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Grand Cayman: Family Dive adventure poems

Grand Cayman Kids Sea Camp with Cobalt Coast

www.familydivers.com for more information on dive trips and family weeks

Our First  Trip This year our family went to camp, not just any trip was this, we were hoping for bliss When we arrived the air was so damp We were worried it might rain Thankfully the sun shined bright Which made the week alright You would not believe the knowledge the kids would gain! Swimming, snorkeling, and diving they did You’d think they’d be wiped out But every day they were out and about And would you believe they saw a Squid? After 10 years, divemaster Steve showed the way From sleeping turtles & lobster under the sea To the Kittiwake and eels… we let them be But the best of the best, a squadron of 9 eagle ray! As the week comes to an end Our family is sunburned and tired We were hoping for bliss but only got the kids wired And they keep asking and asking “when are we coming again?”

By Jennifer Halleck

Cobalt, Sapphire, Aqua Blue Cayman Island Water Hues. Bonfire, Pirates, painting, smores Kiddos paradise to explore Regulator, mask, fins, BC Checked, rechecked (for me) by Capt.  Steve Turtle, lionfish, stingray, eel, Coral Reef Treasures excitingly revealed Family, new friends a community Kids Sea Camp packaged wondrously!

Round bubbles drifting upward Blue ocean beckons onward Warm sun shines down Tropical breezes blow Eagle rays, parrotfish, turtles, & grouper Kittiwake, Round Rock, Orange Conch & others New friends, old friends, lionfish & Guy Harvey Nancy, Steve, Margo & Arie Water warm & very pleasant Kids Sea Camp, Grand Cayman 2011

Fish  Turtles   Sharks  Sad  Mad  Glad  Happy  No Matter What I love Kids Sea Camp And all the people here I’m lucky I have another week Because Diving Rocks!!!!

By Sophie 

I am from Mexico & other Tall Tales We heard about Sea Camp a long time ago. Before we had Sophie, we knew we would go. We waited until the time was just right We paid our deposit and booked a long flight. When we arrived, we were shocked to see There were not one, not two, but three Sophie’s! While we were here, Sophie told many tales Of when a shark bit her hand, & she swam with the whales. She claims she’s from Mexico, but we know it’s not true. We checked her passport, she was born in Peru! She was born in October, or was it November? We thought it was may, but we can’t remember! She may tell you a jellyfish has stung her eve But don’t ask her parents , because she knows they’ll lie! So tonight we leave Sea Camp and return to our lives We met wonderful people & had many great dives. Our girl learned of sea creatures both big & small, While we dived the Kittiwake & the North Wall. A big thanks to Margo for driving the bus And the staff for taking such good care of us This week is now over, but already we plan To return to Kids Sea camp as soon as we can! By Marlene Wens Back on ’07,  we first took a leap Looking for wonders & fun in the deep Curacao, Roatan, Bonaire & now here The children are growing & trying new gear Eagle rays, turtles, lionfish , eels Who knew that on Cayman we’d even see seals? Zipping around on scooters so fast All I wanted was for it to last. This year I dove 12 feet from the top Why does Kids Sea Camp have to stop? The tank may be heavy, but just on the dock Down at depth, I think “stingrays rock!” Whether form shore or from boat, the snorkeling’s so dear. Lobsters & squids, barracuda so near Canyons & and flats, reefs & the wall Provide endless pleasures for one & for all The people amazing, the staff so dandy Jenny, Shelly, Margo, Arie , & Andy The swimsuits are drying, they’re now only damp But we’re sure to return to Kids Sea camp.

By Dank Family

We come to the land of Cayman To search for good times & laughs We found Kids Sea camp Where adventures are endless And Margo supplies fun for all ages Diving all day & all night We find fish of all kinds of Groupers, rays, and flounders galore Taking pictures of them in the crystal blue ocean While zigging & zagging on our scooters We feast on good food While sharing stories of our findings We then graduate earning certificates a plenty Then comes time for leaving the beautiful island To say goodbye, sadly we say farewell to our new friends And leave the island of Cayman

By  Jacobson Family

Return to Grand Cayman, We returned to Grand Cayman for Kids sea camp again. Greeted by Arie & his welcoming  grin. Fond memories poured down like the afternoon rain. So many adventures, we couldn’t wait to dive in. Parting ways with our girls as the morning arrived, We hoped at days end they’d recall  we’re alive. My wife & I diving while renewing our love The love for each other & creatures not seen from above. Sword fighting with pirates & even Mom’s tug of war Father/daughter night diving then eating some smores. Cameras form Sealife, painting, scooter-diving and turtles galore How could we possibly ask for anything more? The smiles on the faces of the kids say it all Instuctors, Divemasters, hotel staff & the rest All make Margo’s Cayman Sea Camp the best!

By James Gourley

Pristine blue waters & powder white sand, The perfect backdrop for this undersea land Beneath the sea is where you’ll find me! Exploring a world where there’s much to behold Of fish, rays & turtles  & coral like gold. And I will tell tales of sunken sails, &  of reefs full of creatures with glistening features At the end of the day when it’s time to depart My memories will stay fond in my heart.

By Lisa & Jaidyn Jaacks

Cayman Sea camp Now how can you not smile When  you hang around Sea Camp for awhile , got dives going for mile after mile It’s just Grand Cayman style While the Cobalt Coast takes care of your child, you can nap or dive or go hog wild from the back Of the boat called the Altitude , Ask why it is spelled that way, or is that rude? All week long we’ve seen turtles, squid & eels, & the kitchen staff has made great meals We’re so worn out we hit the bed by eight, but to do it again tomorrow, we just can’t wait! The USS Kittiwake is a really great wreck, let’s dive it again…what the heck Tomorrow  we will dive with Rays in the City that will make our hair look pretty The kids built a raft they hoped to sail, threw it off the dock for an epic fail! I got to keep on diving & going full steam, next year with Kids Sea Camp is our new dream Margo & Sven that’s our team Step into the water & check the whole scene when it comes to bubbles well,  I’m a friend Like my scuba with the Dive tech team

The Comay Family


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