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KSC Bonaire Parent Poems Wk 1 2010

Bonaire Parent Poems

Week 1- July 31- Aug 7, 2010


My true home- Week 1 winner!
Blue sky above, the water so clear
I descend into the ocean water enters my ears
I look all around and see a new world
Where an octopus lies, its tentacles unfurled
I love this place with all it’s sea foam,
From its creatures, biodiversity I treat it as home
It has much to offer, like a sunken ships mast
From oysters to nurse sharks the ocean is vast.
It holds secrets and legends of mermaids and whales,
Of monsters, of dragons all of them tales.
Nobody knows what you can discover
Where humpbacks leap and sea fans flutter
But we must make change our they will be in peril,
From our pollution, it all starts with a barrel.
A barrel of oil turned their world upside down,
Leaving some the suffer and others to drowned
Us as humans must change on land
Their home is in danger. Please take a stand!!
Leave only bubbles and take pictures to share
Show how wonderful it all is and make people care!
Rebekah Hatherly, age 15

He flits, flutters and flies through the water,        
A turtle, the bird of the sea. 
Sometimes he’ll stop for a snack (like an otter)
And takes nibbles, usually 3.
He’s slow, graceful and beautiful too
Even with his hawk-like beak
Looking around for a friend old or new
Whether they’re strong bold or meals.
But what would do without nibbles on seagrass
Or even clean water so he could fly
He would simply disappear not knowing he wouldn’t last
And we would all wonder why.

Rebekah Hatherly, age 15

We came to this beautiful isle
For only a week, not a while
Great diving for us
From kids, not a fuss
We love to live Kids Sea Camp style. 

“Farewell to our cares,” said the Danks
And spend the week breathing from tanks
So to Margo and crew
And all Buddy Dive too
From all of us we say “Thanks!”

The Danks

Came to Kids Sea Camp with great anticipation
Looking forward to our Bonaire vacation 

Now that it is time to go
We are all saying “Say it ain’t so”

Alas, there is always next year

What will it be? Australia, Cayman, so many options to choose
With Margo in charge, I am sure we cannot lose.

The Reid family sends a big thank you
To Margo and her crew

For introducing us to Bonaire
For which nothing compares

The Reid Family

Today I received a request
“You must write a poem,” said Ron Rogest.

I mentioned that it ain’t my thing
So not because I’d win a prize
But because after three years, I feel obliged.

So now a poem, short and sweet
As we dive, and as in life

Take the time to look
Try to see what’s really there
There’s much to see, if you care

Those who see the eagle rays, or turtles far away
They’re the ones who took the time to see, and seized the day

A challenge to myself, to all
To find the detail, see it all

In life and every day we live
Don’t just look
Please see

The Schwartz Family

Inside jokes are a huge
Part of having fun
Spending time with family
Is golden
Seing the
Wonders under water,
Making a relaxing vacation
Tie it all together
And you get
Kids Sea Camp

The Dirksen Family

Beautiful Reefs
Ocean so clear
New Friends
I learned how to SCUBA
Really Fun
Everyone was great 

Izzy and Maddie Stookey

As we arrived in Bonaire we realized it was Dutch
And we were whisked off into the yellow bus
To have the driver say you will love our little island very much!!
Within a few minutes, we arrived at the resort to start
One awesome week of Kids Sea Camp
All the familiar have come to know and enjoy
Margo, Ron and all the staff makes Kids Sea Camp a huge success
Speaking of Ron…
And now to Margo who is really fun
We will miss her and all she has done
The week went by as always so fast
So all we can do is look in the past
At all the new friends and say we had a blast
Now that the week is up
I have finally finished all the required forms
So now we can enjoy the last 24
And hope there is no more!
We bid farewell to all and can only hope
Everybody had as much fun as us.
So now we have to wave goodbye
We gotta run.

Will & Dani Travis

To Kids Sea Camp we come to dive
For young kids- and old kids too
Who are SASY, Seal, or certified
Now- we’re here to ask you.

Who’s your Buddy? … Who’s your Buddy?

You can start out in the pool
Or off a boat- that’s cool
From the shore you can go down
But we don’t fool around

Find a buddy… Find a buddy…

Safety is first rule, you know
Keep your gauges close at hand
Test your gear and watch your flow
This will make you in demand

As a buddy… As a buddy…

When you’re down there in the deep
With the weightless cozy feel
Find a hole and take a peek
WHOA- It’s a moray eel!

Show your buddy… Show your buddy…

When you’re finished blowin’ bubbles
And topside on Bonaire
Rinse and stow your gear, no troubles
Then eat and drink, as we all share

Hug your buddy… Hug your buddy

Betsey Royal

Many on land have no idea
The miraculous creatures below
Perhaps, they think, there are a few
Seahorses…. Or dolphins… and Nemo.
Once they jump in, eyes open wide
To the variety of life on the go.

They’ll see mighty tarpon and tiny blennies,
Though clowns and sharks they’ll see not any.
Filefish, bonefish, surgeonfish, wrasse,
Parrotfish, razorfish, squid, and bass,
Triggerfish, school master and trumpetfish,
(but please don’t find more lionfish.)

Now that they come and threaten the reefs,
It’s time to rethink the plan.
Introducing those oh so peaceful creatures
To the reckless curiosity of man.

Jennifer Vernon

Heavy thoughts like lead
Weightless under the ocean
Troubles float upward.

Mark Neidinger

We packed up our stuff,
Pushed it all out the door
“We’re going diving,”
My parents did roar.

But this time was different,
It’s back to Kids Sea Camp
Last time I was a Seal
This time, I’m an Open Water champ!

Thanks to Pepe, our leader
Michelle and German too,
They were the best,
Taught us exactly what to do.

They taught us our skills
And helped us to grow,
And told us about the wonderful creatures
We would see down below.

It did not take long,
Before I understood, 
To be a good diver,
I had to be the best I could.

I mastered all my skills
And hit the big blue,
I dropped to the depths
With the rest of my crew.

I saw a big tarpon and fishes galore
Our dive was soon over, leaving me wanting for more.
I know I’ll be back; Kids Sea Camp was the best.
You can never get enough of diving, friends and Rogest!!

Meagan Ando

Margo said “Come to Bonaire”
We have the Kids Sea Camp there.
So to Buddy Dive we have come
To experience the wonders on the reef.

Seahorses, turtles, stingrays and eels.
Rockbeauties some cowfish.
A queen Angel who knew she was pretty.
Leatherback babies, just newly hatched.

Boat dives, shore dives, a night dive or two
And so much more to do.
Ron said “hand in by three!”
So here is my poem, so he is not disappointed in me.

Manness Family


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