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Kids Sea Camp Curacao

Kids Sea Camp was exactly what we were looking for

We have taken our son James with us on every dive trip we’ve taken, sometimes with and sometimes without babysitters, and it’s usually worked out for us. But when we learned about Kids Sea Camp, we knew it was exactly what we were looking for all along. So much so, in fact, that we began to wonder, “could it really be as good as they say?”

Well, it was better than advertised! The kids were kept so busy with so many wonderful activities that the days just flew by! Animal encounters, ocean art, stories, snorkeling, SASY, etc, etc! And best of all, there were enough responsible and professional instructors that each child got all the individual care that they needed. Friends were made instantly by both kids and parents. The families had many opportunities to gather for beach cookouts and the kids even had their own movie and pizza night. And yes, there is plenty to do for non-divers!

Do yourself and your kids a real favor and attend a Kids Sea Camp destination in 2006!

Tim & Jill Kolakowski ( James age 7) Curacao 2004

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