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It’s our sixth Kids Sea Camp!

Our family of four has just returned from our sixth Kids Sea Camp

This was our second time spending Thanksgiving at Buccament Bay with Kids Sea Camp. Prior to St. Vincent, we have participated in camps in Costa Rica, Grand Cayman, Bonaire, and Utila. While the details of all the camps have been well thought out and executed, each one has offered unique experiences and cultural flavor. In St. Vincent, the diving was excellent.

H-Back, Thor Erickson rumbles down the field for a first down for the KSC Cowboys during the 2nd annual Turkey Bowl at Buccament Bay in St. Vincent.On one dive, we saw so many seahorses, I stopped counting. The spotted drums, eels, and lobsters were abundant in the coral heads. The walls were beautiful! The dive staff was knowledgeable, friendly, and funny.

Kids Sea Camp, St. Lucia, St. Vincent

The food was diverse and tasty. We had sushi, Indian food, steaks, seafood, salads, a Thanksgiving feast, and local favorites (including Chee Chee cakes and salt fish with cake bakes). The kids would be disappointed if I did not mention the ice cream shop, smoothies, and crepes.

We all had fun participating in the Annual Turkey Bowl football game, tennis, soccer, and basketball. Evening activities included diving, music, poetry, and learning about lionfish. The resort itself is beautiful and well-suited to let our older kids have some independence. We look forward to joining Kids Sea Camp on many more trips!

The Erickson Family
Terry, Thor, Sydney (15) and Slade (12)

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