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Rated #1 Worlds best in family dive travel, by USA Today, National Geographic Traveler Rainer Jens, Scuba Diving Magazine.  Some say oceans separate us, we believe they connect us. 

At Kids Sea Camp we believe In the transformative power of dive travel. We see it every day as families from around the world join our family vacation dive adventures to learn, grow, and enjoy the ocean and each other.  We offer all-inclusive trips to 13 countries over 24 uniquely customized trips each year.  Each trip opens minds and hearts to new places, people, and cultures.  Kids will unplug and reconnect to the outdoor world and the underwater world through hands-on personalized activities and tours for the entire family.   For more information give us a call 803-419-2556.  Where will your next adventure vacation take you? 

Let us take your family on an authentic, meaningful family vacation, that will allow yourself and your kids to unplug from their virtual worlds and reconnect to each other.  7 night, 6-day all-inclusive family vacations, including activities like Scuba diving, learning to scuba with PADI dive training, jungle biking, paddleboarding, kayaking, yoga, painting, spa and so much more.

We can create your next great adventure and make it easy and fun for the entire family.  Our goal is to give you and your family a vacation that will create long-lasting memories to last a lifetime.  We cater to your personal needs.  We are special needs friendly and cater to family members as young as 4 and seniors of all ages, our oldest divers are in their 80’s and still enjoying diving with their adult kids and grandkids. 

You may like simple things like the extra end of day activities for the kids we provide, so adults can enjoy a private dinner or night dive. A little TLC goes a long way at Kids Sea Camp.  That could be in the form of a drive to the grocery store, a scuba tune-up, one-on-one dive training sessions, continued advanced or PADI Pro training, help with dive equipment, or a camera or demonstration of dive gear. Maybe it’s getting over a fear or just need a refresher course. Our team of instructors and staff are there to meet your needs with personal care.

We are special-needs friendly. If you give us notice and the information we need, we can make most wishes come true. Kids Sea Camp has been able to cater to disabled divers, high-functioning autism, hearing-impaired divers, disabled divers, and other special needs. The primary language spoken is English; however, we have a pool of multilingual PADI instructors around the world, and with notice, almost any language can be accommodated.

19 years of taking kids diving without a single dive accident are not just luck, it’s hard work and dedication. Our record and reputation speak for itself. We work with family-friendly, experienced, knowledgeable professionals. We have standard PADI, travel, medical and KSC waivers, like any other adventure sport; however, it does not relieve us of our moral obligation to keep you safe! We are celebrating over 7,000 youth certifications and 3 times as many divers over the year with zero dive accidents. 

Safety is our No. 1 priority, and fun is No. 2. There is no other company like Kids Sea Camp because Margo Peyton makes it personal. She works hard to assure you’re in the water with family-friendly dive experts

Kids Sea Camp is the only tour company in the world dedicated to taking young divers and their families on advanced dive trips, like the Galapagos, Sea of Cortez, Palau, Indonesia, and a multi-island tour in the Philippines. Kids can experience the biggest and the smallest of marine animals. We include volcano hiking, jungle biking, culinary classes, citizen science, internships, and local outreach.

Our waivers are to inform you that we are providing authentic experiences with real wildlife and marine life. We are not a theme park, and there is no plexiglass. We provide education to families through facts and hands-on experiences with hopes to remove fears created by false information. Our trips require participants to be respectful to each other and the underwater world we are exploring. Our rules must be followed, decisions honored and our word is final. Safety is our area of expertise for families enjoying their scuba vacations.

Enjoy your family and newfound friends. From daily dives to zip-lining, jungle biking, yoga, paddle boarding, playing football, basketball, or fly fishing, you are spending a full week disconnecting from your everyday world and reconnecting with each other and the underwater world.

Weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, or reunions. Let us know how we can serve you better.

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