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Kids Sea Camp kids say the darnest things

Fun things kids say about learning to scuba dive at Kids Sea Camp

Diving is fun, exciting, and taste bad! It is cool to breathe underwater.  I love looking at all the fish.  I also love to look at octopus and rays.   Diving is hard and easy.   It was hard because I had a little trouble getting my ears to work, but it was easy to do everything else.  The best thing was getting to see all the sea life!   I loved the camera I got from SeaLife.  My favorite picture was the one that won the contest.

I’m scared of jellyfish, they sting. Sea urchins only hurt if you step on them.  I’m looking forward to the sea turtle release.  Kids Sea Camp was my parents, aunt, and uncles Christmas present.  I love diving at kids sea camp with my friends!  I have a new friend, Sophie!  My favorite thing about the hotel in Grand Cayman is the pool and the pasta. I’m looking forward to the turtle! The Cayman Islands are really cool, awesome, and fantastic. I think everyone should go to Kids Sea Camp! – Noah Stiber, age 9, PADI seal team 

Scuba diving feels good, looks beautiful, and amazing!  There are so many fish in the ocean.  My favorite animals are the octopus, eels, hermit crabs, and regular crabs. When I went diving I saw a really cool puffer fish that was my first time ever seeing one.  The only challenging thing was diving against the current.  My favorite thing was learning how to scuba dive!  I learned about a lot about the underwater world.  I got a SeaLife camera and took a picture of a yellow and blackfish.  I am scared of great white sharks.  I’m looking forward to going on the boat in the ocean. I’m happy I came to Kids Sea Camp with my mom, dad, Jill, Jason, Debbie, and Scott for vacation.  My favorite activity is diving. My favorite thing about the hotel in Grand Cayman is hanging out with my friends. I say thank you, mom and dad, I saw the most amazing stuff in the coral reefs of Grand Cayman with Kids Sea Camp! — Weston Bodle, age 9, PADI seal team

 Scuba diving is very very fun! It is amazing when you can breathe underwater.  When you in seal team you get to have fun and learn a lot of cool things. I love diving and I hope I can dive more because it is fun to see fish and plants underwater.  I think that everybody should try scuba diving.  It is very fun and easy! The best thing about scuba diving is seeing all the beautiful colors underwater.  The SeaLife cameras are the best thing because it shoots very good pictures and videos on land and in water. You shouldn’t be afraid of anything because if you don’t bother it, it won’t bother you. My parents, friend, and grandparents brought me to Kids Sea Camp because they thought it would be a good experience and my grandpa taught us how to dive. I’ve met a new friend named Jacob and he lives in Wisconsin. My favorite part about the hotel is probably the cool dives. I am looking forward to taking pictures in the ocean. I’d like to thank my parents for bringing me here. The best thing to tell your friends at home is what diving is like. — Noah Stiber, age 9, PADI seal team

  1. I love diving it tastes like salt water, the equipment is heavy, the fish are adorable and the salt water burns….a lot! Every cut on my body, but it’s worth it! its weird breathing under water, because technically that’s not supposed to be possible, also don’t get water in your mask.
  2. In Grand Cayman so far I have seen/met a British person. I also saw water and tons of fish
  3. Something hard that I am having trouble with is buoyancy, I accidentally kicked Sebastian in the face…OOPS! Also getting used to breathing with the regulator because I’m a nose breather.
  4. The best part was pretending I was a mermaid with Zoe and seeing all the cute fish! I like listening to all the British people talk, I the way they talk I think its cool. I also like fish… looking at them…not eating them!
  5. I got my SeaLife camera and it is really cool. I want to take a picture of Zoe because she’s gorgeous.
  6. September and Joe taught me not to take my mask off because you will get water in your eyes, and it will burn because of the salt.
  7. My family loves diving
  8. I enjoy Zoe and Sebastian, he is British and I like the way he says turtle, and Zoe is just Awesome!

Erin Preston, age 15 JOW

Kids Sea Camp is…….cool, fun, and entertaining!

Grand Cayman is…… the best Island ever it has the best waster to dive in.

Scuba diving is……. Fun and exciting

I would tell my friends back home that they should start diving.

Austin Guarino, age 13,  Advanced Open Water

Being underwater feels like you can fly. It sounds like nothing but bubbles. I feel like my regulator is to small for my mouth sometimes because I’m trying to talk underwater. My mask always fogs up, so I need to put more spit in it. Something I learned this week was how to scuba dive with Kids Sea  Camp.— Quint Wegner, age 10, JOW


-It feels weird but cool for me to scuba dive underwater

-It sounds like me breathing underwater and listening to my bubbles is fun

-I never was really a fan of snorkeling, I always want to scuba dive with fishes

-I see many cool things in the ocean but I’m more of a free diver!

Grand Cayman:

“-I’ve learned that people here didn’t really like lionfish, it’s so warm here every day and that’s why I like to be underwater with my friends.

Kids Sea Camp

-My mom brought me to Grand Cayman Kids sea Camp to do some fun things with my family. She brought my sister with us to, she can scuba dive with my mom.  I didn’t really want to come here in the first place but I’m glad I did because I made lots of new friends.  Well, I didn’t really get to choose anyway. I’m very happy I came! My favorite animal is a turtle, and I have seen them every day.

What I’m looking forward to:

-I’m looking forward to going snorkeling in the ocean and go to stingray city and dive with my mom and dad together as a family.

– A challenge to overcome is trying to go snorkeling more because I don’t really like snorkeling all that much.

My favorite memory so far:

-The scavenger hunt was my favorite thing so far because it was really fun to try and find the clues and the treasure.

Kids Sea Camp is:

-Fun, fantastic, great, awesome, terrific and fabulous, thank you for inventing a place for me.

Grand Cayman is:

-Hot, wonderful, and exciting and full of turtles and pirates

What I would tell my friend:

-My trip was great

– I had a great time

-You should go to Kids Sea Camp some time with me.

Katie Hubka, age 10, sassy

I am in the turtle program and it feels like I’m a turtle, I like to Explore!! I’m looking forward to getting in the pool my favorite memory is swimming in the ocean. My friend that I met Is Skylar! Kids Sea Camp is fun! Grand Cayman is very fun!!! Scuba diving is my Favorite and fun! — Madi Banks, age 7, sassy

 Scuba diving is weird but fun, the regulator feels hard in my mouth, I see lots of fish and other kids.  I learned that I need to come up slow on assent. I hear water rushing around my ears when I go into the ocean. I taste a little salt water in the ocean. I’m excited to try the scooters. My mommy and daddy brought me to kids sea camp because they want my brother, sister and I to learn how to dive together as a family. It was challenging to get in the water but I feel better now and want to come again

Andrew, age 4, sassy

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