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Kids Sea Camp family lives the dream of diving

Since 2003 this family has been living the dream of diving with Kids Sea Camp.
(by Mark Brown)
2003 began our life under the sea,
With just my wife and me.
For the kids were too young you see.
Years passed and daughter got older
So 2006 came with some kicks,
For Kids Sea Camp in Roatan was in the mix,
Here is where the real dream began,
For my wife had a plan.
Why not be a diving family?
Living life discovering what lies beneath the deep blue sea.
But 2008 came with tragic fate
The sea that my wife loved, claimed her life and nearly killed the dream and this family.
How does one return to the sea after such tragedy?
10 months later, Shelby had the urge
She wanted to be like her mom to see what lies beneath the deep blue sea
The dream was alive but now where to turn?
Kids Sea Camp was where she should learn
Back to Roatan in 2009Shelby diving for the very first time
Kids Sea Camp saved the dream and helped this family
Onward to Belize and Bonaire
Kids Sea Camp always being there
Now here in Costa Rica I say,
“Thank you Kids Sea Camp for making us a part of your family.”
For now, my kids can see, what their mother sees underneath the deep blue sea.
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