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Kids Sea Camp news: Poetry recount!

Request for a recount comes the day after poetry contest

Columbia, South Carolina, Kids Sea Camp offices: In a rare recount request from an anonymous source received the letter was sent to Tom Peyton, Vice-President of Kids Sea Camp on Saturday, November 29th.

The letter states a feeling of discrimination from the “non-divers” by the Kids Sea Camp “all divers” panel that could possibly impact the choices made by the judges. The poem in question was written and performed during the poetry night on Friday, November 28th. In fact, the team, in protest would like to relinquish their prizes. This is the first time in the 15 year history of the contest such a request has ever been made.

“We are looking into the seriousness of the accusations,” Tom Peyton, Vice President of Kids  Sea Camp, responded to the letter. “It is our corporate policy to look into any dissatisfaction with any of our families. Even the appearance of any prejudice would be considered a major issue for us. We have a private investigations team dealing with the issue.”

The recount letter even calls into question the accuracy of Peyton’s homemade clap-o-meter. The device, made from the Vice-President’s two arms, two hands and ears reflects the power of the applause by the group.

“My clap-o-meter, yeah, it’s part of the issue,” Peyton laughed, “We have been looking for an affordable replacement for it for years.”

When asked about changing the outcome of the contest Peyton responded, “We believe in our contest. The outcome will not change. But, it doesn’t mean some sort of corrective action isn’t going to take place.”

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