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2014 Galapagos Poems

2014 poems from the Kids Sea Camp Galapagos dive adventure 

Here are the poems from the Kids Sea Camp dive vacation in the Galapagos in 2014. Kids Sea Camp host a poetry presentation every Friday for the closing celebration even on a liveaboard.

The Galapagos  

by Marie Eve Leclerc 

When the plane first landed in the Galapagos,

I had tears in my eyes

I couldn’t believe that I was here

Breathing the same air as the Galapagos’s animals

That I would walk on those mythical islands

Following the steps of so many explorers before me

That I would dive with whale sharks and other giants of the sea

Tracking back the evolution of life to their roots

Those tears were just the beginning of something amazing and incredible

And now that I look back on what I’ve seen

I consider myself lucky

Lucky to have lived this adventureLucky to have seen that much in my life at such a young age

Lucky to have dived into those seasLucky to have met all of you

Those tears were meant to be When I will leave

Those tears will be in my eyes again

But I will be smiling

Thinking about all those moments passed with great people

Those tears aren’t sad tears

But nostalgic tears

This another Kids Sea Camp trip will be sealed in my memory foreverAnd all of this because of those tears.

Pack, Pack, Pack Our Gear

by Lloyd and Brenna Kaufman  

(to the tune of Row, Row, Row Your Boat)

Pack, pack, pack our gear
We’re headed on a trip.
To the Galapagos,
It’s on our bucket list

One, two, three plane rides
In Ecuador, we arrive.
We board the mighty Wolf Buddy
It’s run by Buddy Dive

Board the ship, stow our gear
Get ready for our first dip.
Diving with the sea lions
It really was a trip!

Off, off, off we go
To Wolf, we are bound.
Just like promised by Peter,
Schools of hammerheads we found!

Then it’s on to Darwin’s island,
Whale sharks we desire.
In two days we found seven in all
Salon and Peter they’re on fire!

On the last dive in shark bay,
It was a little rough
We lost Bruce,
but then found him floating in the sea so rough!

Next it was back to Isabel,
A cold dive we did do.
Seahorses, sea lions, and a bullhead shark,
Punta Vicente Roca we love you!

Onto Fernandina Island,
To swim with the iguana.
And on the way back to the boat,
We saw the fin of a mola mola

Our journey continues,
Back north of the equator.
The captain stopped at 0 0 0
We’ll show the pictures later.

Land, land, land we touched
On Punta Albemarle.
Lava flow, mockingbirds
And remnants from the world war.

Then we had one last dive,
At little cousin’s rock.
Sea lions, white tip sharks
still sleeping on the reef rock.

Bartolome Island,
we did go.
Penguins blue-footed boobies,
It was quite a show.

Off to Santa Cruz, we went,
To the highlands.
Nice walk to Darwin station,
mojito and cerveza it ends.

Love love loved this trip,
What a beautiful time.
Wolf Buddy Crew hats off to you,
It’s been worth every dime!

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