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KSC Fiji Parent Poems 2007

2007 Poems from Kids Sea Camp in Fiji

Here are the poems from the 2011 Kids Sea Camp at Castaway Island Resort in Fiji. Kids Sea Camp hosts a poetry presentation every Friday night at the closing celebration.

Fiji Time

By Bernstein family

After 20 hours or traveling, wanting to relax & unwind
with shell leis & songs, we were welcomed to Fiji time

Malolo children shared culture of Kava & Meke, many crowned with flowers &
Bright green vine yes we made it to Fiji time.

Kids Sea Camp began SASY’s Seals, Jr. Open Waters & Teens herded by counselors
into tidy lines, the parents all smiling started to enjoy Fiji time

The seas were a bit rocky, the visibility decreased making the diving not quite its prime
But it didn’t matter we were on Fiji time

Each meal was terrific each better than the last, served by Eddie, Namba One, Tuwai
Seru, Diana & Paul, signing it all to bure # 39 and I said to myself
I could really get used to this Fiji time

Lilly guardian of the pool watched over our children & knew them by name
her love so strong caused parents to pine wondering how to take her home
when they leave Fiji time

Alisa, Aseri, Lekima & Enani hosted games, crafts, bonfires & dance covered with sand
rain & sunscreen and a new kind of grime, entertaining our children on Fiji time

Hermit crab races 10 countries to defend. On “little” from Fiji, how much did you spend?
He better win for that huge dime. No luck for a crab who drinks too much Kava lounging in Fiji time

The nurse bandaged our booboos & treated our ills, Anna & others cleaned up our bures
& all of the others that I’ve failed to mention no one here is more grateful than I’m
for sharing with us their Fiji time

Rotten Ronny amazed with dots “no double dipping” creating sea creatures with the tip of a stick. Margo and crew made it all happen with her creative mind when we followed her here to Fiji time

Jerry & Romano took the Sasy’s to snorkel Illiano & Geoffrey filled the pool with Seals, Veresa & Jerry forced the Junios into homework while Miri & Tim bravest of all with the teens on the Ready they did climb, fitting it all into Fiji time.

Simeli, Eric, Navi, Jone & Bola, Irava, Ameniasi, Kali & captains too crewed the boats for the parents to dive sites divine, making surer they enjoyed their Fiji time

Ekkie & Waz handled the diving with precision coordinating every detail & tolerating every whine, saying many times a day “no worries its Fiji time”

Friday the farewell song will be for us. Bula to Kava the muddy drink. Vinaka Vakelevu to everyone at Castaway we’ll leave behind until we can return to Fiji time.

Fly, Fly Fly

By Feist family

Once in the little town ocean
Andy, she got herself a notion
Thanksgivings a-comin’
Let’s go a-runnin’
Let someone else make turkey potion

Too bad, I said what others think
Take Sandra & you have all the fun
To Fiji, we go
There thinking is slow
And every day is under the sun
In the plane, we did fly and fly and fly & fly
This better be good
Or I’ll be misunderstood
And forever I’ll have to answer “why”

The trip is as planned
Sun, fun, fish, the boats are all manned
The husband did dive
My children did thrive
And I sat alone to be fanned

Margo my friend, the trip is at end
Thanksgiving was great, we can’t wait
For our next sea camp to attend.

Blue Starfish

By Renee Fini

The vision of one woman with a passion so deep for underwater adventures
Shared by other like you and me.

Beauty and sincerity of my family from distant lands, guide my children on
An underwater journey with helping hands.

Waves, current, and fish as plentiful as the Thanksgiving feast
Gives me great joy and a comfortable bure to rest my tired feet.

Paint brushes, loud laughter, and creativity will always be found at
Kids Sea Camp, Castaway Island, Fiji

Blue starfish live longer and grow
For we long to see you again.

Fiji Fun 

By the Feld Family

Castaway Island is a magical place
Where your worries vanish without a trace.

There are turquoise water and sugar-white sand
And palm trees dot the tropical land.

Cute thatched-roofed bures line the beach
And a comfy hammock is always within reach.

Underwater treasures truly abound…
Sea turtles, lionfish, and sharks can be found.

Hand coral flourishes in every hue…
Pink, yellow, green and electric blue!

Sea snakes slither and sea fans sway
And above their anemones, clown fish play.
Waz and Ellie run a super dive shop
You can scuba all day with hardly a stop.

Fijians are pleasant under all circumstances, they entertain us
With music and their native dances.

Bula means hello and vinaka thank-you
Rogest means art talent and good humor too.

Clearly Kids Sea Camp by Margo is second to none
For the whole family, it’s loads of fun

Best of all, we kids are filled with pride
Because now we’re all dive certified!

Just another Castaway

By Leia Jones with help from the Jones Family

When I arrive I am greeted by the sound of traditional songs
And the strumming of guitars, This is Castaway Island & this is their home

As I walk down the pathways, I hear the pleasant Bula. & see the friendly smile
This is Castaway Island & this is their home.

In the morning walking down to the boats, I listen as divemasters make final notes
About their dive. This is Castaway Island & this is their home

Swimming along the sandy bottom, looking as schools of fish go by
This is Castaway Island & this is their home

Walking along the beach, listening to the swoosh, swoosh, ripple, ripple as the tide comes in, This is Castaway Island & this is their home.

Making the paint sparkle on the canvas with Rogest
This is Castaway Island, and it seems like his home.

I hope I never have to leave this place, for this is Castaway Island
And I wish to call it my home.

Castaway Haiku

By JoAnn Lemly

Castaway Island,
Is the best place to be for

Sun and sand and fish

Castaway by The Lemly’s

By Marina, Zac, Dave & JoAnn Lemly

Here we are in beautiful Fiji
It makes me want to sing like a BeeGee
The Lemlys found a place to stay
Here at lovely Castaway.

Dave is here to dive, dive, dive
The underwater world is where he is alive
He takes some time to play on land
Where he fell down & skinned his hand.

JoAnn is on the beach to rest
She has made her own little nest
Leaving it to kayak and snorkel
Herded by needlefish makes her choke

Zac & Marina are here to play
In the water they see fishes
Fiji has exceeded all their wishes

Sasy is the group for Zac
Of fish & starfish, there is no lack
Marina happily joined the Seal team
Learning to scuba dive is her dream.
Fiji has taught the Lemly’s Bula
And there is nothing cool,
But back in Guam, we like to say Hafa Adai!

I found myself

By Ryan Hodge

I took my kids to Fiji & all I got was a lousy t-shirt
But my kids got toys, cameras, necklaces, flowers, sand
In their swimsuits, fun on the beach, snorkeling in the ocean
New friends, great food, education, picture frames, sarongs
More sand in their swimsuits, an introduction to art, a hermit crab.
A beautiful painting, and an experience they will never forget.
In seeing all that my children were given, I have seen a greater gift.
I have been given a glimpse and a reminder of what life is & should be.
I have seen the fascination & sparkle in eyes filled with wonder.
I have seen the excitement & joy found in life’s most simple pleasures.
And in feeling the touch of wonder, I have found myself again
Perhaps to some, it’s just a lousy t-shirt,
But it means a lot more to me.


By Steve, Joy, Trey, & Aubrey Bucher

Be careful where you stand
When walking through the sand
You may step into my home
Because I like to roam
I switch homes when I grow
I like when the tide is low
Seashells seashell in the sand
Be careful where you stand


By the Bigliardi family

C is for clear blue water
A is for always smiling
S is for soft sand
T is for terrific diving
A is for amazing sea life
W is for wonderful food
A is for awesome staff
Y is for you will love it!
Vinaka to the people of Castaway for welcoming us to this special island.

By Maya Locker

This little island so full of glory, that is how I will begin my story.
Fiji & Manhattan are not alike if you are not in Fiji well go take a hike.
The stars & the fishes fulfilling your wishes
Go & dive into the depths of the sea.
The flowers above & birds fly below, as you swim through the sea fans
Look they are waving. Everything to the little lizards
Are better than being in American blizzards.
And now I have finished my verse you may now finish packing your purse.

Kava (sung to the song of twinkle, twinkle little star)

By Scuba Dad

Kava Kava dark & mirky
You make me act so strange & quirky
Half-way around the world so far
In a wooden bowl by the bar
Kava Kava tastes so good
I hope I can get this under the hood.

Simple & Kind

By The Davis Family

You had me at Bula
So simple & kind
Things that in our world
Are not easy to find
You had me with Kava
From the very first sip
That in itself is well worth the trip
I love the kid’s faces
We visit the school
The campers go diving-end up in the pool.
We sing with the group
We eat chicken soup
Massaged with might
The families unite
Mighty Fine- our room 59
No tie, no shirt, no sock, no shoe
Until next year Vinaka Valalevu

Helping Haiku

By Clara Bohm

Warm and grateful smiles
A feeling of usefulness
Who is helping who?

Fiji is in our hearts

By The Unterman’s family

Fiji, Fiji is in our hearts
We cried last year when we had to part
So we waited & planned many a day to return to our paradise Castaway

Bula, Bula we are here to play
Painting, ping pong & diving all day
The sand between our toes
The sun on our skin
The smiles on our faces
The coconuts again
For our dear old friends
We’d like to say Vinaka Vaka Levu Castaway

We love it here with the ocean breeze
H20 so blue the time will pass slow
Till we return to you. So we bid our farewell to
Our dear old friends Vinaka Vaka Levu Castaway

Rain, rain go away

By Faith Spangler

Rain, rain go away
Sunshine comes out. Dives today

Beautiful water, amazing fish
Put them together in a tasty dish

Rotten Ronny makes kids laugh
Kids are happy, so’s my better half

Loved the diving, loved the beach
Faith loved Aubry, she’s a peach

Castaway’s a blast, we loved it here
We’ll scrimp & save, & come back next year.

Fiji Breezes

By Carla, Clint, Ethan & Dalton Lovett

Brisk breezes
Vivid waters
Warmth of sand and sun

Interesting cultures
New Experiences
New friends and fun

No work
No stress
Only relaxation and rest


By The Geiger Family

White powdered sand
Scattered by winds,
Emerald blue water
Divided by currents,
Travel great distances
Unite, bond and become Castaway


By Isabelle Geiger

The ocean is blue
Starfish is too,
We had fun in Fiji
And you could too.

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