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Ornate ghost pipefish by Zebedee Wakely

Kids Sea Camp spotlight on the Philippines with Zebedee Wakely

A young boy with a passion for photography, he has been traveling by Kids Sea Camp every summer. This year, Zebedee went with us to the Philippines, diving with Sea Explorers to Amun Ini, Cabilao, and Malapascua. Zebedee decided to enter his Ornate ghost pipefish photo in the RSPCA photo competition. He chose this Ornate ghost pipefish taken at Amun Ini Beach Resort in Ando Philippines. He won the 12-15 category of the RSPCA Young Photographer Awards 2016.

Zeb has been traveling with KSC since he was 5, joined by his sister Holly and parents Dave and Cathy. Congrats, again! They are featured in our 2016 and 2017 catalog. We are proud to inspire, educate and connect children and their families from around the world. Thank you, Zebedee, for sharing your adventures and passion with the world.  Young photographer of the year

Zebedee told his mom and dad, that he had submitted one of his photos for a photo contest, they had no idea how big a deal this really was.  Zeb has been shooting since he was 9. Zebedee was inspired to start shooting underwater photography when he started attending Kids Sea Camp weeks with his family. Zebedee has been to Yap and Palau, the Cayman islands, Bonaire, St. Lucia, Curacao just to name few of his Kids Sea Camp trips.

He started his own shark foundation at 11 years old in Bermuda where he lives after learning that 100 million sharks a year are killed for their fins. Zebedee has a passion and a purpose, that drives him not only to shoot but to make a statement. He at his young age, captures, color, texture, and design in nature that not everyone else can see. Zebedee is 14 this year and he was our young photographer for the entire Philippines Kids Sea Camp trip.  

More of his photos can be seen with #kidsseacamp on Facebook as well as in our photo gallery on the www.familydivers.com site. Zebedee has a sister named Holly who is on the cover of our 2017 brochure and her story is located just inside.  

Two amazing kids! Kids Sea Camp provides Sealife HD 2.0 cameras for the kids and families to use throughout their trips.

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