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It’s time to unplug

Unplugging is easy at Kids Sea Camp. We are in the heat of the summer and we have Family Dive adventures, Kids Sea Camp, Kids and diving, unpluggingmany KSC trips going on at the moment. The Galapagos, Grand Cayman, and Bonaire, and next week Margo head to Utila. It’s our busy season. The purpose of this blog is to remind everyone they are on vacation.

Take a breath, relax, unplug, and feel the ocean breeze blowing your stress out to sea. Why? You deserve to unwind and enjoy the fruits of your labor.

Kids Sea Camp and Family Dive Adventures take you to some of the most beautiful places in the world. We just got back from Palau and words do not do justice to the breathtaking landscape of the rock islands, I could easily call Palau the “Eight Wonder of the World”. The diving, like always the diving was “off the hook”, but to my surprise, found myself looking forward to the 45-minute boat ride to the dive spot.

The boat ride set the tone, as much as the diving did for the week; look, listen, smell, and feel your vacation. Feel the sun, smell the ocean, and look with wonder at the rocks rising out of the teal blue waters covered in lush green.

So while everyone is packing for Bonaire and Utila, remember you are on vacation which means a “respite or a time of respite from something.” If you like planning, mark in your e-calendar, the afternoon of July 30th; do nothing. Simply take a walk on the beach in Utila or hang by the pool in Bonaire and rest. Just “do nothing”

Unplugging is easy and you deserve to rest and relax and there is no better place than at Family Dive Adventures and Kids Sea Camp.

Tom Peyton, Vice President of Family Dive Adventures and Kids Sea Camp



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