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How Kids Sea Camp has changed my life

Life-changing moments at Kids Sea Camp happen every day

Kids Sea Camp is one of the greatest programs I have ever been a part of. The week is a wonderful and life-changing event that is like nothing else I have ever seen. I thoroughly enjoy seeing young kids learn to dive right next to their parents and siblings. It has enriched my life greatly because through Kids sea Camp, I have been able to learn amazing skills, meet new frieKids Sea Camp, life-changing, kids and diving, family vacationsnds and grow closer to my own family.

The first reason Kids Sea Camp has enriched my life is through all of the skills I have learned through each camp week. My first trip was Grand Cayman I learned proper diving techniques, and how important underwater conservation is. I learned underwater photography and first aid skills. In 2016 I became a Dive Master at Buddy Dive Bonaire Kids Sea Camp week with Woody Tinsley. I learned about the science behind diving, what people look for in a leader, how to deal with people in distress and I learned so many new skills and how to teach them. The knowledge I have gained at Kids Sea Camp has definitely enriched my life.

Another reason is the friends I have met each year. Thanks to Kids Sea Camp, I have friends all over the world. I have met so many amazing people at Kids Sea Camp and made more amazing memories than I can count. There are always other kids my own age and diving with other kids is so much fun. it is easy to make new friends, but I enjoy creating exciting new memories with my family and other adult divers. An example of that is when I was in Fiji, Tom Peyton and myself were able to keep all the families and kids entertained and having fun with me playing the guitar and him singing.  We also played volleyball every afternoon.

One of my favorite Kids Sea Camp Instructors is Woody Tinsley, he is Hilarious and so much fun. Woody teaches the Zombie Apocalypse PADI course and also was my Instructor for my PADI Dive Master Course. Mr. Tinsley made sure that I learned every skill perfectly. He is the kind of instructor I hope to be like one day. Woody is only one of a great team of Instructors at Kids Sea Camp. I can honestly say some of the greatest people I have ever met, I met through Kids Sea Camp.

The final reason Kids Sea Camp has enriched my life is because it has helped me grow closer to my own family through travel and diving together.  At our first Kids Sea Camp, my sister had never dove before and had no interest in learning. I was able to convince her to try and overcome any fear she had. After she was certified, she and I and our whole family love diving and traveling by Kids Sea Camp and Margo & Tom.

What is even more special in my eyes is being able to dive with my little brother Jason. He has a passion for the sport just like the rest of our family and there is nowhere else in the world I can think of that will teach someone his age to dive. Jason is currently a PADI Seal and with Kids Sea Camp gets to dive in the ocean.  We would have normally had to split up our family and not be able to include Jason. At Kids Sea Camp, I get to dive with my little brother and the whole family together. So Kids Sea Camp has not only enriched my life but the lives of my entire family.

Any family would clearly see how amazing Kids Sea Camp is. I think it’s one of the greatest family vacations in the world! It gets families to unplug and reconnect with each other through adventure and fun. It makes me grateful for my family and the smiles and memories that we create with each other. I wish there were more people like Tom and Margo because they make the world a better place. Margo has a passion for kids and diving and the ocean and she loves teaching kids and family members to dive and love the ocean from the youngest age of 5.

“My life is forever changed and enriched because of Kids Sea Camp and I love to travel and dive and will continue to do so for many more years to come. I hope to become a dive instructor and work for Kids Sea Camp so I can become a part of enriching other people lives too.” — James Devinney

By James Devinney, August 2016


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