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Parent Poems Grand Cayman Thanksgiving

Kids Sea Camp Family Dive Adventure weeks Grand Cayman with Cobalt Coast

A beautiful week filled with photography, sea scooters, Sasy, PADI Seal Team, Jr. Open Water, Advanced Open Water, diving on the Kittiwake and Stingray City, real Cayman Islands pirates to sword fight with on the beach and a turtle to release.

Anything & Everything (FIRST PLACE WINNER!)

We’ll try anything
With Kids Sea Camp, anything
‘Cos it means everything you see

Will you paint your face?
Have a hermit crab race?
Crack a treasure case?
Steal a Pirate Vase?
(You betcha mate!)

We’d do anything for good dives, anything
And we’ll go anywhere with you.
Would you try Cancun?
Maybe Truk Lagoon?
How ‘bout Fiji soon?
Even Timbuctoon?
(And back again)

We’d risk life and limb
To keep on in the swim
Yes we’d do anything
Anything for you

Would you sing a song?
Though your voice is wrong?
And your lines are long?
And your lyrics pong?
(I’m here aren’t I?)

Yes we’d do anything
For you dear anything
Yes, we’d do anything, anything for you!

By: The Snyder/Hopkins Family


I landed in heaven with Cameron and Dani,
Five days have gone by, though it seems not that many.
We’ve made some new friends and had a great time,
Now I’ll share them with you, in painfully bad rhyme.
We met Christian the comic and his tall friend Rajim,
With Shelley and Steve, they’re a helluva team.
We scratched Mojo the dog and Stepped on tuffy the cat,
chased groupers and turtles, and the occasional gnat.
I learned when I don’t know the answer, or a word may escape me,
No need to search Google, I just need to ask Jamie.
We released Hunter the turtle to his new home in the sea,
fell in love with two angels named Helen and Jenny.
We saw Bonnie’s Arch and the U.S.S. Kittiwake,
Got stingray facials, and ate carrot cake.
We dove from the boats and we dove from the shore,
And drank Ironshore Bock and smoothies galore.
Cobalt Coast is delightful, Arie’s soup is sublime,
Plus we ate enough French fries to last a lifetime.
To all our new friends we must soon say goodbye,
We’ll board our plane and to home, we will fly.
And to Kids Sea Camp, you will see us again,
If not by next summer, then as soon as we can.

By: Tom DeLuca

The Erickson Family Thanksgiving! (Third place winner!)

An email from Margo
Had us packing our cargo
Thanksgiving in the sun
What could be more fun?

When we got to Cayman
We thought it might start rainin’
Kids started comin’
The entertainer was hummin’

Our youngest got certified
Mom & Dad nearly cried
The oldest learned to use Nitrox
And we all listened to interesting talks

We dove in Stingray City
Those who didn’t, I pity
Next was the wreck, Kittiwake,
Surely it was not a fake!

We released Hunter, the turtle
Hoping he faces not a single hurdle
Painting with Margo and Tom
Now that was “the bomb”

At the garden was a huge iguana
So happy it was not hot as a sauna
Diving with fish galore
And much, much more!

Tomorrow we’re off to the wave park
Oh, did I say we saw a shark?
Please don’t shed a tear
Just say see you next year!

By: The Erickson’s

Thanksgiving in Cayman

Once upon a winter night,
We arrived in Cayman, what a sight!
It didn’t take long to meet new friends
I’ll be so sad when this week ends

Breakfast, then our 2-tank dive
Post-dive smoothies made us feel alive
Napping on the beach then diving on the reef
Man, it’s the life!

Every night upon the shore
We played card games requiring explanations galore
Little ones shot their water guns
While their parents read in the sun

Teaching Carly slang like “ya’ll” and “bless her heart”
I know that together or far apart
There will be memories we won’t forget
You know the kind where we say, “Facebook it!”

Thanks to the staff at Divetech
Kittiwake was the only day with a wreck
Thanks to all the staff
For helping us read our dive computer graph

Most of all
Thanks to Margo,
If not for her there wouldn’t be Cayman tags on our cargo
When I said I’ll miss everyone from this week

My mom said, “No fear,
Just say, see you next year!”

By: Sydney Erickson

Gobble, gobble, cluck, cluck
The free roaming chickens
On Grand Cayman
Just got plucked

Bubble, bubble, hiss, hiss
Arie’s Thanksgiving turkey
Is something that
we would not miss

Eight years and countin’
And we can’t wait for more
Margo, Tom, Robbie & Jen
Always have something in store

Fish there are many
Turkey just one
But memories and friendship
Will never be done

By: The Fiest Family
Grand Cayman
Thanksgiving with Kids Sea Camp and Margo Peyton

There once was a host named Arie
Whose hospitality was always so “starry”
His greetings were heartfelt
His food tightened our belts
And Kids Sea Camp was really his party

By: Bob Schmidt

Dressing the Turkey

We are about to carve the turkey
When we see such a fright
My three-year-old baby sister
Has dressed it with delight

She put a red bow on it
She put it in a dress
She gave it little tapping shoes
It’s really such a mess

She gave it her winter gloves
So it wouldn’t get cold
She gave it dad’s pilot pin
Now it looks very bold

But she thinks it’s missing something
She looks where it should have a face
Then she goes and gets something
She took her doll’s head and put it in that place!

By: Jordan Weber

Some families are into football
They cheer loudly for their team
Some families like movies
And stories that play across the screen

Still, others are into music
And some are into books
Others count their status
By the number of envious looks

Other families set their clocks
By the chime of the dinner bell
And something family gatherings
Are another level of ——

And then there are those like us
Who hear the calling of the sea
Whose hearts rise
with the tide

Happy to be with our family
The ocean in its beauty
Cerulean and Cayman blue
beckons us to join, it sings a hypnotic tune

It says, “Gather your children together,
And bring them to me.
I’ll show them the wondrous beauty.
They will imprint on me.”

The ocean has it all
There is never a dull moment
Deciding ‘air’ or ‘Nitrox’
Is our only time of torment

Watching our kids learning
Each skill we celebrate
And when they master buoyancy
Well, we always knew that they were great

And when it’s time to go
We say, “Until we meet again”
The ocean will always call us back
To our family and our friends

By: Denise Weber

As the sun sets on Cayman
I say that I am a very lucky man
To see a splendid array of fish
Which at the start was my only wish

Margo, Tom, Nancy and Arie
Welcomed us with warm hospitality
Gave us an ocean, a pool, a Cobalt Coast
Now they are truly a splendid host

As little Romain learns scuba diving
We find it hard to believe he’s really growing
As the ocean takes him further and further
Valerie and I grow prouder and prouder

Now that Romain is certified
Our family together is ready to dive
Ready to explore the underwater
Drift down, dream and discover

Thanks for the adventure Kids Sea Camp
Thanks for making our son a champ
Hard to believe he’ll soon be a teen
But our love for him will always be seen

By: Gary Hufbauer

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