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Kids Sea Camp isn’t one color it’s a rainbow

The color of Kids Sea Camp

The Sarin family (Palau 2013)

There’s red,

On the diver flag and fingernails.

On the roofs of boats, sunburnt kids,

Even on adults toes.

What’s here that’s blue?

Every shade of blue in every drop of sea,

Curtains, bedspreads, sam’s boat tops.

Pools and fins and so much more!

Now the orange we shall explore!


Orange clown fish and coral,

The pool barrier, if you go lighter.

There’s yellow to see,

sunshine and sand and a nudibranch baby.

Raisin cake we devoir,

And straw baskets we wear,

It’s also green that’s filling the air!


Green means nitrox and mangroves, grass mangroves

Grass necklaces and mats.

Mandarin fish, Jelly fish Lake and turtles galore,

Now black that’s that.


There’s wetsuits and mantas and all sorts of gear,

And silver zippers, sharks and dolphins and tanks.

And lastly there’s gold in the hearts of everyone here.

Kids Sea Camp isn’t one color it’s a rainbow


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