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Margo Peyton has been cleared for diving in Utila!

Kids Sea Camp news alert!

On July 11th, Margo Peyton, owner of Kids Sea Camp and Family Dive Adventures had back surgery. Well-known for her high energy work ethic and passion for the ocean there were moments of doubt she would dive again. In fact, before surgery on her trip with Kids Sea Camp to Yap and Palau, she dove every dive she could, because of her fear each dive may be her last. Her fears would be unfounded.

Margo Peyton, Kids Sea Camp
Margo Peyton owner and founder of Kids Sea Camp

Today, July 31st, a mere three weeks since surgery this remarkable woman has been cleared to dive! The elated Margo was all smiles as she walked to the car with her husband, Tom Peyton.

“I’m looking forward to yoga on the beach, swimming with dolphins, doing the Zombie certification, and learning new underwater sea signs,” Margo Peyton said at her office in Columbia, South Carolina.

“Back pain is a real problem for many people. I am very blessed to be without back pain for the first time in 20 years.” Margo said after the surgery,” The long-term effects of the everyday pain affected my relationship with myself and how I treated others. I’m so happy to be pain-free.”

“I also want to thank all the Facebook messages, the cards, and letters from so many the Kids Sea Camp families,” Margo Peyton added, “It was quite overwhelming to know how many and how much people cared. Your thoughts and prayers helped me through the surgery and the recovery.”

Margo Peyton, owner, and founder of Kids Sea Camp and Family Dive Adventures.




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