A very “Happy Kids Sea Camper” family

Margo is on a mission to keep families diving

When people find out that I am an avid scuba diver, I often hear from them that they used to dive, but stopped when they had kids. How sad. Diving is the perfect family sport, you get to travel to beautiful places and meet interesting people while spending time together both above and below

Kids Sea Camp, Galapagos, families diving, Happy Kids Sea Camperthe water. The kids learn science, math, and environmental awareness while gaining confidence and self-esteem. Margo Peyton is on a mission to prevent divers from abandoning the sport when they have kids by giving families a way to enjoy diving together with other diving families. Her true goal is to make every family a “Happy Kids Sea Camper” family.

We have been to 7 Kids Sea Camps in 6 different countries and have met people from all over the world, many of whom are now lifelong friends.  My kids are safe, confident divers because dive instructors who know how to teach kids taught them. My daughters, who were 5 and 7 at our first Kids Sea Camp, now 14 and 16, are PADI certified Open Water, Advanced Open Water, Rescue, Nitrox, and several other specialty certified divers. Much to our relief, they love diving as much as we do.  On dive trips, divemasters often comment on their great buoyancy control and respect for the reef and sea life.  

Last year, at KSC Galapagos, we dove with our daughters in somewhat challenging conditions with whale sharks, hammerheads, sea lions, Mola Molas, and Galapagos sharks, they handled the conditions like pros.

Margo is well-known in the diving community, and well-loved. When you go to Kids Sea Camp the host resorts go out of their way to make it the trip of a lifetime because of their respect for Margo and her wonderful company.

Margo’s main goal is safety, she carefully screens each Kids Sea Camp location and staff, so you know you and your kids will be well taken care of, both in and out of the water. Margo’s kids, Jen and Robbie are integral parts of the camps so Margo brings your kids to where she feels comfortable bringing her own. Actually, she considers every child who attends Kids Sea Camp “her” child. The first priority is safety, but the fun is a close second.

On the first day of our first camp, I dropped off my 5-year-old and went diving with the other parents. When I returned to pick her up, she refused to leave because she was having so much fun. There are pirates and zombies and don’t miss the donkey park in Bonaire. (My personal favorite side trip) It is a great trip for diving parents because you drop off your child with their instant new friends for a day full of fun activities, while you get to dive with your instant new friends, the other parents.

So, diving parents, make your reservations, get your kids in the water, and start something that you and your kids will share the rest of your life. I suspect someday we will be going to Kids Sea Camp with our grandchildren.

By “Happy Kids Sea campers”, Pat McGuire, MD, and Bob Sciortino, MD, St. Louis, Mo. USA

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