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PADI director shares her view on Kids Sea Camp president Margo Peyton

Margo Peyton is a member of the Women Diver Hall of fame

Margo Peyton; founder of Kids Sea Camp/ Family Dive Adventures: “Some people talk about changing the world. Other people simply see what Margo Peyton, Kids Sea Campneeds to be done and do it. Margo is definitely of the latter group. I don’t think Margo knows the meaning of “it can’t be done.” She’s a go-getter and when she sets her mind on something … well, she can move mountains.

Her endless energy makes her an excellent group leader; her passion for scuba diving makes her a perfect ocean ambassador and guardian of its fragile inhabitants, and her warm, kind heart makes all those who meet her love her.

 I’ve seen Margo in action on multiple Kids Sea Camp trips, as well as many dive industry events: She’s gracious, knowledgeable, passionate and tenacious — a perfect storm of attributes that add strength to anyone who is lucky enough to work with her.”
Theresa Kaplan, Communications Director at PADI, Theresa, and Margo at the 2009 Women Diver Hall of Fame

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