cross-trainers shoes (This trip is more than just about diving)
  8. A smile
  9. A large appetite
  10. Guitar (for Lloyd Kaufman)
  11. Music (reminder for me)
  12. Gratitude, I for one feel quite blessed to travel to amazing islands with such wonderful families and it is Thanksgiving week with Kids Sea Camp!

Let’s go dive!

Tom Peyton, Vice President of Kids Sea Camp and Family Dive Adventures

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