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MASA Insurance

MASA Insurance

Travel worldwide with the peace of mind of MASA medical transport services

MASA is a world leader in medical transportation solutions for its members. This insurance solution is for transport during life and the afterlife anywhere in the world. It is a beautiful solution to the issues that develop during one of life’s biggest emergencies. Margo and Tom Peyton never leave home without MASA protection.

Travel insurance, medical transport, kids sea camp, travel safely

The MASA membership program provides the most comprehensive fixed-wing aircraft, helicopter, and ground ambulance transportation solutions for consumers who are at home or traveling the world. The insurance offers complete protection from financial catastrophes that unexpected transportation costs can cause.

Most people suffer from a false sense of security that their medical coverage will pay costs associated with emergency or critical care transports. The reality is the majority of insurance do not cover the high cost of emergency or critical care transport. MASA can provide complete protection worldwide

The coverage picks where insurance falls short; One low fee for all costs for flights and services, no deductibles, no claim forms, no health questions, and anyone can join. The transportation coverage can be purchased at any time. See the benefits (video link). See the link for details of the membership

Platinum membership benefits

  • Emergency Air Medical Transport
  • Emergency Ground Ambulance transport
  • Air Transportation — Hospital to Hospital
  • Organ Recipient Transport
  • Organ Retrieval Transport
  • Minor Child/ Grandchild return
  • Repatriation/ Recuperation
  • Non-injury (Friend or Family Member)
  • Pet Return
  • Vehicle Return
  • Return Transportation
  • Escort Transportation
  • Mortal Remains Transport
  • World wide coverage


Your attending physician dials the MASA toll-free number for immediate response. MASA medical dispatch personnel and the MASA physician/medical director make arrangements for medical flights. You will get proper medical personnel, specialized medical equipment, and appropriate aircraft that are quickly launched to your call for help, whether you are 10 miles or 10,000 air ambulance miles away.

This covers all family members with kids up to age 26 if you choose the family plan, both domestic and international emergency transportation for you and your family if you choose the family plan.


MASA was three different programs for benefits. We recommend the Charter Lifetime membership is only for 50 years and older. It covers everything stated with a 1-time fee.  Platinum is for a 5-year membership for anyone.  There is the Platinum Annual that only covers you for the year you are traveling.  You can fill out and complete the application for the costs of the membership.

Get the MASA application today.

  • Single Membership, regular pricing: $3,900
  • KSC (special) Family Membership pricing: $4,900

Platinum 5-year membership

  • Single Membership, regular pricing: $2,766
  • KSC (special) Family Membership pricing: $2,160

Platinum Plus Annual membership

  • Single Membership, regular pricing: $588
  • KSC (special) Family Membership pricing: $468
Travel insurance, medical transport, kids sea camp, travel safely


Kids Sea Camp also highly recommends DAN Dive insurance. This is compulsory insurance and protects you as a diver anywhere in the world in case of a diving accident where a chamber is needed.  This is not expensive and can be renewed annually. You can access this information from our website or at the bottom of our emails.


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