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KSC Grand Bahamas Parent Poems 2009


By: Diane Boudreau

I sat back and watched

All the people who came

From here & from there

To Pelican Bay.

The big ones,

The little ones,

Across many miles

But each one of them sharing

A fabulous smile.

From SASY to Seals

To Jr. Open Water & Teens,

The joy that I’ve seen

Is what life’s all about.

Families sharing precious time together

And aren’t we blessed we escaped the bad weather.

Kids Sea Camp is great for folks of all ages,

And now I have great memories to write on my pages.

So now that our week is coming to a close,

Isn’t is great Grand Bahama we chose?!

By: Cameron Boudreau

Kids Sea Camp is great.

There are lots to do

I played and I ate

And I did some diving too.

By: The Diemer Family

The seas were angry that day my friends

And could the Cetacea make it around the bends?

She could only make a left-hand turn

But we had to be careful so our last engine wouldn’t die.

Chris managed an epic docking.

That there was no damage was quite shocking.

The engineers made all the repairs

So the next day the divers would have no cares.

The ocean was calm (actually, like glass)

Blair House and Ben’s hole really kicked some…..

Came up from the dive and knew there were troubles,

But nothing to do with nitrogen bubbles!

Alas, our second engine again passed away

But Christina was there to save the day!

The divers were starving and needed lunch choices,

But how was pot roast the favorite amongst all the voices?

The Sea Explorer came to save us from the ordeal

But all we could ponder was our next meal!

Bow to stern, starboard to port,

The crew worked together as a team sport.

Back to home base and across the ladder

I ran to the bathroom to empty my bladder.

Another Kids Sea Camp adventure we’ve had

And leaving our friends here will make us quite sad.

Looking forward to the next camp; it will be a blast.

Here’s hoping our surface interval goes by fast.

By: Renee Fini


I plunge into the warm ocean waters of Grand Bahama,

Finally, I get to breathe…

Sharks all around me stirring up the soft sand,

Finally, I get to breathe and watch in amazement.

Children hanging out with the crew, relieving me of my parental duties,

Finally, I get to breathe thanks to the crew.

Knowing we are not the only family with a million things to do when we get back home,

Finally, I get to breathe…

Using a new DC 10000 thanks to Joe and SeaLife Cameras,

Finally, I get some memories to take home for once.

Can’t wait to book a new Kids Sea Camp vacation for our family.

An encounter

By: Svetlana Avramov-Zamurovic

Clouds gather to meet the ocean, dark purple and blue.

The wind scatters white crests.

The boat takes time to anchor letting waves come on the deck.

Divers focus on fixing the gear.

I take a stride and penetrate the belly of the ocean.

It swallows me firmly, sucking in my body into its silence.

The water is murky, distant in its vast depth.

I look around respectfully, making out only shadows of the fish.

Schools move gently, hesitant to suddenly change their shape,

Sharks cruise freely; they own the sea.

Once the feeding session starts a dozen fish come in.

Each body strong, but twisted in its attempt to reach the bait.

I watch and yearn for the swarm to last.

One shark becomes quiet and the feeder brings it to me.

My hand reaches out before my brain can process the balance between fear and curiosity.

The mysterious creature is mine to feel for a split moment.

Skin’s soft side bonds to my hand and

I realize that underneath the mussel is a solid rock,

Showing off the ancient nature’s marvel.

I move my hand up and the harsh side grabs my palm.

And then, like a lightning, the shark moves,

Its tail comes under my arm and takes away my breather, my only source of life.

I was calm putting it back,

For that was the only way I would remember for a generation that

I encountered a creature of a different world and understood its power.

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