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New PADI Pros for Kids Sea Camp in 2019

We at Kids Sea Camp headquarters want to give a big shout out to our new PADI Dive Masters from our 2019 trips. Congratulations to our very own Olivia Rapisand age, 27 who completed her PADI Dive Master Program in Palau this summer.

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Holly Kyle age, 54 who completed her PADI Dive Master course with us at Buddy Dive Bonaire. Holly started diving at age 46 and did not enjoy the ocean until she met Margo Peyton. Full of fear of drowning and deep water, Margo guided Holly through overcoming those fears and enjoying diving so much that she quickly advanced to rescue diver and finally her Dive Master. Congratulations Holly!

Ellen Abad-Santos age, 18 became a PADI Dive Master during our 2 week trip in the Philippines with Sea Explorers. Ellen has traveled the Kids Sea Camp world since she was 4 years old, starting with our SASY program.

Andy Carrigan age, 54 became a PADI Dive Master in Grand Cayman over Spring Break following in his children’s footsteps who became a PADI Pros Masters in St. Lucia in 2018.

Max Severo who has traveled the world with us since he was age 6, now 19 became a Dive Master this summer in Bonaire Congratulations Max!

The Mermaid Squad: Sydney Williams, Holly Wakely, Audrey Sarin, Sophie Purdon, and Lauren Wittek all participated in the training, mentoring other younger kids, and beginning training for their 2020 Dive Master participation. Excited to have you all as our future PADI Pros.

For more information on our PADI Pro programs give Margo or Olivia a call at 803-419-2556.

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