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KSC Bonaire Parent Poems

By Cambell Robinson


Beautiful   Ocean

Neve rending fun

Anomie Incredible Reefs Eels


By: Holt Robinson & Ann Enright

Rogest transformed a tree

To a moose to an evil piece of broccoli.

Cambells scuba skills morphed from

Hesitation to utter elation and now

A prospect for the next Scuba-opoly


Connor and Jack made Kids Sea Camp

Week 2 complete with C-cards

Teen diving and now respectful

Stewards of the Blue


Ann and Holt well we had a blast

Great Buddy Dives and out kids

Certified divers at last.


Another wonderful weeks come and gone

New friends, our kids and divers one

May your year be good and full of joy

We’ll see you again on our next Sea Camp Ahoy



By:Stephanie Van Zandt


Swirls of pink and purple litter the evening sky

A majestic schooner silently sails by

Stars peek out over Brandaris Hill

The day time chatter of songbirds goes still

The magic of dusk in Bonaire gives a happy sigh.  


By: The Carney’s

From many a region, rare and creed

Waving but one flag-we’ve all agreed


A textile of red with one white sash

Kids Sea Camp is on, so quick lets dash


Book the airfare, pack the gear

It’s time for the highlight of our year


Leave at home the trials of every day

Grab the kids and lets go play


New friends and memories to be made

And of course the sea life on parade!


Sadly the week must come to a close

Where to next? Ask Margo-she knows          


By: Rob Parker

This year we decided to go to Bonaire

To swim in the salt & breathe fresh air-

Kids Sea Camp is filled with wonderful treasures

Time spent with you is one of our greatest pleasure

The dives we do are so much fun

When bedtime comes, teens are still on the run

This week as always it comes too soon

Next year we’ll do it again, starting June?            



Sung to Jingle Bells By: Wakely Family



Kids Sea Camp, Kids Sea camp

We’re having heaps of fun

We love to dive

And we love to swim

And we love to sit in the sun


Kids Sea Camp. Kids Sea camp

Buddy Dive is number one

The staff are great

The food is fab

If you can just put up with Ron (and in truth we all love Ron(


Verse one

Diving in Bonaire

A frog fish is quite rare

Turtles are a plenty

I’ve counted more than twenty

Pat dives without a mask

Cindy without a suit

Bob’s booties are falling off

US Queen dives are so tough.


Verse two


Shopping in Bonaire

Can give you quite a scare

You’re wondering if it fits

Boy! That mannequin has got big….bits!

Our Masks to Pat for candy

They’ve come in pretty handy

Bonaire above & Bonaire below

Has made our bits quite sandy.  



Dear Ron By: Robert Sherman

Thank-you for the wonderful week, I will miss you, Love, Nicolas


There once was a family that went to Bonaire

Whose fantastic tale was beyond compare


It started on Sunday and lasted six days

Filled with eating & sleeping & all kinds of play


The divers they came, by boat and from shore

To see all the coral & critters galore


They saw corals of Elkhorn, Pillar and Fire

The giant brain specimens left them inspired


They saw sponges like barrels, long tubes, and some vases

The purple-tipped anemones lit up their faces


The critters they spotted were big and so small

As they drifted on current along the reef wall


Trunkfish & parrots, the angel fish queen

In every direction could always be seen


Grunts of all types, and don’t forget snapper

In black and white stripes, the drums do look dapper


The octopus and tarpon hunting at night

The jellies at dockside causing a fright


The eagle ray foraging deep in the sand

A school of trumpet fish strikes up the band


Now all was not happy, they did     the day

When photos of frogfish, turtles and ray

Were mistakenly erased from the flashcard Wednesday


But all was not lost, there was more diving to do

They saw another frogfish and , and not one seahorse but two.


Yes these were the memories of Mom and of Dad

While the kids had their own plan for fun to be had


They dove and they snorkeled and played in the pool

Kayaks and blow carts were also so cool


After painting with Ron, off went lads and lasses

To drive to the place where they save Bonaire’s asses


The time went so quickly, the days were a blast

If only they knew how to make it all last

So it’s off to Grand Cayman in two-thousand ten

Another Kids Sea Camp, let’s do it again            


By: Ann Enright

Ron, thank-you so much for sharing your many gifts with our

Children this week in Bonaire, including your passion, humor

Leadership, motivation and amazing artistic talent! You were not only

The glue that bonded our group this week, but also the sunshine that

Brightened our day.. you were our moon as well, and closed each day

With your calming touch. You made KSC extra special and you were like

An octopus this week, wearing 8 hats and multitasking like no one can duplicate!



By: Morgan Tapperro

To the Tune of we will rock you


(stomp stomp clap stomp stomp clap )


Sassy’s Seal’s, Jr open water certified

Kids and all the others, scuba diving,

Snorkeling, swimming and all, all were

Guna di is have a ball, singing we will

We will dive, what, dive, yeah, we will

We will dive, what dive, yeah 





By Families: Rivera & Triano


I was asked to write a poem about something dear that hits home

I am writing about Kids Sea camp, where 90% of the time my pants were damp


So here we go, roses are red, violets are blue, oh wait

That’s what you told me not to do


So instead, I will write about the Jersey crew

Where scandals are not new


You may think that we are all corrupt, but truth be told

We just like to have fun and drink up


Felix with the Chivas, Hector with the rum & coke

And poor Madeline trying to drag them away from the bar

That ain’t no joke


Maria with her beautiful girls trying to maintain curfew

But the girls had a different view


Her daily sightings was our children’s nervous faces

Admitting that their gear was in unknown places

As you know KSC is about reuniting with old friends,

And that we have done, meeting new friends, which we hope to see at

The next one.                      



By Hannah & Dave Mummey & Sue Schindale


Poem is to be read in the spirit of the Competition

Free month @ Buddy Dive for the best poem of family

Bringing pet hamster



We are on a quest

To find words that

Rhyme with Rogest


We’ll do our best

And after all it is not a test


We’re here to rest, but this exercise gives us

Something besides food to digest


We hope the prize

Was not in-jest

Because our pet hamster has built a nest in rm 512

At Buddy Dive –est.


Hammy is not a pest

But he refuses to go

Back home in the west.


Here is his request

One additional month as a

Guest of Rogest    


By: Tamara Matheny


A Bonaire Haiku


Happiest when wet

Bright fish, blue water surrounds

Breath deep and stay down                    




By: Sam Matheny


In over my head

But safe just he same


Deeper still

Just my heart to blame


Skin is so brown

Water is bluer here


Sun rays bathe us

Reflections beyond compare


Can I not, do I dare


The cylinders last sigh

A longing breath


In over my head

But not my heart


Let’s go down again      



Ty Matheny

Deep in the ocean

There’s a whole lot to see

Deep in the ocean

Is where you should be.


There’s fish and coral and tons of other things


Deep in the ocean

There’s an adventure to see.          




By: Martin & Marilyn Wolff


Wet children growing

Neoprene, acrylic paint

Ocean breezes call          

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