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Day 2: Kids Sea Camp, Utila prepares for the Zombie Apocalypse!

Zombies are real!

Sorry for the delay in the post, but I’m writing from the bed of the Lexington Hospital in Columbia S.C. Saturday evening. I’m unclear why I’m here or how I even got in this bed. But, I felt it was important for all the Kids Sea Camp families to understand what may be happening in Utila over the next two weeks. To be honest, maybe Margo and I didn’t know what we were getting into with the Zombie Apocalypse.

I’m going to warn you there are gaps in my memory from Friday to Saturday. What I’m going to tell you is the best I can remember. Which is not much at the moment.

But this is how much I recall from Saturday morning.

8:00 A.M. Saturday: “Good morning, Mr. Peyton” A doctor walks into the room, he is tall, thin, a bit pale and grey at the temples. “I’m doctor Postal, that’s Nasty bruise you have on your  back of your head.”

I touched the base of my skull and felt a bump the size of a large golf ball, ” How did I get that?”

“Hmm,” The doctor stroked his chin and paused,” That’s why I was asking. You have had a mild concussion. No long-term memory damage, but short-term memory should be effect greatly. Who was the last person you spoke too?”

“Woody!” I said abruptly sitting up in my bed and falling back on the pillow feeling quite dizzy,” Where’s my cell phone? I think I can get some answers. What day is it?”

“Saturday and the cell is right here,” The doctor said calmly and handed my phone to me,”  You know you’re not ready to leave just yet. I need to keep you one more day for observations… I’ll give you a moment.”

I pick up the phone and immediately called Woody.

“Woody, what the hell happened?” I yelled into the phone.

“Well, hello to you too Mr. Peyton,” I could see him smiling as he spoke,” Not a nice way to say Hi, to someone who saved your life last night.”

“What?,” I paused,” What do you mean?”

“You don’t remember?” He laughed, “I guess I hit ya too hard.”

“It was you?” I asked,” You know I’m in the hospital.”

“Oops,” He laughed again.”It’s all that law enforcement training. Sorry.”

“Where at you?” I asked, ” And is Margo with you?”

‘Atlanta, heading to Kids Sea Camp,” Woody said, suddenly changing his tone to a whisper,” Oh no, I’ll call you back.”

The cell phone went dead. I looked through my messages and texts to looking for any communication from Margo.  I saw a series of texts from Friday night to Saturday morning.

Text 1: Hi, sweetie, in Atlanta at the airport, Looking forward to diving again since the back surgery. Call me. How are the dogs?

Text 2: Sweetie?

Text 3: Met with Woody. He seems nervous. Acting odd.

Text 4: Why aren’t you answering me?

Text 5: Are you OK?

Text 6: Are you at the Karaoke bar, again?

Text 7: Alright, now I’m worried.

Text 8: Cell phone running low. I don’t know where you are, but you have to call me in the morning.

Text 9: Luv u.

I immediately called Margo.

“Hi, honey,” I said, ” Before you get mad at me I’m in the hospital and I don’t know why. You need to talk to Woody about the Zombies. I think there’s more too this thing than we know.”


“Margo, Margo,” I repeated her name too numerous to mention,” Find Woody. Ask him what happen Friday night. I don’t remember. I have a mild concussion. Find Woody. Find Woody”

“Damn, ” Margo snapped,” My cell phone is dying, again.”

“Sweetie,” I repeated again,” Find Woody, He knows more than he is telling us.”

” Delta Flight 575 now boarding,” I heard over the cell phone, ” Sweetie, I’ll be fine. Just talk to Woody.”

I hung up the phone and then Woody called.

“Tom?,” Woody said in a hushed toned, ” They’re everywhere.”

“What are you talking about,” I asked.

“The Zombies, stupid.  Oh my god, you don’t remember Friday at all, do you? They were in the KSC office! It was terrible. You have to go back and look at what they did.” Woody said with some panic in his softened voice, “They are following me to Utila!”

“To Kids Sea Camp?” I said.

“Yes. Yes, damn it Tom they are “real”. They’re everywhere and they are coming to Utila,” He said in a hushed tone, ” But don’t worry, I’ve got a plan.”

Then the phone went dead. The silence was haunting. The words “they’re everywhere” bounced and punched around inside my mind like a ping-pong ball. And what the heck did he mean… .he’s got a plan?

To be continued. . .






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