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Our Mission

Kids Sea Camp & Family Dive Adventures’ mission is to inspire families to safely dive, travel, and explore environmentally and culturally diversified destinations is our mission. We have created family-friendly resort packages, activities, and tours designed to provide safe, fun, and educational vacations to children and their families.

Our objectives are to increase the number of people who dive and travel on a global scale.

We strive to inspire and increase the number of youth-certified divers every year with a perfect safety record, focus on family, and dedication to environmental issues and concerns facing our oceans today. We believe that the more our youth are exposed to diving, the greater the number of those who become protectors and explorers of our underwater world in mindful and intelligent ways. By creating families who are enthusiastically aware of marine-related issues we can increase global conservation efforts and healthier oceans for future generations.

Our goals are to inspire and empower families to be passionate about travel, and educational adventures through scuba diving and to take action to improve the future of our children and our oceans. We strive to help kids and families grow to love, respect, and protect each other and the underwater world which they will enjoy for decades to come.

 The winds beneath our wings

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