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Our first Liveaboard dive trip

The bottom line, the Socorro trip on the Rocio Del Mar was amazing! We were a little apprehensive and nervous as you can imagine, but as usual, the staff that Margo and Tom sent for the trip was top notch. Josh Comay (Adventure travel guide and PADI Instructor with KSC) ran this family dive vacation with great confidence and was extremely accommodating to all the families that were on the trip. He was fun, not only for the adults but very engaged with the kids which was fun to observe. Josh made Lucy (the youngest diver on the trip age 12) feel included and he made a big deal out of the photos that she took with the free cameras provided, which boosted her confidence as a young diver. It was all so much fun to watch.

This trip had a huge impact on Lucy and both Reagan and I loved sharing this experience with the kids. We are so very grateful to you both, your staff and all of the kids sea camp family. Kylie and Keone (your PADI DM intern students) were also both amazing and very engaged with the kids. This included being very attentive to the all of the kids while diving and spending time with them before and after dives. They briefed the dives, and debriefed the dives and at the same time playing cards, games and watching movies with them the whole trip. Lucy received so much personal attention with Kylie and felt an instant connection with her and her kindness. They were both fantastic and would recommend them to anyone who would ask about them as part of your Kids Sea Camp Dive Team. Again, I cannot stress how wonderful they all were and hope to spend time with them in the future on more trips.

The diving was amazing, in fact, I really cannot put into words how much we enjoyed diving from a live-aboard not only because of the location itself but your staff, the staff of the boat and the other families that were on the trip with us exceeded our expectations.

I celebrated my 100th dive on this trip and Kylie and Josh made a huge deal about this. They had the chef make me a special cake. What a wonderful way to celebrate (and really most of those dives have been with you all and your trips, I am surely lucky my sister Reagan brings me with her and her family all around the world).

Reagan and I both loved watching Lucy and Lauren mature into excellent divers on this trip. Lucy’s growth as a 12-year-old diver was so impressive, I cannot stress the impact that Edgar (from the dive team) and Kylie had on her…she fell in love with the diving (she did every dive) wants to be a dive master and found a new love for underwater photography. She made Reagan promise to bring her to Socorro again and is already counting the days down to our next trip. Kudos for helping bring this love to her life.

Lauren also grew tremendously on this trip. She and Hannah also did every dive and it was so fun to listen to the two of them talk about what they saw and watch them after each dive — the excitement and experience was priceless and truly a memory for a lifetime. Lauren at one point stopped bringing her camera, so she could take everything she was experiencing all in. We loved talking to her after each dive, her smile after every dive was that priceless.

Bottom line, our family had an amazing trip…we loved every dive, loved, loved, loved your staff, and loved the boat staff…saying thank you seems to not be enough.

So, thanks to the both of you and special thanks to your kid’s sea camp staff, please pass this along.

By Jennifer Yee, 2019


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