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Kids Sea Camp is the best of both worlds for a family vacation

Kids Sea Camp is simply the best

Margo, I have always meant to write you a note to thank you for Kids Sea Camp. We have now enjoyed Grand Cayman, Fiji, Roatan and Bonaire with our kids through you.  You have enabled us to dive with our children in wonderful locations that we would never have been able to do without Kids Sea Camp!  With  5 children in all the age brackets, our children have been able to enjoy SASY through Teen Diving and have been able to get certified by you. 

It is truly a wonderful thing to see how comfortable our children are with diving.  Coming from someone who didn’t start diving until I was older, it amazes me to see the ease at which the kids tackle diving.  They don’t blink an eye when they need to clear their mask, just whip it off underwater (something I still hate to do!) and the comfort they have with pulling their regulators out of their mouth if needed.    They do have the knowledge of all of the risks of diving and know that it is not to be taken for granted, but truly have fun also!

From a parents standpoint, it is also wonderful to know that I can get up, eat breakfast with kids and go off to dive with other adults and know that my kids are safe and happy.  I don’t worry about whether someone is being watched over…it is simply always taken care of.  The kids don’t feel like they are being “babysat” all day – they have a wonderful time and are simply exhausted by bedtime.  It is the best of both worlds to have a family vacation with your children and have a diving vacation for grownups – not something that normally can happen.

It is also wonderful to get to meet and spend time with you and your family and with families that we have seen at multiple camps!

Thank you again for everything that you have done for our family.  It is truly priceless!!

Take care, Wendy Smith

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