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The Kids Sea Camp office is buzzing

It’s Christmas in May at Kids Sea Camp!

It’s May but we are less than 30 days from the launch of the first Kids Sea Camp week with the Caribbean Pearl II in Utila on June 7th. We are busy finalizing our family packs, forms, and payments for the start of the summer vacation season for us. You should be receiving the Family Dive boxes full goodies for the trip. But here are few things to do or think about before you enjoy your summer vacation with Kids Sea Camp.

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 Top 10 tips for a happy KSC summer

1. Gear up: Either get your gear service, ASAP. Having faulty gear ain’t no fun in the middle of the South Pacific. And even worst unsafe. If you have older gear take a look at our online store. We have numerous ways to “gear you up” and still save cash.

2. Passports: Make sure they are up-to-date. You can get “rushed” service but at this date, you’ll be cutting it close.

3. Docs: Print out your documents and have them in place. That will remind you how close you are to the KSC summer. Expect us to email or call you if you are missing any of our FDA/KSC forms.

4. Calendar: Mark on your google calendar, your travel dates and then have alerts to your phone. Just in case you get too busy to remember your going on vacation. It happens even to some of the smartest people we know.

5. Questions: Call us at 803-419-2556 for any questions about the resorts and the diving your family will be experiencing. We field any questions and if we don’t know the answer we will find it.

6. Get a tan: I know. I know what your thinking. Tom doesn’t the sun cause skin cancer? Yes, I’m not telling you to get a burn. In fact, I recommend a little time in the sun before your on the island so you don’t burn. Sunscreen is great. But a little layer of gentle healthy color sure can go a long way on the island.

7. Practice island time: Before you go. . . get lazy. Do nothing for a day. Imagine not worrying about work. On average it takes three days for a vacation to start easing stress and pressure. What does that mean? It means that the benefits of vacation don’t kick in until it half over. But if you practice being on island time before your on island, maybe you can gain a day or two. Make your vacation dollars work for you. Relax now!

8. Exercise: Our trips are adventure trips. You are out in the sun and the ocean all day with our trips. Now that being said, we don’t run a Kids Sea Camp Ironman contest, but the better shape your in the more you will enjoy the week. You have thirty days until the Utila and then the Galapagos. Get busy, Kids Sea Campers, we want everyone happy and healthy on our trips.

9. Educate: Get online read about the resort, the island or learn about the critters and animals you will see.

10. Visualize: Imagine this year’s KSC vacation better than any before. Imagine great tropical weather, happy faces young and old, amazing diving and safe and secure travels. Margo and I always prepare for the best and pray for even better. And right now Margo is probably daydreaming this year’s Utila trip is as good as last years.


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