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Coach, Lloyd Kaufman has agreed to terms with the Happy Campers for this year’s KSC Bowl

Former KSC Cowboy’s defensive coordinator, Lloyd Kaufman will be leading the Happy Campers against the KSC Cowboys at this year’s Turkey Bowl in St. Lucia. The deal with the front office was agreed to in principle on Tuesday.

“I have long loved the tradition and importance of the KSC Turkey Bowl.” Coach Kaufman spoke Wednesday at a press conference in Detroit,” It will be an honor to follow in the footsteps of legendary coach Travis. I will say we play to run a combine on Monday to see what the condition the team is in after the long offseason.

Turkey Bowl, Kids Sea Camp, Family and diving“Kaufman was excited about the new opportunity,” Well, after studying as defensive coordinator under coach Peyton for a year, I felt it was time to spread my wings and see what I could do at the pro level. “It certainly will not be easy going up against my former mentor this year,” when asked about coaching against his old coach Peyton, “but I feel I have a good understanding of head coaching fundamentals, a good recruiting class, and most importantly, a copy of coach Peyton’s playbook.”

“For the first time in its young existence, there has been a coaching change. For the past two years, Texas icon, Will Travis, has been leading the Happy Campers. But due to contract disputes with the Campers front office, coach Travis will not be running up and down the sidelines for the 2014 Kids Sea Camp Turkey Bowl.

“I got run out of town!” An angry and disappointed coach Travis responded as he walked to his truck in the Happy Campers parking lot, ” Kaufman walked right past me. He’s up there right now signing the contract. This ain’t right. I mean I won the game last year! What else is a coach supposed to do?”

“Kaufman should be a good test for the KSC Cowboys,” coach Peyton responded to the news, “He will be missed. He was a great coach for our defensive over the years.”

It was clear from this reporter’s view Kaufman was beaming with the ardent test of facing his old coach as he drove off into the sunset in a new a shiny 2015 Challenger. Rumors that the red with black stripe Challenger was included as a signing bonus for Kaufman’s one-year — no doubt must win the contract.

“He got a new car!”, coach Travis responded with disbelief, “Amazing. Simply amazing. I don’t know what to think. What a crazy front office. I wish him all the luck in the world.”





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