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Fiji time and Kids Sea Camp magic

Fiji: The reunion tour 2015!

It has been a while since Margo and I were in Fiji. We were there was 2009 at the wonderful resort of Castaway Island on the Island of Malolo. Fiji was the start of this grand Kids Sea Camp adventure Margo and I have been on since we meet ten years ago this coming February. It is our honeymoon island.

Margo and Tom Peyton celebrating their first year in Fiji in 2007 at the Castaway Resort. For Tom, a lot less gray and wrinkles eight years ago. Margo, an amazing ageless wonder still looks gorgeous today.

Fiji is a cherished place for us. A place of deep connectivity to the vast blue vistas and complete centering silence of the islands. It is, indeed,  a special trip for the Peyton’s. It is a place where time seems to slow way down, you stop worrying, you ponder the distance future far less, you enjoy the sunset just a little bit more and you can feel the stress of our normal, crazy everyday life leaving your body. Margo and I call this phenomenon “Fiji Time.”

Margo has also called it “kava time” but that a whole different story.

Fiji is also a smile factory — as the Fijians always seem to be happy, so helpful and incredibly gracious to the visitors that travel to their stunning country. In fact, “welcome home” is a common phrase used by the Islanders in their first greetings of the tourists.

“Welcome Home” how many times have you used that phrase when strangers arrive in your abode — probably very not often. And like a “home away from home,” it has a habit of creating connecting points that change the “vacation” to something much larger — something deeper. I have lost track how many Kids Sea Camp families have left Fiji with tears in their eyes. Tears of joy of being so welcomed by the Fijian people. Tears of a remembering of how good we all can be — if we try — just a little. It is a special place for our KSC families.

And as the countdown in the office starts for the new Fiji week at Beqa Lagoon Resort this year. I can’t stop myself from hoping and wondering if “Fiji Time” will sweep over the two KSC weeks and make some more Kids Sea Camp magic. I know I’m looking forward to it.  

Tom Peyton, Vice President of Kids Sea Camp

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