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Kids Sea Camp Bonaire: Diving for The Teens

Although this is my second time doing the Teen Diver group during Kids Sea Camp Bonaire, it was still an awesome week. I saw a lot of things I wasn’t able to see in the water last year, and going to the donkey sanctuary again was pretty sweet. And even though Bonaire is a small island, I am never bored there and I can’t wait to go back again.Bonaire, Kids Sea camp Family Vacations, teen diver

The diving was really cool, yet again. There was a lot of fish, and the water was warm and clear. I even had the experience to see my first manta. It was also nice to see Charlie the Tarpon again. That’s certainly one way to know you are at Buddy Dive in Bonaire.

While in Bonaire, I was able to see my old friends as well as make a few new friends. If you are a teenager and you’re sick of your friends back home (no offense to all of you), Kids Sea Camp is the place to be. You are guaranteed to make friends, especially in Bonaire where a lot of families go (mainly because it is the cheapest Kids Sea Camp, and what parents don’t like going diving for as little money as possible?) The other good thing about Kids Sea Camp Bonaire and being a teen diver is that you are ALWAYS with your new friends. That is what makes Kids Sea Camp so much fun.

Bonaire is a great place for teens especially to do a Kids Sea Camp because school just ended, so I like to think of it as a way to celebrate the end of the school year. If you act like Bonaire is a celebration for whatever occasion, you and your friends are sure to have a great time.

Buddy Dive is a great place for us teens to have a good time because there is a lot for us to do at the resort, and there is a really good ice cream store two blocks away. Who doesn’t like good ice cream on a hot Caribbean day? We can also go swimming (pool or ocean), jump off the cliffs into the water (tell your parents it isn’t THAT high, but it’s high enough to get some good hang time).

This year, we had the experience of Ron Steven (better known as Rogest) coming to Bonaire. Although Ron seems like the kind of guy who you would think would appeal more to five-year-olds, I think he is one of the coolest people you can have a vacation with. He is funny, he will make you a better artist, and he is just a great source of entertainment. He also likes to embarrass you in a funny way that won’t make you too mad, you’ll laugh in the end.

I would recommend Kids Sea Camp Bonaire to all of you teen divers. It is a fun place, and the diving is great whether you have been certified for five years, or if you are still a beginner diver. And to the parents who have never been to Bonaire, it’s a fun place for you too. Don’t even worry about your teens during the day, Buddy Dive and Kids Sea Camp makes sure we are all safe and having a great time.

By: Ryan Seltz

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