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The real reason Kids Sea Camp is going to Fiji

Kids Sea Camp in Fiji is it really about the diving?

The news is out and the interest and bookings are mounting about the Fiji trip in the summer of 2015. But what is the real story of Why Kids Sea Camp is coming back to this jewel of an island in the South Pacific?

Many will say it’s the diving. Many would be right, Margo can’t wait to see the huge colorful coral, tons of critters and (this is code) the expected numerous large animal encounters. Margo loves diving in Fiji, with the health and wealth of the diversity of the ocean inhabitants it can make each dive memorable.

So many may say it’s the service of the local islanders that make you feel as it the whole island is your new home. If you have not experienced the friendly, loving but direct, professional yet humble service provided by the islanders it is hard to describe. It is the best I have ever experienced in the world.

We have friends that will come for the surfing. Many families, in fact, will book as one spouse will dive all day and the other will surf the entire time. A surf vacation wrapped in a dive vacation that really is a surf vacation. So for many, it will be surfing.

But for all the families that years ago rarely saw me on a dive boat in Fiji. For all the families that know I have a fondness for Kava. Those families and there have been many. They would say Tom is traveling halfway around the world for the music. Those families would be correct. Fiji is home to some to the most talented musicians in the world. Music is a normal and important part of the Fijian culture, in fact, I believe they all sing like most people breath — every day in order to survive.

So I found a vintage Fiji video from the “Nights around the Kava bowl” sessions. The video is a little rough, but it puts me back in my “Fiji time” frame of mind.

Be warned I will find more of these jam sessions “Nights around the Kava bowl” and there will be a monthly post of my Fijian music love story.





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