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Kids Sea Camp Grand Cayman

Parents love Kids Sea Camp

Kids Sea Camp allowed us as parents to enjoy great morning dives each day knowing that the kids were well attended to.

Upon return to the hotel each day after diving is lunchtime, the kids were so consumed with the content of their programming, they barely recognized our return!

The afternoon allowed us to get out and enjoy some more activities, before returning to get the kids at the end of their afternoon sessions. As if the scheduled kid’s activities weren’t enough, it wasn’t uncommon for the instructors and counselors to continue to interact with the kids well beyond the end of scheduled times, and quite often into the evening as well!

Perhaps most rewarding was that by the end of the week we got to experience the wonders of the oceans with our newly certified Seal Team members together as a family.

To quote the kids – “that was the most awesome vacation we’ve ever had!” Indeed it was!

Mike Jones & Natalie Kunkel (Ian and Morgan Jones, age 8 & 10) Grand Cayman 2004

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