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About Arenui

The world-famous Arenui
You will be diving into the stunning Indonesian archipelago, a true remote paradise, packed with 5-star dive sites to match our 5-diamond liveaboard and crew. Indonesia offers everything from healthy coral reefs to sandy critter hide-outs, with so much to see that one trip is never enough. Dive Komodo for incredible diversity from frogfish and nudibranchs to schooling jacks and mola-mola (oceanic sunfish), then travel to the untouched reefs of Alor and Flores, before heading into the Banda Sea to dive the wonders of Maluku (and visit the famous Spice Islands) but don’t forget to make time for Raja Ampat and its world-famous gorgonian sea fans, enigmatic wobbegong sharks and manta rays.

Live your dreams. These magical live-aboard journeys will create memories that last forever. Kids Sea Camp is ready to enjoy decadent diving in Indonesia and the island of Komodo, Forgotten Islands, and Raja Ampat. The trips are perfect for certified divers and adult non-divers. In our opinion, the Arenui is the world’s first 5-diamond liveaboard.

We have combined our impeccable service and care with Arenui ‘s luxury to bring you a world-class diving trip, with a truly relaxing and luxurious liveaboard experience. Onboard, you can have it all from gourmet food, and personalized service by its 22-member staff to amazing colorful critter-packed, large schooling fishes, and large pelagic encounters. Photo classes and free cameras to use all week.

The Arenui Liveaboard yacht is designed with spacious boutique-style cabins that once again invite guests to enjoy the country they’re visiting (local handicrafts and inspirations). There is a luxury restaurant serving international and local cuisine on board (evenings are waiter-served a-la-carte) and an added both an outdoor sky restaurant and a top-deck sky lounge for massages, sunbathing, relaxing, and enjoying the island views. Serving you aboard this luxury yacht, a well-trained and enthusiastic local crew, including 2 highly sought-after chefs and 3 eagle-eyed dive guides, to join the 2 western cruise directors, adding up to 22 members of the Arenui onboard team providing you with truly personalized service for up to 16 guests.

Upcoming Arenui  Trips:

Indonesia: The Arenui
2023 ALOR: Aug. 3rd -10th
2023 RAJA AMPAT: Nov. 15th -24th
2024 KOMODO: June 24th- July 2nd & July 3rd- 11th
2025 RAJA AMPAT: Jan. 20th-30th & Feb. 1st-11th

Arenui  Photo Gallery

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