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Kids Sea Camp poems from Costa Rica

Ode to Ocotal poems in Costa Rica

Poems from Kids Sea Camp in Costa Rica at Ocotal Dive Resort.

Ode to Ocotal

By the Sutherlands family

Diving days, sharks, eels,
enormous rays,
even turtles in the haze.Hot and cold, cold and hot,
Thermoclines in every sport.
Pat Patel, rain like hell,
Can’t get a towel in Ocotal.
Neighborly sounds through the door,
Hope to god we didn’t snore.Up and down the steep incline,
could have used a zipline.Volleyball in the pool,
all the kids acting cool.Surfing beach, youngster good,
Parents doing what they could.Meeting early, leaving late,
Next time let’s just plan for eight.
Mud spa, riding horses,
Zooming down the zipline courses.
Margo home with her back,
Nanette kept it all on track.No Wakely’s here to make a rhyme,
We’ll all have a chance this time.Now we’re dome with river rafting,
Last activity poem crafting.Enjoyed the time we all spent here,

Perhaps we’ll see back next year.

Kids Sea camp again

By the Olsen family,

Summer again, Kids Sea Camp— it’s now five years,

Lots of diving, beautiful fish and never a fear.Food, friends, and fun—much to learn and share,
With Nanette and “Scuba”, we have a care!
White tips, puffers, starfish, and eels galore,
Great diving, many photos, new sites to explore.
Beautiful country, nice people, sunsets of very hue,
Great week all-in-all, except for the early curfew.Up the hills we went, fine horses to ride,
Then to the bottom, we zipped—a total glide.Rafting last day, great week for all,

Flying home tomorrow —safe travels to all!

Costa Rica Pura Vida

By the Suwczinsky family

A pool with a view; a bar with drinks,
Smoothies made whats on hand;
rum tequila and coconuts found in the sand.Uphill, downhill;
diner breakfast and lunch,
“What, there was a shuttle?” asked a tired diver from the bunch.
Visibility is clear, no surge at times;
great dive masters and a little thermocline,
Four boats, three dives a day, sharks, eels and lots of rays.
It’s raining, it’s pouring; surfing is anything but boring;
push up stand up, ride the waves, guys,
Keep your balance, for the Tamarindo vibes.Slather on the volcanic mud; Jacuzzi spa, then rinse with suds,
A horse ride up a scenic hill; the thirteen ziplines for a thrill.Whitewater rafting with a 12-foot drop,
Paddle backward, forwards and then a stop.We talk to teens via morse code,
Then brought them home, although they had to be towed.A slamming bathroom door made long trips on the bus,
After all that — “All-inclusive” is a plus.As the week in Costa Rica ends,
We say goodbye to new and old friends.We are all so different, but share our love to dive,

And agree on one thing — curfew is 8:45.


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