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Kids Sea Camp Curacao Poems

Kids Sea Camp Family Dive Adventures for Curacao

All itineraries point to Curacao
Their vacations were set, it was a go

Kids Sea Camp bound, all full of hope
But some remain on the ground, trying to cope

After all families were finally here-
All fears disappeared as we had Nolo to guide us with our gear.

We learned to paint fish on a board
Using dots as art, to bring all in accord
Yet-Rotten Ronnie continues to wave his paintbrush as if it were a sword

The kids were dropped at the Sea Aquarium to learn & play
While all the divers were aboard the Curacao Star with Brian & Remy that day.

The currents were swift, full of corals, turtles & fish
Another great day of diving, leaves on in a tranquil state of bliss.

The next day was dolphins kissing kids & swimming with rays
While the next dive site was Mushroom Forest that is known as a beautiful maze.

From cookouts ,to lookouts, to movies & more
The kids have a good time enjoying the shore.

New “Seals”, “Sasys” & “Open Waters” there are friends for sure gathered from afar
Cheers to all & here’s to a good wreck
May next year bring us back for another sneak peek!


K Kids having fun
I Interesting facts picked up along the way,
D Dreadfully unhealthy snacks,
S Snorkeling & swimming all day.

S Stunning beaches & clear water,
E Eating hamburgers & fries,
A Always having fun!

C Could we ask for more?
A Amazingly – no!
M Margo, many thanks
P Painting creative sea creatures with Rogest a blast!



Off to Curacao with Grandpa & 6 kids,
Grandma in tow keeping watch over all.
Action abounds between sea Camp & the water
It was a challenge they all conquered while having a ball.
Jumping in the water, learning about the sea’
Diving with sea creatures, & “I’ve got to be me”
For me a book, Grandpa the sea,
& for both the stories of the kids & the sights that they see.
It’s been a perfect time with the grand-kids for Grandpa & me


There was a man from down under
Who spoke with vigor & great thunder,
He was passionate about dots,
The kids from Sea Camp loved him lots,
That’s why they call Ron the world’s 8th wonder!


Brian was kissed by a seal
He didn’t have that much appeal
He was scared half to death
By the smell of its breath
A residue of its last meal
In Texas our weather was damp
So we came to Margo’s Sea Camp
Kids diving fish pools
Parents dive too-that rules
We suspect this vacations a champ.
In art camp the lessons used dots
From Ronnie of kidding was lots
From dolphin & coral
He oft found a moral
& taught it to teens, youngsters & tots
Brian, he put on a tank
Into the blue sea, he sank
To make friends with the critters
& never need sitters
At Sea Camp the whole staff we thank!



Rugged desert coastlines
Azure colored waters
Children learning, laughing
Adults pursuing their passion
Friendly people everywhere
Breezy sunny days
Kids kissing dolphins
Divers spotting yellow stingrays
Kids Sea Camp
Nolo’s Ocean Encounters
Dive guides & instructors
A blessing to mothers & fathers
Ronnie, artist, comedian
A bouquet of flowers
He & Curacao
A pallet of vibrant colors



July’s filled with adventure for three
Under the blue Curacao sea
Little pleasures make me feel alive
I watch my kids do their 1st ocean dive
Can’t-miss the sparkle of excitement in their eyes
A parrotfish, double dotted damsels, dolphins & bubbles that rise
Racing from boat to class to shore the fun never ends
Only builds with a passion for their new found friends
Happily embracing all that is new
& thrilled at the prospect of KSC year two!


Sitting on the bus
Waiting for fish to smile at us
We’ve had so much fun here
Maybe we’ll be back next year!
Kids can now dive
It’s great to be alive



I’m through with standing in line for dives I’ll never get in.
It’s like the bottom of the pool & I’m never gonna win.
Life hasn’t turned out quite the way I want it to be.
I want a brand new boat on an episode of Cribs
& a bathroom I can play baseball in.
& a king-sized tub big enough for 10 plus me.
I need a credit card that has no limit
& a big bad gym with a bedroom in it.
I’m gonna fly my jet at 37,000 feet
I want a new travel bus filled with new art in it.
A star on Hollywood Boulevard
Somewhere between Margo & Nolo is fine with me
I’m gonna treat this life with fortune & fame
I’ll even cut my hair 7 change my name
Cause we all just want to be a dot art star
To live in Royal resorts & driving 15 boats
The kids are impressed easy & the diving comes cheap
While I stay skinny cause I just won’t eat
& we’ll hang out at the coolest sites
& of course, we’ll be with the movie stars
Every new gold digger is gonna end up there
& every playboy bunny with her bleach blond hair
Hey Hey I want to be an Art Star
Hey Hey I want to be a Dot-Stick Art Star


Boogie Board with Dolphins

Boogie boarding is really cool
Especially when the Dolphins are pushing you.
Their noses touch my feet so soft
Their strength carried me across
The water rushed cold against my skin
I really loved playing with my new friend


As I step in the ice cold water
I saw the dolphins race up to us all
I step into the water with all my gear
& feel the smooth texture of their glistening skin
It was so cool, we saw all the fish
Then it was time for boogie boarding
It was the best time of my life


Like fish from distant oceans
We gathered in schools; curious we seek to teach our fry-
To share in the wonder that is the sea.
We learn our colors from nudibranchs & sponges-
We learn to count with the octopus & starfish
From the seals, we feel the warmth & love that a hug & a kiss brings.
The Dolphins teach us form & grace & how to work as a team.
This short semester has made a lasting impression on us,
& left us with something priceless-friends


There was a young boy named Zebedee
Who took to Kids Sea Camp his teddy
Teddy wanted to dive
Zebbie said “you’re just five”
I don’t think we are quite ready.

By: The Wakely Family

There was a young man from Boston
Who had 3 children but lost ‘em
He went diving one day
& saw a stingray
& his kids came out of his bottom!


There was a young man named Rogest
Who was Kids Sea Camp’s special guest
He painted with dots
Which the kids loved lots
& the parents thought he was the best


Smiles in the sunshine
Inviting friendships to last a lifetime
Amazing seaside adventures
Breaths were taken safely underwater
Jewels in the sand
Sweet smells of ocean breezes
Imagination takes us away
Anemonies flourish amongst the coral
Barracuda lure in dark shadows.
Jellyfish effortlessly glide with the ocean tide
Smashing waves crash against the rocks
Intense starlight lightens the black night
All asleep above & below
Believing in the possibilities tomorrow brings
Journeys which elevate the soul.


Sunrise; sons sleep
Hot gold sun; warm blonde sons.
Beating sun; swimming sons.
Sun setting; sons fading.
Sun down sons down


World spins thru the nite
Morning comes we pick our site
What will today’s pleasure be?
Shark, seahorse, eel?
It matters not, sun, salt air, boat ride
R as good to me.
Today no dive, but Willemstad quite the delight
Vayanara smiles so brightly
A Grolsh bucket to go! That’s right,
Tomorrow we leave, an afternoon flight
Forget it soon? Not quite


It had been a long year to July 07
Back to Curacao, was like a return to heaven.
The diving was great, the water a bit icey
The sealife seemed different because the currents were dicey.
Our Divemasters great, both Remy & Bram
Teaching us to read currents, now that was the bomb.
The warning was made clear, however, beware of the calm,
To the Producer, we went, all ready for a show.
A change of plan was made necessary, to waters slower,
To Saba, we went, but little did we know
Instead of calm waters, we were in for quite a go,
We entered the water to see puffers, eels & the elusive pudding wife.
Once the current did catch us we had the dive of our life.
From Divemaster to Novice, or resort diver in school,
The current that day reminds us all,
The seas are still Neptunes to rule.



I once met a man in Curacao who asked me to paint a fish
I tried & I tried as hard as I could to grant this man his wish
I explained to him from the very start
That my efforts probably wouldn’t end in art
He started me out with a blob of paint
But what I created, art it ain’t
A dab here, a dab there
He worked his magic everywhere
To my surprise & probably his
We made this creation “what it is”.

By: Scuba DAD


I discovered Curacao & Kids Sea Camp in 2002
Sierra, like her dad, fell in love with the ocean so blue,
We returned again in 2003
For we just had to again, be so near the sea.
In 2004, I brought the whole family of four,
What a wonderful time, not one minute a bore.
In 2205 the kids & I did not dive,
In 2006 Rylee & I truly needed a fix
So we visited Roatan & were surrounded by bliss.
So here we are in 2007,
I can’t help but feel, that we are rehearsing for heaven.
2008, Margo, just tell me where & the date!


We’re having a total ball
It’s the best fun of all
We love it very much
But how we really wish that we could speak Dutch.

The staff have been just swell
They’ve taught us, so well
The kids have learned to dive
& now I come to notice we have all survived!

The sun has shone each day
The wind blew us away
We’ve all been thinking dots
& now we want to very THANK-YOU lots & lots

By: CATHERINE WAKELY(she sang this)

Sixteen kids, six days, some would say a recipe for disaster
And after Sunday morning, many of the teachers were thinking
The week couldn’t go faster
But after yelling & screaming & throwing 3 in the shark pen
We shaped & trained 16 wonderfully behaved kids.
We molded our fingers & fed sharks food.
We painted pictures with some crazy energetic dud
Sea lions kissed us & we had a pizza movie night
I wouldn’t show the movie jaws & to the kids that wasn’t right.
The teenagers joined us & we told them our song was hip
But it seemed some would rather watch paint chip
But the Sasy & Seal kids were at their craziest
Everyday arriving at their coolest & zaniest
Dr. Quin with his dance moves & the many songs he would sing
Kenny G with his love of lemon sharks & their sharp fangs.
We had ourselves a pirate named Zebedee
& a quiet little girl in his footsteps named Holly.
Katie & Courtney became two close cats
We even had a tall redhead named Mac
Susanne & Jordan decided to come back for another year
& we had plenty of peanuts waiting, for Morgan here
We had some kids with a few allergies
Russian Mark with his bread & Sam with his dairy
We had an adventurer named Hayden who gave us a scare
& his brave brother Kelin who would probably pet a bear
Andrew brought out the spiked hair on Wednesday night
& now 6 days later I’m not sure if I say Let’s name right
& now it is Friday& thank goodness we all survived
Especially Elise, Femi, Joanne Steve & I
We had so much fun & enjoyed every day
Your kids were really awesome in every single way
Thank you so much for trusting us with your kids
Come back to Curacao we would love to see you again



The four fine groups of this academy,
Do not complete its full anatomy,
There is a fifth, for your information,
Having much to do with transformation.
It’s one of Kids Sea Camps secret features,
That some kids actually become sea creatures,
Indeed, there’s a bit of magic about
Which the finest kids can’t do without:
Out in the channel, they begin to wish,
That each will become a beautiful fish,
An admixture of love, joy & passion,
Reshape their forms in amazing fashion:
Pluma, chromis, palometa, snapper
Tarpon, basslet, tang, wrasse, hind or grouper:
Into these, & more, they metamorphose,
& dazzle themselves in colorful shows.
The teachers don’t mind, they’re all fish themselves,
& spend their time in watery delves,
& parents? Well, they’re unaware of this tack,
For, by sundown, most kids-most- have changed back.
So, keep your eye peeled, in seeking a thrill,
Look closely around, you might see a gill.



There is a place not far away’
A bit of paradise, called Curacao.
& on this Isle, you cannot go astray,
With friends from Ocean Encounters to guide the way
Nolo the wise one sets the tone for the day,
Chris the pirate, lets you know it’s time to play.
There is Rogest, the Artist, dabbling in paints,
Adrian & Mar with the patience of saints.
Without Margo & Joanie, where would we be?
Certainly not diving in an ocean or sea.
Respect for the ocean, & life-changing ways,
Will stay with our children, all of their days.
We thank-you for a week of memories & fun
A family vacation that cannot be outdone!


Up with the sun
I’m diving with Mum!
Where is my buddy? I do not know!
Oh, is that her sinking to the depths below?

Ocean Encounters to the rescue-
Thank goodness for Brum
He says to stay at 40 feet max!
Oh thank goodness now I can relax!
What did we see?
A lemon, a nurse, a ray, not me!
But the following creatures we observed in the sea
Fishes, coral, & eels galore
Seahorses, squid & so much more!

& where is Kenneth?
With Ron of course-
You know he doesn’t just paint
While swimming in the pool we learned he’s a saint.

His patience with kids is beyond compare
His smile, & laughter show that he truly does care.
Kids Sea Camp is almost done
What will we do next to equal the fun?


Please take a magical journey with me overland & into the sea
Through the magical waters of the ocean floor
Into enchanted depths none but we explore
Deep within our aquatic forest
Time will be still though only for us
Look for a wrasse or squirrelfish as they gather
A seahorse, turtle or tang if you’d rather
Butterflyfish, parrotfish, & damsel galore
Dazzle our senses & we’re eager for more
Nudibranch, shrimp & such tiny things
or the flight of a squid on translucent wings
The oceans mystery our eyes reveal
A giant coral caressed by an eel.
An ancient wreck from a time long past
Transformed by the sea it’s beauty surpasses
We will drift & watch the sun rays glisten
with the sea’s magic, we will be christened
Beautiful creatures in blue waters so vast
A blossoming passion to protect & make last.
The oceans mysteries have brought us together
Eternally there we shall stay forever.
For our souls now enlightened must stay
Our hearts joined with the ocean this day.
The ocean’s given us haven & shelter
Given us a time where real-time won’t falter
A place where we only can be who we are
and learn of our world from a sea star.
Till we return from the enchanted ocean floor
Out of the magical depths we got to explore
Down the beach & from beyond the blue sea
From the magic journey taken with me
We are back where time is time again
As the shore disappears around the bend
Till the day when you again grasp my hand
So together we’ll return to our magical land


A poet I’m not
But I’ve got to jot
Down some words about Sea Camp
What can I say
We’ve had some great days
Having spent most of them thoroughly damp


Why Can’t Fish Swim Backwards

Why do flamingos drink upside down
With a smile
& then with a frown

Why don’t dolphins sleep
Half their brain is always awake
Half-shut down, dormant & deep

Why are barracudas so misunderstood
They look so scary
But they are just seeing who’s in the neighborhood

Why do parrot fish spend their nights in a bubble
They hide from predators
& keep out of trouble

Can dots of color form a scene
A seahorse, a fish
All red, yellow & green

Can a child accept our answers to questions they ask
O do they keep asking & keep us on task


When we go home to Arizona
We’ll miss the cool ocean breeze
When we’re sweating in the desert
We’ll miss being by the sea

When we’re stomping on the scorpions
We’ll miss swimming with the fish
When we’re swimming in the pool
For scuba diving we will wish

When we go back to school
We’ll miss the Seal Team
Compared to all we’ve done here
How boring it will seem!

So next week when we’re in Phoenix
And it hits one hundred ten
We’ll wonder why we live there
Instead of this coo heaven!


Our trip to Curacao was grand,
A quiet ocean & warm sand
To jumping dolphins galore
We only wish to have more.
Too much water from diving
A day on the beach we were striving
We found a pirate & his treasure,
This trip was quite a pleasure.
We celebrate the year ewe were free,
We watched fireworks over the sea.
The kids were kissed by a sea lion,
From wave to wave the fish were fly’n.
The Sea Aquarium was very cool,
We watched the sharks swim in their pool.
Our week at Kids Sea camp was a blast,
Our memories here will forever last.

By: the SHILL Family

I go swimming in the sea
I really hope nobody pees
Look there are fishies all around me
I really want some iced tea
The feeling I love is to be free
Won’t you come with me
To Kids Sea Camp next year and divers we will be

By: Scuba Dad

You say, Rotten Ronnie,
I, pardon, some say scrawny Ronnie
I say hold your seahorses,
I’ve seen him in action
Children respond with positive reaction!
He paints with a smile
Children swarm around all the while
The Sea Camp children are his canvas
Did I mention he’s a painter of dots?
People make journeys to his spot!
A few say Ronnie’s paintings bring them bliss,
Sadly, Ronnie’s dots put the masses into divers narcosis!


From here to there
From there to here
Kids Sea Camp is everywhere
Mask & snorkel, wetsuit & fins
Lotion, sunburn, bites on our shins
No matter. We love it, we’re having a ball
Kids Sea camp is the best of all!!


I go in the ocean to see
The creatures beneath the sea,
Sometimes I pee
To set myself free,
So if you see yellow water around me
You better flee!!



We are here at Kids Sea Camp
Kids Sea Camp
Kids Sea Camp
We’re gonna have lots of fun
Kids Sea Camp Curacao

Swimming, splashing
Sea Lion kiss & Dolphin swim
Kids Sea Camp Curacao

Learning, laughing, meeting friends
Meeting friends
Meeting friends
Blowing bubbles, seeing fish
Kids Sea Camp Curacao

Parents diving on the boat,
On the boat
On the boat
Fun for all the family
Kids Sea Camp Curacao!!!!!

By: Monica Ambrosi

Poem By Kids Sea Camp Teachers

Sunday morning 5 teachers arrived, a little tired
Ready for the worst, 30 kids extremely wired
But tons of devil children would not be the case
Rather 12 little angels ready for the saltwater taste
Ok, ok angels might not be the right word
How about.. after saying 3 times, we’re all on board.
Little ones, big ones & a few from Breezes
A few learning to swim & a teacher with weird sneezes
Mia’s busted chin & Sloan’s perfectly spiked hair
Kiela & Ayden swimming with stingrays when at first they wouldn’t dare
Baylee’s golden locks & Emily’s texas twang
Neither little girl was to be afraid of the dolphins fangs
Cody earned a nickname,very appropriate, it was shark bait
Veronica wanted to know about sea lions, until mammal day she couldn’t wait
Benni joined us late, it seemed diving was not her style
She came over to learn nurse shark facts from Kalah’s paper pile
We had a fearless young snorkeler named Maia the brave
And a returner named Jason, who remembered all from past Kids Camp days
We learned a bit of Dutch & Papia Mentu too
Some boys overcame their fear of gills & Baylee learned some new moves
But Sea Camp is over, it must come to an end
Luckily no kids had to be thrown in the shark pen
Thank you parents for trusting us with your kids
We had a great time we hope to see you again


Sounds in the distance from kids as they play
Metal tanks clanging from across the way
The rustle of palms in the wind never stops
A cooling breeze fights the sun till it drops
Turquoise waters lap at white coral sand
A tiny crab lifts it’s claws & makes his stand
Little lizards dart about like little lizards do
Little boys chase the as long as they’re in view
Faces from around the world mingle here
Drawn by the sea that we long to be near
Busy lives challenge us to not lose sight
Of the wonders around us day & night
Whether viewing new worlds beneath the swells
Splashing in the surf or collecting shells
The sea connects us all in some special way
And our kids show it now even as they play



Like a very funny moment
That suffers from retelling
These musings of paradise
Won’t be nearly compelling
But how can simple words
Ever hope to describe
The soothing sound of trade winds
As they rustle through the palms?
And what prose might one compose
That would ever stand a chance
Of painting the water color
That is seen from boat & beach?
Or the thrill of a first dive?
Or the wonder of the reef?
The smile of kids playing
Or a sunset while you eat?
And what of all the moments
That happened through the week?
When you tasted salt water
Because Christian said it’s sweet?
When you swam with a school of fish?
Or watched an octopus retreat?
And how can one forget the time
When Kees fell off the boat?
No, these words won’t have much hope
Of even slightly conveying, or partially portraying
All the wonderful new memories
That we have from Kids Sea Camp



Could just be a slice of heaven
When Kees made the dive bell ring,
We would all give the dive gear a fling,
Over the side of the dive boat we did drop
On the way to Mushroom Forest our eyes would pop.
All the lovely creatures great & small
Our fearless Dive Masters (Kees, Guillermo, Chris) showed us all.
U-boat & other tales from Chris, fact or fiction?
Doesn’t really matter, they showed us some action.
Our junior divers who knew nothing became certified
Thanks to guidance from instructors who deserve to be sanctified.
They pushed & led & prodded each one to study
Then master the skills to dive with a buddy.
Our smallest ones too were treated with care
Their interest in marine life gave them wide eyed stares.
They learned to snorkel, swim& fin
Then said lets go back next year & do it again.
Most important of all, you brought our families together
For vacation on an island with beautiful weather.
So lets aim for 2008
Because I know Margo’s Sea Camp will certainly be great!


With apologies to Master Card

Swim lessons for a 7 year old who can’t swim
Cost- I don’t want to know
Yearly condos at various ski mountains
Cost-don’t ask, don’t tell
Kids Sea Camp- Grand Cayman
Cost- I may never retire
Junior Open Water Certification – Kids Sea Camp-Curacao
Cost -I will never be able to retire
Boarding a terrain park rail & diving on Scuba with your grandson


Bon Bini

One week to an island called Curacao, by U-boat we came, ask Chris how.
5 adorable water bugs called Kiera, Aydeen, Maia, Baylee, & Emily-
Little Sasy’s in more ways than one
Our enthusiasm abounds as we jump up & down
Next to the Seals, although I think fish be more like it.
3 be boys Cody, Jason, & Sloan, 3 be girls, Mia , Karah & Veronica
You have taken your first step in the world of corals of color.
The Juniors astound with their prowess deep down, may yards
Our Jonathan & Sylvia, Blair & Stephen & to Adrian, Chantal, & Sherman
Our thanks for 4 C-cards
The 4 Teens of Robbir, Erin, Ben & Abigail
As they chase fish around, their specialties abound.
Lest we forget 2 Dolphin trainers, Stephanie & Jennifer
Blend science & showmanship for memories forever.
We have studied & splashed, kissed dolphins & partied
We found good treasure & new friends & memories forever
This new adventure will continue as we swim, dive, play
May we always remember this special Graduation day

By Carol Warso

Every Morning we dropped off our kids
With the crew of Kids Sea Camp
They took them away & had lots of fun
& eventually brought them back
They had fun in the sun & played with Dolphins
Pelicans & sea lions too
They learned how to snorkel & learned how to scuba
Our thanks to the Kids Sea Camp crew
Christian, Kees Lionel & Robbie
Took the old folks out to dive
Christian , Kees Lionel & Robbie
Brought all the old folks back alive
We saw lots of fish & beautiful coral
Some tugboats & the wreck of the Superior
We dove a sight called Mushroom Forest
That makes most other dive sites inferior
Kees finished that night by falling off the boat
A secret I’m sure he’d like to keep
Perhaps they will name a dive site in his honor
They could call it the site Dive Masters Leap
We had a grand time, one we’ll never forget
Many thanks to Kids Sea Camp Curacao
Thanks to Margo, the Resort, & to Ocean Encounters
Sadly our vacation is all over now
But the memories will never end

By Scott Kattenbaugh

Early last Saturday, we all flew away
To dive & swim & play all day.
Seeing old friends, & making some new
Including the crazy folks on the crew
Margo’s in charge , Chris tells tall tales
Kees with his fall, Nolo knows sales.
Divers on board, wrestling with gear
Watermelon refreshes, but it can’t beat cold beer.
Small boats & big made beautiful wrecks,
Sea horses, lobsters, eels by the peck.
Hard & soft coral, “shroons on the sea floor
Trumpetfish, parrotfish, trunk fish galore.
As the non-diver, my schedule was full
With shopping, snorkeling, sleeping by the pool.
Some days I couldn’t even finish a book
I hardly had time for a Sea Quariam look.

Sea Camp is great! Couldn’t ask for more!
Drop the kids off-dive from boat or shore.
Somehow the kids whiled away the hours.
Wait! Sea Camp is theirs, not ours?!?
Artwork & games, barking like seals,
Flamingos & shark jaws, big moray eels.
They learned about coral & fish of the sea
From Nathan, Joann, Alisa & Femi
Then, on Tuesday, the biggest surprise of them all:
Dolphins to push kids, the big & the small.
They gave kids sweet kisses, accepted big hugs
The kids swam around them like small water bugs.
Now we come to the close of a wonderful stay
Filled with lots of adventures, day after day.
So we say goodbye, but only for now
To Kids Sea Camp-Curacao

By David, Joe, Carol, Sharon & Mark Danks & Mara Harrell

With Apologies to Pink Floyd’s Another Brick in the Wall Part 2

We don’t need no decompression
We have buoyancy control
PADI Masters in the classroom
Teach us not to dive alone.
Hey! Juniors-leave those fish alone
All in all it’s another great dive on the wall
Having a ball, another Junior on the wall.
We have seen some new crustaceans
Dolphin kisses & lots more
Kids Sea Camp in Curacao
To us, the wonders of diving have been shown
Hey, Juniors leave that coral alone!

By Sylvia Ellins

A Curacao Haiku

Curacao waters
Unbelievable beauty
Always to return

By Amy Adair

Oh to be like a fish under the sea
& have a new dive buddy, Stephen
to go scuba with me.

By Stephen Panosian

In Curacao is Kids Sea Camp,
Where all of our kids go,
Parents spend the mornings,
Diving, no deco.
Kids swim with dolphins & turtles,
In the protected bay,
Parents dive with sharks & eels,
To test survival skills that day.
The week is over much too fast,
It’s almost time to go,
We can’t wait for the hot bus trip,
& custom lines that move so slow.
Thanks to Ocean Encounters & Christopher,
For memories & good times,
& to Margo & her crew,
for having us do this rhyme.

By Cathy Kaltenbaugh

T’was the eve of Kids Sea Camp when all through the resort,
The urchins were stirring, those in their rooms & them in the port.
The dive gear was laid in the locker with care, in hopes that Margo soon would be there.
The divers were anxious with kids off to bed,
With visions of seahorses stuck in their head.
Orientation was first from Chris & his team,
Away to Ocean Encounters & the boat…Am I in a dream?
We boarded the vessel my ears were all clear,
There were plenty of tanks but not one single beer.
With a hint of an accent, good humor & wit
We knew in a minute Masters Jeremiah & Kees would soon be a hit.
Swifter than anchors divers were deep in the hole,
& when they ascended the dive masters took a role.
On board, Roy & Norma, Don & Kelly are here,
On Joe, On Cathie everyone ready, start switching your gear.
There’s Wendy & Mike, on Scott & on Pam,
Not everyone yet, there’s more if we can.
On John & Sam, On Barbara & Josh
Have we left someone out there? Not likely but oh my gosh!
Lana is coming but getting on late,
Travis is here so it wasn’t a play date.
Julies not on board, she’s feeling a bit cruddy,
But Karl’s okay cause Bruce is his buddy.
We’re all on deck grab hold before you fall,
Captain off again, off again to the next reef wall.
Dive after dive so much marine life to be aware,
The parents are playing with their children in good care.
The end of the week will come quickly now,
Sea Camp Curacao staff, stand up.. Please take a bow.

By Karl Guaardsmoe

Here’s my poem short & sweet
One I’m sure just might be beat.
Of sun, sand, surf & fun,
We all are wondering when it’s begun.
& as the days grow to a close,
I sit here & start to compose.
For if it were not for Margo here,
All we’d do is sit in the sun & drink beer.
But instead, the kids come to learn & play,
While Mom & Dad dive the day away.
The kids are learning sea life galore,
& return telling stories never to bore.
The time to go is drawing near,
& having to go is what the kids fear.
Mom & dad say “we’ll come back to dive another day”
With sun, sand, surf & tots,
We offer Margo a big “thanks a lot”

By Scuba Mom & Dad

My Vacation Wish

If I had one wish for a vacation
I would take my family to a tropical destination
Where the sun is bright,
The breeze is right,
& we are immersed in the sights & sounds of another nation.
Where my kids would learn to love the sea
& enjoy it’s wonders just like me.
Where dolphins become friends
& we see through a lens
That adventure in life is the key.
It would be a place where family matters most
Where memories are made & laughter flows.
Where you don’t have to take a chance
To steal a moment of romance
& I am inspired to poetry & prose.
I have found such a location,
This tropical destination,
It is Margo’s dream fulfilled,
& it is more than it’s billed
Kids Sea Camp is my wish for the ultimate family vacation.

By Travis Rice

Fresh salt air

Fresh salt air
Algae in my hair
Smelly dive gear
Ears that won’t clear
Sea lion kiss that smells like fish
6 months of Sea camp would be my wish
Beautiful fish in every bay
Sunny & breezy day after day
A seahorse, a turtle, a puffer, 2 cow
So many sights that make you say wow
Waves that crash & lull me to sleep
7:30 bedtime without a peep
Dolphin chatter, sea lion roar
Is next week open? We’re ready for more!

By VanDyke

I must go down to Curacao again

I must go down to Curacao again
To the lonely sea & the sky
& all I ask is a dive boat
& Ocean Encounters to steer her by
& the wheels kick & the winds sing
& the small waves breaking
& all the waterlife around me
Oh how my body is shaking

By The divemasters Jeremy & Kees

Coral are red
Oceans are blue
Our kids are in Kids Sea camp,
We wish we were too!

By Norma Twyman

We flew to see Curacao’s beautiful blue waters
Bringing our dive gear& our two daughters.
This poem did not start with the usual red roses,
But by mid-week we all had sunny red noses.
We met a dive master who’s name was Jeremiah
Who helped me whenever I said “where am I ah?”
He & Kees showed us a big boat that was sunk
It was a great treasure & not a piece of junk.
On the very same day we saw a big green eel,
Both daughters were kissed by a big black seal.
Each day of Sea camp for our girls was a blast,
Too bad the week went by so incredibly fast.
And now at the end there is but one last thing to do,
That is thank Margo & all the Sea Camp crew!

By Roy Twyman

Paige & Jenna went to Sea Camp
The joy in their faces
The look in their eyes
Was beyond any expressions
That Mom & dad could surmise.
They learned how to snorkel
& they made new friends
But most of all they made
Memories that would never end
So the only thing left to say is
Wow, we had a wonderful day!!

By Cathie Solcani

It’s Kids Sea Camp at Curacao 2007
For our daughter & us, it’s a little like heaven
Swimming with dolphins & hunting for gold
Diving along coral reefs of colors so bold
Smiles on kids faces, laughter in the air
Each day brings new stories at dinner we share
Alas, we must leave, but we just can’t wait
For Kids Sea Camp at Curacao, 2008

By Julie Guaardsmoe

As I sit here in my “coveted chair” by the sea,
I listen to the wind & watch the swaying palm tree
I think about this unforgettable trip
& I don’t want my mind to slip
So I may always remember these wonderful days

By Scuba Mom

We took the red eye out from L.A.
So we were a little weary on that first Saturday
After sleeping for 12 hours we awoke with a shout
& ready to see what Kids Sea Camp was all about.
We had a great time, even when Christian stopped by, his eyes full of glee,
& proudly announced “ I need you to write a little poem for me”
The diving left us filled with wonder, can we do it again soon,
We will be left to ponder
Especially the dive to Mushroom Forest, which left us wanting for more
But the ride back was a little rough , with Mike asleep on the floor.
Then one day after a day of diving, I went to the pool looking for a chair
I thought I found a good one until Carl called out “don’t try it”
Because all of Lana’s things were there.
When we head back to work next week, we will be rather blue
But I am so proud of my girls, who are not afraid to try something new

By Scott Brooks

Sea Camp Papiamento
Bon dia click dolphins each day at first light
Bon nochi roar sea lions on our walk home each night
Danki to Brohm, Jeremiah, & Kees for showing us
Turtles eels & rays
Te otro biaha to our new diving friends
May your families blow bubbles with smiles that don’t end
Nathan- the pied piper- you are hopi bon
If Sea Camp could spare you we’d take you home
To Margo, the greatest, who treats us so dear
We say wak bo otra ana or see you next year.

By Josh Van Dyke

An Ode to Our Instructors:

You have all been so kind
& increased the sea knowledge in my mind
I’d like to thank-you but I can’t find
The appropriate words to let you know how blind
My adoration for your patience & time
So the best way is for me to mime ( I love u)
& stop babbling on with this terrible rhyme.

By Scuba dad

I’d like to think of at least 50 thank-yous a day
Thanking God for all my blessings in everyway
So here are some thank-yous I have from this week.
First thank-you for Margo & all she has done
In making Kids Sea camp so much fun.
Thanks for the counselors for keeping our kids safe at school
You are friendly, patient, & I hear “very cool”
Thanks for the dive staff you are so nice
You took us neat places & showed us awesome sights
Thanks for all the friends we have met
We hope to see you all again
At the next Sea Camp
& thanks for Michael who started diving
Because I know in his heart
He would rather be biking
& for my kids whom I love with all my heart
& the smiles on their faces
Which I know won’t soon part

By Wendy Hand

It’s time to get started on my poem
There’s not much time before we have to go home
Diving with you guys was a blast
But it felt like the week went by too fast.
At Sea Camp our kids had great fun
& they were kissed by a sea lion that weighed a ton.
Ill never forget the bus ride when I passed out,
& my wife stood up & let out a shout.
But it’s sure nice to travel with a personal EMS crew,
Especially after a day of diving & being hit by a canoe.
So thanks a lot for helping me
& spending some time together under the sea.
I’m happy that I made so many friends,
& I’m happier that I didn’t get the bends.
So enjoy your family & your flight home,
Because this is the end of my poem

By Michael Hand

We work & we toil
Hoping someday to make it to foreign soil.
But where , oh where
Parents want to go here
& the kids want to go there.
We search high & low
But still unsure of where to go.
Alas it is found
& we are Kids Sea Camp bound
Will it be all that we hope & dream?
That is something that remains to be seen.

Well the time has finally come
& I believe we are all in need of some fun.
We love the sand
We love the heat
The staff at Kids Sea Camp can’t be beat
The diving is wonderful
But friends & family will never believe
Who shed the most tears when it is time to leave.

By Pam Brooks

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