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KSC Palau Parent Poems 2009

Palau Kids Sea Camp Poems 2009


A Haiku a Day Keeps the Doctor Away

By: Michael Simmons, Janice Manjuck and Andre G.T. Simmons

 We went to Palau

To dive and do Kids Sea Camp

Big smiles for us all

Nori, Miso, Pao

Breakfast at the P.R.R.

Confused my taste buds

Manta, giant clam, jellyfish

Many cities in Palau

Undersea a must

Tombs of ships and planes

Hate and bombs and fearful death

Now calmed by peace

Gliding big manta

Floating through the blue ocean

“It’s good to be clean!”

By: Wes, Brenda, and Brandi

Their family was large as they had spawned many. Some had acquired great wealth and others had become bitter towards their siblings. Some had grown very large and powerful while others had yet to mature. There was one however, that was very special.

Although she is separated from most she’s most welcoming. Her beauty is majestic both above and below, yet she remains humble. The warmth of her waters and gentleness of her breeze is only matched by that of her people. It’s obvious that she is Father Land’s and Mother Ocean’s favorite child as they gave her only their best. She is Palau.

By: Calli Pirner

Roses are red

Violets are blue

I love Palau

And so do you

Palau was so fun

Too bad it is already done

Palau fish are pretty

Triggerfish are neat

Too bad it is done

Palau was really fu

Alii Palau 

By: The Colon-Bonet family

Palau islands are an amazing site

Native dancers fill our ears and eyes with delight

Private beaches, whispering cays

Calling, calling, calling our names

White sand beaches, deep blue water

Waving palm fronds at my daughter

Sea Passion and Palau Royal were a really neat treat

And the folks at Kids Sea Camp and Sam’s Tours couldn’t be beat

We’re hooked on blue corner with its barracuda and shark

Buoy six rocks if we are in the light or the dark

German Channel has stations one and two

Magnificent mantas cleaning in the ocean blue

We discovered Ngerchong inside and out

While Chandelier Cave brought our spirits about

The mud of the Milky Way made our skin look like a pearl

It doesn’t matter if you are a boy or a girl

This may have been our last dive-that won’t last forever

But Palau, our children will always remember.

Dedicated to Alex & Dexter

A Rookie Family’s Sea Camp in Palau 

By: Chris Sittler & April Rounds


Not so long ago in snowy Colorado

A crazy young family saw Palau & then

We contacted fine folks like Tabitha & Margo.

Next thing you know we hit LAX and when

With thoughts of fun & sun & where all we might go

We looked back behind us, the two year old gone

At the top of our lungs we cried, “Where’s Ben?”

A grueling flight to Guam after Honolulu

Then with Palau in our sights a short stop in Yap

They tell us hang on, there is a smoke problem

We may not get bags as there is no gas

By now we have met at least forty-five

A face now on Margo & this crazy guy Ron

We Run & We go. We play & we dive.

Such a dance has never been done.

How much fun can there be

So much to do and so much to do

There is no end in sight

The wrecks, the sharks & guess what’s new?

The kid’s painted with a pirate and played in the sand

All the time has been a big “WOW!”

It is amazing how much there is for this happy band

Sam’s & staff with Marc made wonderful Palau.

Palau Paradise 

By: The Feld family

If S.C.U.B.A. is your favorite vice

Come to Palau- diver’s paradise!

There are 80+ dive sites from which to choose,

And Sam’s Tours offers the best dive masters and crews.

Brilliant reef fish school down below,

And mantas put on quite a show.

Blue Corner offers an adrenaline-pumping ride

With reef sharks cruising on every side!

WWII wrecks dot the ocean floor…

Lots of fun to discover & explore.

Above is the landscape of my fantasies…

Emerald rock islands against turquoise seas.

Kids Sea Camp offers something for everyone,

So even rain & wind couldn’t dampen our fun.

Special times with our family, and laughs with new friends

Make us wish this great week didn’t have to end.

When God made Palau He smiled

By: Trish Worthman

Little green islands remind you of a head of broccoli.

White sparkling beaches, as far as the eye can see.

Water so clear and blue, making waves in the gentle ocean breeze.

Turtles riding the currents with a graceful lazy ease.

Giant Manta & Eagle Rays block out sun’s light.

As you drift along slowly taking in all the sights.

All too soon Dexter is saying its time to go.

As you look around, one last time, then you know…

When God made Palau… he smiled.


By: Steven

Thank you Kids Sea Camp

Laughing, Diving, Creating

Adventure with kids.

Wow Palau 

By: The Jankowski Family

From lakes full of jellyfish

To walls full of coral

Big drops

Blue corners

Crystal clear waters

Turtles and Tangs

Groupers and Puffers

Palau is our Planet’s

First haven for sharks.

Wrecks underwater

Kids Everywhere

Rock islands are home

To the best Kids Sea Camp ever.

The only word said

For a vacation in Palau

Is a simple:


I wish I was still in Palau…

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