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From a Scuba Grand Mother

Kids Sea Camp: An extraordinary family vacation

All I wanted was a safe, fun family vacation, where I could enjoy my love for the sea with my little 5-year-old granddaughter Faith.   She made new friends and bonded with me and fell in love with the sea. We learned so much together and had the time of our lives. she asks me every day when can we go back to Kids Sea Camp again.
The memories that we created was something I will cherish forever. You can’t buy that you cant replace that. This is an experience I will never forget and was the most incredible time I have ever had with my grandchild.  She loved every day, every minute. I wish we could stay longer and do more.  I’m so thankful to do one a year, experience, friends she made. I loved all the photo’s on the site. I took hundreds of pictures and so did my granddaughter age 5 this is her birthday present each year.  

 I got us new luggage for Christmas with wheels, we are so excited to go back. My granddaughter says she is all ready for vacation. We loved the Sunset Cruise at Buddy Dive and snorkeling around the dock it was the perfect trip. I want her to have the enthusiasm and love of the ocean like me. I want her to feel comfortable and safe and to know and feel that whatever she encounters is going to be ok and that is why I chose you, Margo.  Kids Sea Camp is all that and more.

By Cindy Whitaker, PADI DM, and scuba grandmother
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