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The Zombies are coming... really!

Welcome to the official home of the original PADI Zombie Apocalypse Diver certification course. This is the only dive course designed from the bottom up with one thing in mind: To save your life! Using state-of-the-art dive training and the latest intelligence on zombies, we have designed a course that is both fun and challenging. The goal from the beginning has been to create something new and exciting in the world of SCUBA training.

Why is Kids Sea Camp the home of the Zombie Apocalypse Diver? Because one of our staff, Woody Tinsley, created the certification a few years ago and when Woodrow is on Island with KSC, he teaches the course. Who better to teach the course than the creator of the training?

An interview with the creator, Woody Tinsley

Woody Tinsley, Family Diving, Zombies, Zombie Apocalypse Diver
  • Q: Is this a real SCUBA Course?   
  • A: Yes! This is a legitimate specialty dive course. Upon completion of the course, you will receive a real certification card.
  • Q: Where can I take this class?
  • A: Right now we schedule our classes out of New England Ski and SCUBA in Vernon, CT.  They can be contacted here.
  • Q:  Do you offer other classes?
  • A:  Yes we offer a full line of PADI classes from beginner, all the way to Assistant Instructor. Visit our parent company’s website the Sharkiteuthis Diving Co.
  • Q: Does this certification count towards my MASTER SCUBA DIVER rating?
  • A: Yes it does.
  • Q: What age is the content appropriate for?
  • A: The course has been approved for those ten and up. The course contains no blood, gore, or violence (just a little zombie makeup and slime.)
  • Q: Is there a special children’s course?
  • A: Yes! There is a pool-only course that is considered a special Aqua-Mission for the PADI Seal Team Program. Students get a similar experience minus a C-Card.
  • Q: Do you teach anywhere else?
  • A: Yes we do! We currently provide instruction at Kids Sea Camp. We also arrange traveling workshops that come to our dive shop.
  • Q: So there’s a textbook?
  • A: Yup, we created a twenty-eight-page textbook with all sorts of great information.
  • Q: What happens on the dives?
  • A: That’s a secret. If everyone knew then this course wouldn’t be so special!
  • Q: I’m a SCUBA instructor, can I teach this course?
  • A: Yes you can. We have begun very limited licensing to other instructors only.  Email us for more information.
  • Q:  Are you the coolest guy ever?
  • A:  So kind of you to ask…yes, I am, in fact, the coolest. Guy. Ever.

This class was designed with the Zombie Apocalypse diver in mind

  • Zombie biolog
  • Zombie history
  • Types of zombies
  • Real Life zombies
  • Survival skills
  • Buoyancy skills
  • Search and recovery skills
  • Rescue skills first-aid skills
Zombie Apocalypse Diver, kids and diving, Zombies

Upon successful completion of the Zombie Apocalypse Diver: A plethora, yes a plethora, of accolades will be bestowed upon the diver. First and foremost is a certificate suitable for framing.  Not that there are any frames left after the apocalypse, but you can use it as kindling.

Second, you get your PADI certification card which clearly states that you hold the rank of Zombie Apocalypse Diver!  Not that anyone will check your C-card after the world ends.

Check out more at http://www.zombieapocalypsediver.com/



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