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NATGEO loves Kids Sea camp!

National Geographic love Kids Sea Camp

Dear Margo,

I have had the good fortune of being able to travel around the world with my children (30 countries and counting), so we’ve shared a lot of interesting and unique experiences together.  Last year I was introduced to Margo Peyton and Kids Sea Camp at The Beneath The Sea Show in NJ that I was speaking at.  As soon as I learned that we could travel to some of the world’s best dive sites together as a family AND have our boys involved in the fun, we were sold!  So we got the kids certified and booked our trip to Palau, which happened to overlap with Thanksgiving.   Not to worry though, we were assured that a turkey feast with all the trimmings would be included.

My only complaint with the KSC experience is that we didn’t know about it sooner!  The activities for the kids who are not yet old enough to certify were wonderful and the kids just loved them.  It also doesn’t hurt that they have no problem meeting other kids their own age.  So now we’re eagerly discussing where to go next with KSC.  The Galapagos sounds wonderful!

By: Rainer Jenss, National Geographic

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