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Kids Sea Camp set the bar pretty high

Looking forward to our next Kids Sea Camp vacation

Greetings! Hope you and all Kids Sea Camp family are surviving the winter. We are approaching the record for winter snowfall here in West Virginia. 77 inches is our record, we are just a few short of that now.

On behalf of Trey, Anna, Christy, Jenny, and myself, I just want to thank you for the wonderful time we had at Kids Sea Camp in Honduras this past summer. As the months, and the snow, have accumulated since then, we have really enjoyed our memories and photos of KSC.

It was such a great experience for Trey, as it was his first trip to the ocean. Kids Sea Camp set the bar pretty high for Trey’s future vacations. Everything was so well organized and there were so many activities for both kids and adults. It was everything we hoped for and more.

Words can’t begin to describe how much we all enjoyed the marine art painting. You took the experience to a whole new level. It was such a pleasure to spend time with him.  He is a real asset to Kids Sea Camp and I’m sure an even greater friend to you and your family.

We are looking forward to many more Kids Sea Camps in the future. We are shooting for one in possibly Bonaire.

Again, many thanks.  Have a great week!


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